How to Find People on OnlyFans as a Streaming and Gaming Expert

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Hey there! As a fellow streaming and gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re likely interested in checking out OnlyFans accounts relevant to our hobbies. However, with over 1 million creators on OnlyFans, tracking down specific accounts can be tricky without a search feature.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll share all the insider tips I‘ve learned for finding OnlyFans profiles by location, name, and keyword as a tech-savvy gaming geek. Get ready to utilize some clever searching techniques!

Why OnlyFans Discovery is Difficult

Unlike TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, OnlyFans does not have a built-in search function to look up creators. OnlyFans designed their platform this way on purpose to give creators anonymity and privacy.

The only way to access an OnlyFans profile is if you have the direct URL link. This means creators have to manually promote their accounts on other sites like Reddit or link in their Instagram bio.

According to data from Influencer Marketing Hub, 39% of OnlyFans creators promote their account on social media. But many choose not to share their OnlyFans username publicly for safety and to avoid stigma.

This intentional lack of discoverability makes finding specific OnlyFans accounts much more difficult compared to other social platforms. But with the right tools and search strategies, you can uncover virtually any profile.

Leverage Third-Party Sites for Searching

The easiest way to find accounts on OnlyFans is to use specialized third-party sites designed for searching profiles. These OnlyFans search engines allow you to look up creators by location, name, keywords, and more.

OnlyFinder – The Most Powerful Search Tool

OnlyFinder is by far the most robust search engine for finding OnlyFans accounts. As of 2022, OnlyFinder has indexed over 500,000 OnlyFans creator profiles, making it the largest database available.

OnlyFinder allows searching OnlyFans accounts using:

  • Locations – Find profiles in any city, state or country.
  • Keywords – Search bios and usernames for relevant keywords.
  • Names – Lookup an exact name if known.
  • Distance – Filter search radius from a location.
  • Categories – Specific niches like "Cosplay" or "Gaming".
  • Gender – Male, female or trans profiles.

For example, you could search for female gaming creators within 50 miles of Los Angeles:

location:"Los Angeles", 50mi category:"Gaming" gender:female

OnlyFinder even supports searching by specific physical attributes like eye color, hair color, body type, ethnicity and more. This makes it easy to locate your perfect OnlyFans crush!

The one limitation is OnlyFinder will only display accounts that have their location publicly visible on their OnlyFans profile. But for discovering new accounts, it‘s an incredibly powerful search engine.

FansMetrics – Find Nearby Accounts

FansMetrics is another database that compiles data on OnlyFans creators. The key feature is their map search that lets you find OnlyFans accounts located near any city or town.

Simply enter a location like "Seattle" and a distance such as "2 miles". FansMetrics will display OnlyFans creators within that radius. You can also filter by category, gender, hotness and more.

The site provides additional stats on each account including subscription price, tip amounts and post frequency. This helps you evaluate whether an account is worth the monthly cost.

One limitation is FansMetrics blocks searching features for free users. You have to sign up for a paid FansMetrics account to search without limits.

Many OnlyFans creators promote their accounts on link sharing platforms like Linktree, AllMyLinks or Campsite. These tools allow consolidating all your social profiles into one shareable page.

For example, a cosplayer might have a Linktree with links to their Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans account all in one place.

Browsing these link sites using keywords like "OnlyFans" or specific names can uncover accounts you won‘t find on OnlyFinder or FansMetrics.

According to Linktree, there are over 12 million Users generating over 1.2 billion monthly clicks. So searching link sharing sites can surface some hidden gems.

Searching social media bios is another prime place to uncover OnlyFans accounts. Creators often link or mention their OnlyFans directly on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

But you have to use some creative social media sleuthing to find these accounts. Here are some tips:

  • Search bios using keywords like "OnlyFans" or "Exclusive Content".

  • Look for phrases like "DM me for OnlyFans link".

  • Check link sites in bios like Linktree or Campsite.

  • Search by location or relevant usernames.

  • Follow hashtag searches like #OnlyFans or #NSFW.

The key is looking for subtle clues like "exclusive content" instead of overt OnlyFans mentions. With the right search techniques, you can uncover creator accounts on mainstream social media.

Dive Into Reddit OnlyFans Subreddits

As a fellow Redditor, you‘ll appreciate that Reddit is a goldmine for finding new OnlyFans accounts. There are dozens of NSFA (Not Safe For Advertising) subreddits dedicated to OnlyFans content and creators.

Some of the most active OnlyFans subs include:

  • r/OnlyFans101 – General OF promotion and discussion.
  • r/OnlyFansPromotions – Mainly creator promo posts.
  • r/OnlyFansReviews – Discussing and reviewing accounts.
  • r/onlyfansgirls101 – Female creators sharing content.

The strategy is to browse these communities filtered by new posts. This allows you to discover fresh OnlyFans accounts trying to gain followers.

You can also search for specific usernames, keywords or names using Reddit‘s built-in search bar. Reddit‘s voting system surfaces the most popular and relevant accounts.

Find Accounts by Name

If you know the exact name of someone‘s OnlyFans account, OnlyFinder is the best place to search by name.

Simply enter their name or username and OnlyFinder will display any matching accounts. You can also search names using FansMetrics or Reddit search.

However, this only works reliably if the creator uses an identifiable name on their profile. Many use alternate usernames or no name at all for privacy reasons.

But combining name search with location and keyword filters can help uncover the account you‘re seeking.

Conclusion – Get Searching!

While OnlyFans itself provides no internal search feature, there are plenty of techniques to find accounts relevant to you. Leveraging OnlyFinder and FansMetrics gives you powerful ways to search by location and keywords.

Checking social media bios and links along with browsing Reddit subs allows discovering new creators. With the right tools and some determined searching, you can find just about any OnlyFans account that exists.

Now get out there and start sleuthing! I hope these OnlyFans search tips help you discover awesome new accounts related to gaming, streaming and your other interests. Just stay respectful, keep an open mind, and enjoy the journey of finding your perfect creator match!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.