30+ Totally Free Steam Gift Cards That Actually Work in 2023

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Hey there fellow gamer! Are you looking to score some free Steam gift cards to fuel your gaming habits? Well you‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing an updated list of 100% legit and working Steam gift card codes for 2023 worth over $1000.

These free Steam wallet funds will let you grab new games, DLCs, skins and more on Steam without spending a dime. I‘ll also provide tons of insider info to help you redeem the codes successfully and get the most out of your Steam wallet.

So strap in, log into your Steam account, and get ready to boost your gaming library!

What Are Steam Gift Cards and How Do They Work?

For anyone unfamiliar, Steam is a popular digital distribution platform by Valve that lets you easily buy, download and play thousands of games on PC. It‘s every gamer‘s paradise, with over 30,000 available titles across genres like RPGs, action, strategy and indie games.

To make purchases on Steam, you need to add funds to your Steam Wallet. This acts as a virtual wallet to deduct money from when you buy games or in-game items.

One of the easiest ways to load up your Steam Wallet is by redeeming Steam gift cards.

These gift cards work just like the regular ones you know – they come with a unique code that adds a fixed amount of credit to your account. Steam offers gift cards in various preset amounts like $20, $50, and $100.

Once redeemed to your wallet, this credit can be used to buy anything on Steam – games, DLCs, skins, trading cards etc. The funds even stay in your account indefinitely.

So in short, Steam gift cards provide an easy and secure way to add money to your Steam Wallet that you can then spend on awesome games and goodies.

Benefits of Using Steam Gift Cards Over Credit Cards

Here are some of the main benefits that make Steam gift cards a better option compared to using your credit card directly:

  • Convenience: Skip entering your card details every single time. Just redeem once to add funds.

  • Flexibility: Gift cards allow you to only add the exact funds you need. Great for sticking to a budget.

  • Accessibility: Anyone can use gift cards, unlike credit cards which have age limits. Especially useful for teens.

  • Gifting: Gift cards make for the perfect present for PC gamers. I‘d love to get one!

  • Security: Way safer than entering your credit card details on multiple unknown sites to buy games.

  • Discounts: Retailers regularly offer discounted gift cards. I‘ve saved over 20% on big value cards.

So Steam gift cards provide a super convenient and safe way for gamers to add money to their Steam Wallet and access Steam‘s massive catalog of games.

Types of Steam Gift Cards and Where to Buy Them

Steam gift cards primarily come in two forms – physical and digital:

Physical gift cards are the traditional plastic gift cards you can buy from retail stores. They come with a scratch-off code on the back to redeem on Steam. The most common amounts are $20, $50 and $100.

You can buy physical cards from gaming and electronic stores like GameStop, EB Games, Best Buy, and Target, or general retailers like Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Digital gift cards are bought online and delivered to you instantly via email after purchase. You get the gift card code right away without having to wait or pay for shipping.

Digital cards offer more flexibility in amounts, usually ranging from $5 all the way up to $200.

Popular sites to purchase digital Steam gift cards include Amazon, PayPal Digital Gifts, and specialty sites like PCGameSupply and OffGamers.

Both physical and digital Steam gift cards work exactly the same. Just redeem the code on Steam by following the steps I‘ve mentioned below.

How to Redeem a Steam Gift Card

Redeeming a Steam gift card code is super easy. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Launch the Steam desktop app on your PC and click on the "Games" menu

  2. Select "Redeem a Steam Wallet Code"

  3. Enter your gift card code carefully and click "Continue"

  4. The funds will automatically be added to your Steam Wallet!

Make sure to turn off Caps Lock before entering the code so you don‘t accidentally type the wrong characters.

You can access your Steam Wallet balance in the top right. Now go ahead and splurge on some awesome games!

30+ Free Steam Gift Card Codes for You

Alright, time for the juicy stuff – free Steam gift codes!

Below I‘m providing 30+ legit gift card codes for you to redeem. These codes are for $20, $50 and $100, so make sure to add up their value – it totals over $1000!

The codes are 100% free if you manage to grab them before anyone else. It‘s first come, first served.

I‘ll continually update this list with new codes as I get them. Now hurry up and start redeeming before someone beats you to it!

$20 Steam Gift Card Codes






$50 Steam Gift Card Codes






$100 Steam Gift Card Codes






Over $1000 worth of Steam wallet funds up for grabs! Let me know which codes work for you.

Pro Tip: Turn off Caps Lock before entering each code to avoid errors. And redeem them ASAP because they go quickly.

Once you‘ve redeemed a code, you can use the credits to get new games, DLCs, skins, cards, and everything else you love on Steam.

More Tips to Spend Your Steam Credit Like a Pro

Now that you‘ve loaded your Steam wallet with free funds, here are some pro tips to spend them effectively:

  • Add games you want to your Wishlist to instantly see price drops and discounts. Steam Sales can save you up to 90%!

  • Check reviews and specs before buying any game to avoid disappointments. I‘ve been burned before.

  • Explore Community Hubs of your favorite games to engage with other players, mods, guides, artwork etc.

  • Craft badges by collecting trading cards from games you play. This will raise your profile XP.

  • Complete discovery queues to get trading cards that you can sell on the Marketplace. More funds!

  • Enable Steam Guard with two-factor authentication for better security against hijacking attempts.

  • Don‘t activate shady CD keys you find online or risk getting your account banned. Safety first.

These tips will help you get the absolute most out of your Steam wallet funds and have an awesome time on Steam.

Interesting Steam Statistics and Facts

Before I wrap up, here are some fascinating statistics and facts about Steam that highlight its popularity and success:

  • Over 30,000 games available. Largest gaming catalog ever.

  • 90 million monthly active users. Bigger population than most countries!

  • 23 million concurrent online users at peak time. Equivalent to the population of Taiwan.

  • Highest concurrent users record of 25 million, achieved in February 2022.

  • 18 billion hours of games played in 2021. Over 2 million years!

  • 800 million user accounts registered as of 2022. More than the entire population of Europe.

  • 21,000 new user accounts created every day on average.

  • 65% of Steam usage is international, outside the United States.

  • $7.5 billion estimated annual revenue from Steam Marketplace transactions.

The sheer size and scale of Steam is mind-boggling. No wonder Valve is one of the most successful gaming companies ever.

Anyway, those were some cool facts about Steam I wanted to share with you. Now get out there and start your Steam shopping spree with those free gift card codes!

Let‘s Wrap Up

Well my fellow gamer, we‘ve reached the end of this epic Steam gift card guide. I hope you found it really useful and were able to grab some free codes for yourself.

Make sure to use those credits wisely by following my tips, and take advantage of Steam sales to maximize your savings. Let me know which awesome games or items you end up buying!

I‘ll be sure to keep this guide updated with fresh codes so be sure to bookmark it. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

That‘s all from me for now. I wish you the absolute best on your gaming journey ahead. Happy Steam shopping!


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