How to Get Front Flash on TikTok for Better Low Light Videos: The Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever wanted to shoot amazing selfie videos in low light with TikTok, only to find your footage is too dark or grainy? The lack of a front-facing flash on iPhones poses a real challenge for content creators. But with the right settings tweak, you can enable a DIY "front flash" and illuminate your selfie vids.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn how to turn on a makeshift front flash using the iPhone‘s Classic Invert feature. I‘ll explain what it is, why it works, and walk you through exactly how to set it up step-by-step. Read on to transform your low light TikTok videos!

What Exactly is the Front Flash Trick on TikTok?

Let‘s start from the beginning – what is this front flash hack all about?

The iPhone‘s "Classic Invert" feature inverts the display colors shown on your screen. When you enable it, it makes bright colors look dark and dark colors appear bright.

Here‘s the clever trick: when used with the front camera, Classic Invert makes your face and body light up brightly as if a flash was used! This creates a makeshift "front flash" effect to illuminate your selfie videos.

By combining it with max screen brightness, the inverted colors act as a flash bulb, bathing you and your surroundings in light. It‘s an easy yet effective way to make nighttime selfie videos possible.

Why Use a Front Flash for TikTok Videos?

Wondering how this can improve your TikTok content? Having a simulated front flash opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities!

Film Quality Videos in Dim Lighting

The obvious benefit is being able to shoot properly exposed selfie videos in dark environments where the standard camera just won‘t work.

No more grainy, underexposed footage when filming at night or in dimly lit indoor places. The DIY TikTok flash eliminates that problem.

Explore New Video Ideas & Locations

With the ability to film quality low light videos, you can get creative with edgier video concepts that play with darkness.

Try recording your outfit of the night while clubbing or bars hopping. Document a late night adventure wandering the city streets. Film your singing skills during a moody evening car ride.

The options are endless when you aren‘t limited by lack of lighting.

Stand Out from Other Creators

Taking your selfie videos into darker environments will help your content stand out.

Most TikTokers don‘t bother trying to film in low light. But with some quick settings tweaks, you‘ll be able to shine in dimly lit situations for unique videos others can‘t easily replicate.

Enhance Your Overall Video Quality

Proper lighting is key for professional looking videos. This trick gives you total control over front facing illumination.

You can fine tune the lighting to achieve the exact look you desire. Having optimal light on your face results in sharper footage with richer colors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Enabling the DIY TikTok Front Flash

Ready to light up your selfie TikTok videos? Follow these simple steps:

Access the Classic Invert Setting

  1. Open your iPhone‘s Settings app and select "Accessibility".

  2. Under "Vision", choose "Display & Text Size".

  3. Scroll down and locate the "Classic Invert" option. Tap it to enable the feature.

Record Your Video with Inverted Colors

  1. Launch the TikTok app and turn your display brightness all the way up.

  2. Tap the plus icon to open the camera. Switch to your front facing lens.

  3. The inverted colors will cause your face to appear brightly lit up like a flash is being used.

  4. Record your selfie video as normal while the makeshift flash illuminates the scene.

Disable Classic Invert After Recording

  1. When finished filming, return to your Settings and turn Classic Invert off under Accessibility.

  2. Go back to TikTok to view your video with the colors restored to normal.

  3. Edit your lit-up video as desired and post the vibrant selfie to TikTok!

And that‘s all there is to it! With this simple iPhone settings tweak, you can easily rig up a DIY front flash to light up low light selfies.

Expert Tips to Maximize Your Front Flash Results

To really take your TikTok lighting game to the next level, use these pro tips:

Amp Up the Brightness as Much as Possible

The brighter your screen, the more powerful the front flash effect will be. Max out your display brightness to make the inverted colors as intense as possible.

Film in a Completely Dark Room

To maximize contrast, record your video in a room that is pitch black. This exaggerates the flash lighting against the darkness.

Use a Backlight for Rim Lighting

Position a lamp, string lights or other source behind you and off to the side. This backlight creates a rim lighting effect to further enhance your look.

Clean Your Front Camera Lens

Dust or smears on your lens can obstruct and diffuse the lighting. Make sure your front camera is crystal clear for optimal light transmission.

Edit the Video to Boost Lighting Effects

Play with editing tools like exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows. Cutting clips together from multiple takes can help smooth out any uneven light.

Sample Videos Showcasing the TikTok Front Flash Hack

To give you an idea of the impressive results you can achieve, here are some examples of low light selfie videos created with the help of Classic Invert:

Check out how clearly you can see me walking even though it‘s nighttime! #fyp #TikTokTips #frontflash

My outfit of the night, illuminated by my iPhone front flash hack! #fashion #nightlook #diyflash

Who needs studio lighting? Just my makeshift selfie flash lighting up my latest vlog #solocamera #iphonevlogger #tiktokguide

As you can see, the difference is like night and day! With this simple trick, filming well-lit selfies in the dark is easy.

Can You Use the Front Flash Hack on Androids Too?

So far this guide has focused specifically on iPhones, since the Classic Invert feature is built into iOS. But don‘t worry Android users, you can still achieve the front flash effect with just a few extra steps.

Here‘s how to do it:

  1. Download a "Negative Colors" or "Invert Color" app from the Google Play store. There are various free options available.

  2. Open the app and activate the color inversion feature. This will mimic what Classic Invert does on iPhones.

  3. Follow the same steps above to record your TikTok video with the inverted colors turned on.

  4. Disable the Negative Colors app after filming to see your video with normal colors again.

  5. Edit and upload your creatively lit selfie to TikTok!

The process involves a small workaround, but ultimately delivers the same great results, allowing you to film vibrant low light TikToks on Androids.

Take Your Selfie Videos to the Next Level with This Clever Trick

Being limited by lighting conditions can be creatively stifling. But with this simple front camera "flash" workaround, you can transform any space into your own personal photo studio.

So go wild and record those dimly lit outfit reveals, moody late night car singalongs, and dramatic transition videos as you walk from dark to light. The possibilities are endless when you aren‘t restricted by lack of illumination.

I hope this guide has shone a light on how to take your iPhone selfie videos to the next level using the built-in Classic Invert trick. Now you just need to grab your phone and start shooting! Lit-up low light TikTok content that wows your followers is only a few taps away.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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