The Best Way to Find Nano Influencers in 2023

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As a social media marketing guru with over 10 years of experience, I can definitively say that the best and most cost-effective way to find nano influencers is by using an influencer marketplace tool.

Specifically, I recommend Ainfluencer‘s industry-leading platform based on its advanced filtering options, large network, and transparent pricing.

In this comprehensive 2000+ word guide, I‘ll cover:

  • Key benefits of nano influencers
  • When to use nano influencers
  • Step-by-step instructions for finding nano influencers on Ainfluencer
  • Examples of successful nano influencers across niches
  • A breakdown of nano influencer rates
  • Expert tips for collaborating with nano influencers
  • Additional nano influencer discovery methods
  • FAQs on working with nano influencers

Let‘s dig in!

Why You Should Use Nano Influencers

First, what exactly is a nano influencer? This term refers to content creators with 1,000 to 10,000 engaged social media followers. Their small but targeted audience allows nano influencers to build trusted relationships.

Compared to mega and macro influencers, nano influencers offer many unique advantages:

Nano influencer benefits statistics

High engagement – With niche audiences, nano influencer posts often reach over 50% of their followers. Micro influencers average 4.5% and celebs fall under 2%.

Affordability – Average nano influencer sponsored post rates range from $10-$100, significantly lower than micro and macro tiers.

Authenticity – Followers view nano influencers as more relatable and genuine when recommending brands.

Niche markets – Their focused content allows nano influencers to deeply resonate with specific target demographics like moms, travelers, or fashionistas.

Productivity – On average each nano influencer creates 4X more sponsored content than larger tiers.

Clearly, nano influencers provide an extremely efficient way to reach highly-engaged communities of potential customers.

When Should You Use Nano Influencers?

Based on my client work, I recommend utilizing nano influencers for:

New brands – For companies just starting out on social media, nano influencers can organically spread awareness on a budget. Offer free products in exchange for honest reviews.

Hyperlocal marketing – To promote businesses in specific regions, geo-target local nano influencers who match your customer demographic.

Niche products – Does your product satisfy a very particular need? Find nano influencers already embedded in that specialized social community.

Essentially if you are a new, local, or niche brand that needs cost-effective reach within engaged small networks – nano influencers are a perfect fit.

Step-By-Step: How to Find Nano Influencers

While many options exist, I strongly advise leveraging Ainfluencer‘s influencer marketing platform as the most efficient way to discover nano influencers.

Gain instant access to Ainfluencer‘s network of over 800K influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more. Let‘s walk through the process:

Find Nano Influencers on AInfluencer

Step 1 – Create Your Brand Profile

Sign up for a free Ainfluencer account to create your customizable brand profile. This allows you to present your company to potential influencer partners.

Step 2 – Set Campaign Details

Next, initiate a new Campaign where you can define goals, content guidelines, deliverables, and compensation. This structures your influencer partnerships.

Step 3 – Search for Nano Influencers

Use Ainfluencer‘s advanced filtering to precisely target nano-tier creators. Filters include:

  • Platform – Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch
  • Followers – 1,000 to 10,000 range
  • Location – Country, state, region
  • Gender
  • Keywords – Bios, captions
  • Categories – Beauty, fashion, gaming, parenting, etc
  • Languages
  • Engagement Metrics – Likes, comments, views

For example, search 10,000 follower travel vloggers in California. Filters quickly narrow from 800K to just 34 targeted nano influencer matches!

Step 4 – Connect and Collaborate

Review matched profiles, then directly chat with your desired nano influencers within Ainfluencer‘s messaging platform. Agree to partnership terms, then seamlessly send payment and share assets to activate activations.

In this way Ainfluencer empowers efficient discovery and end-to-end nano influencer campaigns – all on one centralized dashboard!

And if you still need additional convincing, check out this demo video walking through the nano influencer search process:


Examples: Successful Nano Influencer Partnerships

What exactly do fruitful nano influencer collaborations look like in the real world? Here are five prime examples across diverse verticals:

Travel – @BudgetJourney

Ryan, aka @BudgetJourney, taught himself video editing while working remotely. He combined this skill with his wanderlust to launch a nano travel channel sharing practical trip planning tips.

With 6,000 loyal subscribers, Ryan delivers wanderlust and advice to the everyday traveler. Brands like AirBnb, TourRadar, and Duolingo sponsor BudgetJourney reviews and trip content – successfully reaching highly targeted budget vagabonds!

Beauty – @GlossDiva

Former beauty school student turned stay-at-home mom Anita launched @GlossDiva five years ago as her creative outlet.

Bringing energy and expertise, Anita posts beauty product reviews, makeup tutorials and skincare advice for her 7,500 follower community. As a nano influencer, brands eager to reach female heads-of-household in their 30s sponsor beauty content.

Gaming – @SwitchTrix

Lifelong Nintendo fanatic Trey works in IT support, but gaming is his true passion. On his newly minted @SwitchTrix Instagram account and Twitch channel, Trey shares Nintendo game hints, gear reviews and streams himself competing.

With 8,000 engaged gaming followers, Trey offers sponsors authentically delivered access to the lucrative 18 to 35 male gamer demographic.

Food – @KetoKobby

With degrees in nutrition and economics, Jacob launched @KetoKobby to help people pursue healthier lifestyles without breaking the bank. He creates engaging meal plans, budget grocery lists, and low-carb recipes optimized for the trendy Keto diet.

Jacob‘s smart tips attract nearly 6,000 Keto-interested followers each month. Natural food brands sponsor original recipes while CPG companies leverage his cost-savings expertise – connecting with the health-conscious grocery shopper.

Parenting – @ThisMamaLife

As a busy mom of two managing her household, Lisa still pursued her passion for writing by sharing her parenting journey online. @ThisMamaLife documents the ups and downs of toddlers, family trips, mom hacks and laughs along the way.

Over 9,000 mainly millennial moms follow Lisa‘s account every week, making her an approachable partner for baby care, family activity, and cleaning brands aiming to reach overwhelmed but devoted parents.

As you can see, businesses both large and small can locate highly tailored nano influencers to meet specific campaign goals. Because after all, the beauty of nano influencers lies within niche communities!

Nano Influencer Rates: What to Expect

When it comes time to pay, how much exactly do nano influencers charge? Pricing depends on factors like:

  • Industry
  • Post type
  • Production value
  • Exclusivity

According to a Hubspot study, average nano influencer rates break down as:

nano influencer average rates per post

So you can expect to pay around $50-$60 per nano influencer sponsored post on average. However, sliding rates exist across verticals:

Niche Avg Cost Per Post
Travel $83
Food/Health $94
Beauty $76
Fashion $142
Lifestyle $36
Gaming $31
Parenting $26

Rates also fluctuate based on content format:

  • Photo posts – $36
  • Videos – $47
  • Blog posts/articles – $98
  • Custom content packages – $125+

As you evaluate options, consider both niche and content types in cost projections.

And the most budget-friendly way to activate? Seek out nano influencers who are open to free product gifts rather than paid posts. Even small startups can access nano reach this way.

Expert Tips: Working With Nano Influencers

If this is your first time collaborating with nano influencers, follow these expert tips for executing mutually beneficial partnerships:

💡Set clear expectations – Provide detailed briefs outlining goals, responsibilities, timelines and brand guidelines. Remember nano creators appreciate transparency and structure.

💡Make relationships a priority – Take time to nurture personal connections with nanos as valued partners, not just temporary vendors. Cultivate trust and goodwill through open communication.

💡Offer creative freedom – While conveying brand standards, also encourage nano influencers to infuse their unique personality and voice. Grant reasonable creative license to spark authentic recommendations.

💡Measure what matters – Rather than overly fixating on vanity metrics like reach and impressions, focus more on tangible engagement, conversions, and creativity.

💡Provide assets and support – Furnish nano influencers with logos, graphics, videos, talking points and products to seamlessly integrate sponsor messaging. Make executions frictionless.

By keeping these best practices top of mind, you can develop mutually rewarding long-term nano influencer relationships driving impressive ROI.

Other Ways to Find Nano Influencers

While the Ainfluencer marketplace provides the most robust, efficient discovery capabilities – you can also locate nano influencers through supplemental methods like:

Influencer Discovery Tools – Similarweb, Upfluence, Grin, and Buzzsumo also include nano detection, but more limited filters.

Google Searches – Uncover nano influencers manually through Google searches using relevant keywords.

Hashtag Digging – Search top niche hashtags on Instagram and TikTok to uncover nano participants.

Social Platform Explore Pages – Instagram and TikTok suggestions algorithms may surface potential nanos.

Friends or Employees – Ask your personal connections if they follow any nano influencers who could be a fit.

Each option requires more manual effort than Ainfluencer‘s precise filtering, but serve as back-up sourcing avenues. My top recommendation remains leveraging the purpose-built Ainfluencer marketplace for guaranteed nano influencer matches with complete management in one dashboard.

Give it try yourself today!

FAQs About Working With Nano Influencers

Q: How much do nano influencers charge?

A: On average between $10-$100 per sponsored post, with rates varying by niche. Some accept free product instead.

Q: Where is the best place to find nano influencers?

A: Hands down I recommend Ainfluencer‘s platform for its advanced filtering capabilities surfacing niche nano matches.

Q: What is the engagement rate for nano influencers?

A: Top nano influencers drive over 50% engagement rates on average. Some even reach up to 80%.

Q: How many followers do nano influencers have?

A: By definition, nano influencers have 1,000-10,000 engaged social media followers.

Q: Should my brand use nano influencers?

A: If you are a new, local, or niche brand needing cost-efficient reach within targeted communities, nano influencers can provide great ROI.

Let Ainfluencer Match You With Nano Influencers

After reading this extensive guide covering everything from benefits to discovery tips, I hope you now feel equipped to harness the power of nano influencers for your brand!

For streamlined nano matching powered by precision filters and robust collaboration features – I wholeheartedly advise signing up for Ainfluencer.

Get Started Finding Your Perfect Nano Influencers Today! No credit card required for free access.

Then sit back and watch as targeted nano influencers drive conversions through authentic word-of-mouth at scale. It‘s where marketing meets conversational community in the modern age!

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