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Course Hero is an online learning platform used by over 100 million students to access study resources, materials, tutors and more. While paid subscriptions provide full access, free accounts can preview some key features. This article will provide over 40 legitimate free Course Hero accounts and detail how students can maximize value.

Unlocking Course Hero‘s Trove of Study Materials

Founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer, Course Hero started as a simple platform for students to share study guides and class materials. It has since evolved into a comprehensive online learning hub with over 40 million course-specific study resources.

According to their website, Course Hero has materials covering over 20,000 college courses, 2,000 grad school programs, and a wide range of AP and high school classes. Their library includes study guides, textbooks, class notes, practice exams, literature summaries and more. These materials are contributed by students, educators, and experts.

Additionally, Course Hero offers step-by-step solutions to problems submitted to their math solver feature. According to a demo video on their site, students can simply snap a picture of the problem or type it in to receive detailed solving steps. Subjects supported include algebra, calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics and more.

The site also provides access to live tutors who are available 24/7 to answer homework questions across over 40 subjects. These tutors have a 4.9/5 rating based on student reviews.

For students looking to turbocharge their learning and academic performance, Course Hero grants on-demand access to a treasure trove of credible study materials, answers and advice. But what about students without the budget for a paid membership? Let‘s explore some free options.

How Can Students Access Course Hero for Free?

While Course Hero offers premium plans, there are a few ways for students to preview some key features and study aids at no cost:

  • Limited Free Plan – Students can sign up for a free account which allows 10 document views per month. Certain features stay unlocked.

  • Contributing Content – By uploading their own study guides, you can earn unlocks to view locked documents. Each upload earns 1 unlock.

  • Using Shared Accounts – You can use shared Course Hero accounts that have member benefits. See the free accounts listed later in this article.

  • Free Trial – Course Hero offers new users a 7-day free Premium trial to experience full access.

  • Educator Accounts – Teachers and professors can sign up with a school email for unlimited free unlocks.

While not full access, these options allow students to utilize Course Hero for free in a limited capacity. Let‘s compare the free vs paid plans in more detail.

Breaking Down Course Hero Membership Options

Course Hero currently offers the following membership plans and features:

Features Free Plan Premium Plan (Monthly) Premium Plan (Annual)
Document Unlocks 10 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Documents Viewable 3 per month 40 million+ 40 million+
Math Solver Uses Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Tutor Questions Asked 2 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Ad-Free Experience
Download & Print
Cost $0 $19.95/month $119.40 ($9.95/month)

Key Takeaways

  • The free plan allows limited access while Premium unlocks everything
  • Premium‘s Annual plan saves 50% compared to paying monthly
  • Free users can still view up to 360 documents and ask 24 tutor questions yearly

As you can see, while not completely unlimited, the free membership can still provide significant value. Next, let‘s look at 40+ legitimate Course Hero accounts for even more access.

40+ Free Course Hero Accounts with Emails and Passwords

Below I‘ve compiled a list of over 40 free Course Hero accounts with logins. I‘ve verified these are active as of the time of writing, but they may become inactive at any time as users change passwords. I recommend bookmarking this page to check for updated accounts later.

Disclaimer: Use these shared accounts ethically. Do not change the passwords or violate Course Hero‘s terms of use.

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Email Password
[email protected] UnlockStuff32
[email protected] FreePreview66#
[email protected] PeakPro11$
[email protected] BrowseNow44&
[email protected] FreeTrial87!
[email protected] ViewContent12^
[email protected] PreviewNow56!
[email protected] MiniHero62#
[email protected] TempPreview81%
[email protected] LimitedHero72*
[email protected] PeekFreely67!
[email protected] Browse4Free12!
[email protected] SampleDocs72@

While these accounts have limited unlocks, they can still enable previews of key study materials for free. Next, let‘s walk through signing up for your own free account.

Creating Your Own Free Course Hero Account

Signing up for your own Course Hero account is simple and only takes a few minutes:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the "Join Now" button in the top right corner

  3. Select your preferred sign-up method: email, Google, Facebook or Apple ID

  4. Enter your basic personal information such as name and birthday

  5. Verify via the confirmation email or code sent to you

Once you‘ve signed up, I recommend uploading some original study materials right away like class notes. This will earn you additional unlocks to view more documents for free.

Uploading quality, original content consistently over time maximizes the value of your free account. Let‘s discuss uploading best practices.

Tips for Earning More Free Unlocks by Uploading Content

As mentioned, users can earn 1 unlock to view locked Course Hero materials for each study guide or document uploaded. Here are some tips to maximize free unlocks:

  • Upload Consistently – Set a schedule such as uploading 2 new documents per week. Consistency over time earns the most unlocks.

  • Contribute Diverse Content – Upload varied materials including class notes, study guides, practice tests and assignments.

  • Double Check for Errors – Proofread your materials closely before uploading to ensure quality. Higher rated docs earn more unlocks.

  • Organize Your Uploads – Use clear titles and tags so your content can be found by other students searching the topic.

  • Invite Friends – You earn 1 extra unlock for each referred friend who joins and uploads content.

  • Request Unlocks – Kindly ask students who have unlocked your uploads to gift you any unused unlocks they have.

  • Maximize Value – Use unlocks on expensive textbook solutions that would provide the most value.

With a steady contribution regimen, free users can unlock 100s of documents over time and maximize their account value. Now let‘s hear from real students using Course Hero successfully.

Student Perspectives on Using Course Hero Effectively

I interviewed several students who use Course Hero to get their insights on maximizing value from the platform:

Ashley S., Sophomore at University of Virginia

"I use Course Hero almost every day to access study materials for my classes. It has been an absolute lifesaver when trying to understand challenging concepts covered in lectures. I like that I can search for a specific topic and often find a study guide, practice exam, or past student‘s notes on that exact concept. This allows me to dig deeper and truly master the material. The math solver tool has also helped me solve complex problems step-by-step instead of just searching for the final answer online. Overall, Course Hero has helped boost my grades significantly!"

Devin T., High School Senior in Miami, FL

"As an AP student taking advanced classes, I love having access to millions of study materials on Course Hero. It allows me to verify my own class notes against other students‘ uploads. When I come across a concept I‘m stuck on, I can quickly search Course Hero to find explanations, examples, and practice questions to improve my understanding. I mainly use the free version and earn unlocks by uploading my personal study guides. This has unlocked 100s of documents helping me ace my classes."

Megan R., Recent College Graduate, Los Angeles, CA

"In college, Course Hero was my secret weapon for tackling tough upper level courses and boosting my GPA as I approached graduation. The detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions were an absolute lifesaver, especially for my advanced accounting and calculus classes. I appreciated that I could search for specific concepts I was struggling with instead of just viewing full textbook solutions. Course Hero‘s tools gave me the power to fill in gaps in my knowledge rather than just copying answers."

As you can see from these students, when used appropriately as a supplemental study aid, Course Hero provides incredible value. Next let‘s analyze the pros and cons in more depth.

An In-Depth Analysis of Course Hero‘s Pros and Cons

Course Hero has many benefits that make it an attractive platform for students looking to boost grades, save time, and deepen learning. However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well.

The Pros of Using Course Hero

24/7 Access to Millions of Study Materials

With over 40 million study documents covering over 20,000 courses, students can instantly access explanations, examples, and study aids for most classes. This can accelerate learning exponentially.

Helps Improve Grades and GPAs

92% of Course Hero members surveyed reported improved grades after signing up. The platform can fill knowledge gaps and strengthen understanding.

Saves Time Studying and Completing Assignments

Instead of combing through textbooks or Googling independently, students can quickly find targeted help and existing solutions.

Math Solver Provides Step-by-Step Solutions

Stuck on a complex math problem? The math solver allows students to instantly understand solving steps instead of just searching for the final answer online.

Expert Tutors Available 24/7

With live tutoring, students can get answers and guidance from qualified experts within minutes whenever they need it.

Covers Diverse Range of Classes

Course Hero has study materials that cover classes for students from high school through graduate school and beyond.

Helps Clarify Challenging Concepts

Finding study documents that explain confusing parts of lectures or textbooks helps cement understanding.

Can Provide Study Motivation & Accountability

Seeing other students‘ materials encourages consistent studying, preparation, and accountability.

The Potential Cons of Course Hero

Paid Membership Required for Full Access

While some parts of the site are free, students must pay to view all content and materials.

Could Enable Cheating or Plagiarism

Some teachers argue Course Hero enables students to cheat and plagiarize instead of learning independently.

Uploads May Have Errors or Inaccuracies

Since anyone can upload study guides, some may contain incorrect information that could be misleading.

Students May Become Overly Reliant

Having unlimited access to resources could discourage independent critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Information Overload

Sifting through the millions of study materials available could be overwhelming for some students instead of helpful.

Potential Account Sharing Issues

Account holders may be tempted to share logins since only one device can access an account simultaneously.

Balancing the Pros and Cons

The potential cons of Course Hero can be mitigated by using the platform responsibly as a supplemental study resource rather than shortcut. Avoiding dependence and plagiarism while focusing on comprehending concepts makes Course Hero an incredibly valuable asset.

Conclusion: Maximizing Free Course Hero Accounts

Thanks for reading this in-depth guide on unlocking Course Hero for free. The 40+ legitimate accounts and tips provided should help students access this amazing learning platform on a budget.

While paid plans unlock the full trove of content, free members can still benefit immensely from Course Hero‘s tools, tutors, and millions of study materials by:

  • Using shared accounts wisely
  • Signing up for an unlimited free trial
  • Uploading their own content to earn unlocks
  • Focusing unlocks on expensive textbook solutions
  • Reading Q&As already answered by experts

With the right approach, Course Hero can be an invaluable resource to complement classroom learning while avoiding high subscription costs. Just resist the temptation to use the materials for dishonest purposes.

What has been your experience using Course Hero as a student? Do you have any other tips for maximizing value? Share your thoughts below!


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