8 Email Subject Line Generator Tools for Better Conversion

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Hey there! Email marketing geek here. Let‘s dive into why compelling email subject lines are so critical for driving conversions, how AI-powered tools can generate winners fast, and tons of tips to optimize your email opener rates.

I nerd out over email marketing stats – and the data shows huge room for improvement with subject lines. Litmus reports only 21% of emails sent actually get opened. So if you‘re mailing 100 people, just 21 read your message!

This is why you‘ve gotta rethink your subject line strategy…

See, your recipients get a flood of emails every day. Whether it‘s for work or their personal inbox, messages are constantly flowing in. Yours has to stand out and compel action within 2 seconds.

Otherwise, it‘s game over – your email gets buried or instantly deleted. Harsh, but true!

So what makes an email subject line click-worthy? There‘s both an art and a science to crafting magnetic subject lines.

Why You Need to Obsess Over Your Subject Lines

Here‘s why optimizing your email subject lines needs to become an obsession:

It‘s the First (and Often Only) Thing People See

Your subject line is prominently displayed in the inbox preview. It has to grab attention among all the other emails fighting for prominence.

Subject lines literally make or break whether your entire message gets seen. Talk about pressure!

Influences Open Rates

Relevant, benefit-focused subject lines build curiosity to open. I‘ve found subject lines guaranteeing useful tips or exclusive deals also convince recipients to give your email a shot.

But generic or misleading lines cause people to tune out. You get maybe a couple of seconds to compel that open – and subject lines make all the difference.

Impacts Click-Through-Rates

Say you do get the open – awesome! But it‘s a hollow victory if people don‘t actually click through or convert once inside your email.

Subject lines promising something juicy motivate clicks on embedded links and CTAs. Make sure yours speaks to what they‘ll discover when they dive in.

Sets Expectations

Think of your subject line as setting the "email agenda." It should clearly communicate what the recipient will find inside your message.

Subject lines allow subscribers to assess if it‘s worth their time to open. So ensure yours sets clear expectations to build open urgency.

Affects Inbox Placement

Spam filters partly judge emails on subject relevancy when sorting to the inbox vs promotions tab.

Too salesy or misleading subject lines could harm inbox placement and get you labelled as spam. Not ideal!

Enables Segmentation Testing

With segmentation, you can send different subject line versions to groups. Then see which ones resonate and convert best.

Testing allows you to fine tune your subject line messaging for each unique audience segment. Super powerful!

When you consider all these factors, it becomes obvious why crafting your subject lines needs to be a top priority.

Just a small optimization could have large ripple effects on open rates, clicks, conversions, and more!

Now let‘s turn to how AI tools can majorly boost your subject line creativity.

Leverage AI to Generate Captivating Subject Lines Fast

Creating amazing subject lines for all your email campaigns is tough. The blank page taunts you, while the clock keeps ticking!

That‘s why leveraging AI-powered subject line generators is a marketer‘s secret weapon.

Here are the key reasons these tools can level up your subject line game:

1. Get Ideas Fast to Beat Writer‘s Block

Staring at a blank page struggling to brainstorm subject lines from scratch massively slows you down.

Instead, let AI tools provide a kickstart with their bank of insights and inspiration. Now you‘ve got a solid foundation of ideas to build on top of.

2. Leverage the Power of Advanced AI

Top subject line generators apply neural networks trained on tons of data to produce high-converting subject lines.

The AI has analyzed what‘s worked across millions of emails to develop its suggestions. Way more than any human could handle!

3. Completely Free to Use

Almost all the recommended tools below offer free subject line generation. All you need is their website – no download or signup required.

This makes it effortless to leverage these AI tools on the fly whenever you need fresh subject line ideas.

4. Choose the Exact Tone You Want

Based on your email campaign goals, you can select the desired tone like urgent, friendly, formal, etc.

The generators then provide subjects tailored to your specified tone for alignment. Amazing how AI can mimic different feels!

5. Get Subjects for Specific Email Types

Beyond tone, many tools allow choosing promotion, newsletter, follow-up, cold email, etc.

You get subject lines optimized for that exact email type you‘re crafting. Narrowed down nicely.

6. Personalize Subjects with Names

Some generators enable you to input subscriber names for ultra-personalized, engaging subject lines.

Even just including the first name makes it feel like you‘re speaking directly to them. Way more compelling.

7. Save Ton of Time Versus Manual Creation

Let‘s face it – coming up with email subject lines from scratch takes forever. And it‘s mentally draining!

With AI generators, you can crank out a huge batch of well-optimized subjects within just minutes. That efficiency adds up to serious time savings.

When used smartly as inspiration, AI subject line tools provide a vital catalyst for driving opens and clicks.

Next I‘ll provide a breakdown of the top-rated generators out there to consider…

Reviews of the Top 8 AI Email Subject Line Generators

I‘ve used tons of email subject line generators over the years, and these 8 consistently rise above the rest:

1. is an AI content writing platform with great subject line capabilities.

Their generator is super simple. Just enter product/promotion details, and provides a big list of suggested subject lines.

I like how they focus on using details about your offer to craft the suggestions. This results in more benefit-driven, compelling subject lines.

All of‘s content passes Copyscape plagiarism checks, so you get 100% unique subject lines – important for deliverability!

Overall this is one of my favorite subject line generators due to the quality and simplicity. Highly recommend checking it out.


Another excellent AI writing platform is, which also offers subject line generation capabilities.

To use it, you simply enter a relevant main keyword or topic. Frase‘s AI instantly generates a list of ideas based on your input.

I like how quick and easy Frase‘s tool is to provide ideas tailored to your topic. Their plagiarism-checked AI content also ensures uniqueness.

This is ideal when you need fast subject line inspiration for a specific campaign theme or niche.

3. specializes in sales email outreach features. Given this focus, their subject line generator is designed for cold email campaigns.

They offer category selections like "educational", "limited-time", or "personalized" to match different outreach angles.

You can also input a keyword for tailored suggestions based on your prospect‘s interest area. Then Reply‘s AI generates targeted subject lines.

The personalized category is powerful. It lets you include the prospect‘s name, company, etc. for super customized subject lines.

Overall this is a great AI-powered tool specialized for cold email subject line creation.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a leader in the email marketing space, so I was eager to try their free subject line generator.

You simply choose a category and enter a relevant keyword. Their tool then provides a list of suggested subjects to adapt.

I like the broad category selections they offer like "curiosity", "fear of missing out", "scarcity", etc. This produces a wide range of style options.

It‘s one of the simpler generators out there, but handy for fast subject line inspiration from a trusted platform.

5. Keap

Keap‘s subject line generator takes a more unique approach than others I‘ve tried.

Rather than categories, you select the specific email type – newsletter, follow-up, re-engagement, etc.

You also enter your target audience, keywords, and desired outcome. Keap‘s AI then generates tailored ideas.

I love how this provides more context to produce purpose-driven, highly relevant subject lines aligned with your email goals.

The subjects feel more thoughtful and strategic compared to other tools I‘ve used. Definitely worth checking out.

6. offers a smart email marketing automation platform along with their subject line generator.

You input your topic, company name and desired tone like friendly, urgent, storytelling, etc. Encharge‘s AI then provides a list of ideas matching your tone.

Having all the tone options is useful to instantly generate subject lines for different types of campaigns.

Based on my testing, Encharge‘s tool is one of the fastest for generating a high volume of subjects. Impressive!

If cold outreach is your focus, SalesBlink‘s generator specializes in attention-grabbing cold email subject lines.

You select your category and keyword, then their AI produces a list of tailored subject recommendations.

A cool feature is you can insert SalesBlink‘s dynamic subject lines right into your cold email templates for faster creation.

This is a handy specialized tool for conveniently creating and integrating cold email subject lines optimized for lead generation.

8. StoryLab

StoryLab is an AI content writing platform focused on engaging stories.

You choose your desired copy type and input topic details. StoryLab‘s AI then generates optimized subject lines.

I like how they offer both email-focused and more broad copy types like blog posts. This provides wider subject line applicability.

StoryLab also creates full email body copy using their other tools. Useful for streamlining entire email creation!

Their subject lines aim to be catchy and compelling. A nice option if that‘s the style you‘re going for.

As you can see, the top subject line generators each have unique strengths and approaches.

I suggest trying out a few to see which best fits your specific email style, industry, and goals. Most are completely free and easy to test drive!

Now let‘s get into some pro tips and best practices for fine-tuning your subject lines…

Expert Tips to Optimize Your Subject Line Impact

While AI generators provide a great starting point, you‘ll get the best results by refining and A/B testing your subject lines.

Here are some pro tips I‘ve picked up over the years:

Speak to the Benefit

Always focus your subject on how your offer, content, or deal will help the recipient in some way. Provide the value right up front!

For example, "Get 10% off your purchase instantly" or "Skyrocket website traffic in 24 hours"

Use Specificity

Subject lines with hard numbers, percentages, or real case studies convert higher than generic claims.

For instance, "53% of companies increased revenue with this tool" or "How Anna generated 305 leads in 30 days"

Create Urgency

Strategic urgency prompts people to open before the deal is gone or they miss out. Apply carefully and ethically.

Some examples are "24 hours left for 50% off", "Last chance for exclusive deal", or "Sale ends in 2 days"

Personalize Wisely

Even adding just the first name personalizes. But don‘t overdo it if you have limited profile data.

You could try "Hey Dan, check out these blogging tips" or "Laura, here‘s the pricing you requested."

Pose Questions

Asking smart questions related to your content gets people curious to open and learn the answer.

For example, "How can you triple website traffic in 30 days?", "What‘s the #1 WordPress security mistake?", or "How much can SEO increase your leads?"

Test Different Lengths

Some research shows 35-50 characters tends to convert best on mobile. But this can vary, so test it.

Too short and people may not understand your message. Too long is difficult to read in the preview.

Avoid Overused Phrases

Stay away from spammy phrases like "Act Now!" or "Limited supply!". These will cause instant deletes.

Check Your Spam Score

Use a spam check tool to test if your subject risks getting flagged as spam. Tweak as needed.

Use Emojis Selectively

A single emoji at the beginning of your subject line can help grab attention in the inbox. But don‘t overdo them!

Keep testing different tactics and combinations to see what subject styles, lengths, phrases, urgency, personalization, etc. gets your audience to take action!

It takes work to stand out – but compelling email subject lines are seriously worth obsessing over. Just a small optimization can create a big ripple effect on your open rates, engagement, and conversions.

Let‘s Recap Key Takeaways…

  • Your subject line makes a huge impact on open rates, click-throughs and more – so optimization is crucial!

  • AI subject line generators provide inspiration to beat writer‘s block and create tons of options quickly

  • Make sure to refine and test generators‘ suggestions to fit your brand voice and audience

  • Focus on driving opens through relevance, benefits, urgency, curiosity, and personalization

  • Avoid overused salesy phrases that hurt deliverability or come across as spammy

  • Use a spam checker to test your subject lines before sending to the full list

Whew, we‘ve covered a ton of subject line strategy ground today! Thanks for sticking with me.

I hope these AI generator reviews, expert tips, and lessons from my email marketing trenches help level up your subject line game. Just don‘t get too obsessed… or send all your emails at 3am like me!

Let me know if you have any other subject line challenges I can help with. I‘m always nerding out over how to improve email performance.

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Written by Alexis Kestler

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