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The Backrooms is an unnerving and mysterious place with endless yellow halls, dangerous entities, and seemingly no escape. Navigating through the different levels to find an exit can be challenging for new players. This complete walkthrough guide provides tips, tricks, and strategies to help you successfully escape all 17 levels of Escape the Backrooms.

Level 0: The Backrooms

When you first load into Level 0, you will spawn in a large, empty yellow room. The exit key is randomly located somewhere in this starting room.

  • Method 1: Explore the entire starting room, checking in corners and looking along the walls, to try and locate the exit key. Once you find it, head to the red exit door on the right side of the room.

  • Method 2: If you don‘t find the key after searching the starting room, look for a dimly lit area that leads to a backroom. In the back right corner you can find ladder pieces to construct a ladder to reach the second floor balcony where the key spawns.

After obtaining the key, avoid falling into any pitfalls as you make your way to the red exit door. Beware of the Bacteria entity that can spawn – signaled by a knock. Keep running and don‘t look back if you hear the knock!

Level 1: Habitable Zone

Part 1

You will spawn in an empty garage. Head right through the windowed red door. Count and remember the colors of the cars from left to right, top to bottom. Enter this code at the elevator near spawn to access the next part of Level 1. Grab almond water and a flashlight before proceeding.

Part 2

Move straight ahead from the elevator to the first door. Search the rooms for 4 randomly spawned keys. Check thoroughly as sometimes multiple keys will be in one room. Avoid hazmat NPCs – they are dangerous Skin-Stealers. Keep doors open to prevent being cornered.

Once you collect all 4 keys, go to the middle garage room and insert them simultaneously into the key slots to open the locked door.

Part 3

Crouch walk to avoid detection from Skin-Stealers since your flashlight is ineffective. Check the top floor first, then go down a level if the doors are empty. Repeat until you find the elevator.

Level 2: The Hub

Enter through the open garage door. In the tunnel hallway, open the lone standing door. Match the code on screen to the available codes to unlock the door. Turn on the lights using the green panel.

Check the notepad by the elevator for the computer password. Use this code to access the "Gate" file and hit "Run" to open the hub door you entered from.

Level 3: Habitable Zone

Pull the lever by the garage door to open it. Enter carefully but don‘t go beyond the ramp‘s end. When lights go out, stand still until they return.

If lights flicker normally, run right down the lit hallway within 10 seconds before they turn off again. Watch for Smilers when it‘s dark. Check doors in each hallway segment, running during flickers.

Enter the door leading to the piping hallway.

Level 4: Pipe Dreams

Follow signs leading to "Station" to progress. Grab a flashlight from the left wall before entering the dark hallway.

Keep running straight as soon as you enter, a Smiler will chase you. Don‘t look back! Enter the first left side doorway, not just the hallway entrance.

Level 5: Electrical Station

Part 1

Walk down the hallway until the door automatically opens. Find and fix the red-topped boxes by turning their lights green (3-4 boxes). A gate will open when all are fixed.

Go through the gate and next door. You may need to fix 1 box in the next room. If you hear or see the Hound entity in the hallway, don‘t run immediately. Let it get closer before running back through the door you came from.

Keep moving through the left doorway and crouch through the hole in the wall. Keep fixing boxes, avoiding the Hound in the last left room.

Part 2

Grab a flashlight from the gate‘s room to blind Hounds. Carefully turn the corner and shine your light at it. Lead it away before entering the Hound room.

Search for 3 more boxes in the maze-like rooms. Hide in closets to avoid Hounds. In the last room, wait for the Hound to leave before continuing.

Head back to the starting gate, the auto-opening door leads to Level 6.

Level 6: Abandoned Offices

Explore the vacant offices carefully, a Hub Door back to Level 2 can sometimes be discovered.

Follow instructions on the computer file – avoid unblacked windows and count & enter the number of objects in each room into the correct vending machine.

After hitting the camera reset button, sneak by all cameras undetected. Check the security room to see if you were spotted after each camera.

Once all cameras are evaded, you will be granted access to the next level.

Level 7: Terror Hotel

Part 1

In the lobby, click the picture frames from youngest to oldest to open the door. Take the bug spray.

Search for moth swarms and collect 3 moth jellies to place in the lift and obtain keys. No entities on this level.

Part 2

Watch out for roaming Hounds and a Shapeshifter. Collect letters from open mailboxes and place them in correct boxes for the white door code.

Drink almond water to reduce sanity drain. Keep doors open, hide in closets to avoid entities. Optional: Enter codes 05938, 17564, or 89472 to skip letter decoding.

Level 8: Boiler Room

Avoid getting too close to moths, signaled by screen heating up. Crouch walk carefully.

Identify the real exit door by looking for one without a heat signature around it.

Level 9: Pipe Dreams 2

Follow the "Fun –> " direction down the pipe hallway. Same layout as Pipe Dreams 1.

Level 10: Party Room

Avoid consuming Liquid Pain at all costs. Crouch under tables to sneak by Partygoers. Lure them out and reset their detection.

In the Big Room with 7 Partygoers, crouch along the left wall and enter the left hallway to hide under the table. Continue crouching on the right side until you reach the balloon room and tiled wall.

Level 11: Pool Rooms

Follow the repetitive music from Level 10. Optionally, go straight from the start and climb the long staircase to a Hub Door. Avoid black water or tiles.

Level 12: Run For Your Life

Rapidly sprint down twisting halls while remembering the pattern "right, left". Watch for a door that suddenly opens and blocks the path.

Level 13: The End

Collect 24 tapes after activating the computer while avoiding the mysterious entity. Use 2 fire alarms to distract it if needed. Your sanity will drain so collect almond water.

Level 14: Infinite Stairs

Climb the endless stairs in the tower-like structure until you reach at least level 94. Then jump down the open center.

Level 15: Hill Houses

Follow the road during daytime, cutting through grass to reach the floating castle. Collect almond water from houses before dark.

Hide when you hear a knock at the door. Monsters will attack at night. Reach 4-5 houses before it gets dark. Your progress saves at the fork in the road if you die.

Level 16: Synth Wave

Part 1

Push patterned boxes onto corresponding floor circles to unlock the path.

Part 2

Take the flashlight off the table behind the clown while facing away. Let the clown disappear before turning around.

Shine light on clown when it appears to make it vanish. Listen for audio cues and board the rollercoaster when it honks to exit.

Level 17: Thalassophobia

Descend stairs from the starting house to reach the endless ocean and boat signaling completion! Congratulations on escaping the Backrooms!


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