How to Get Klawf Stick in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to my ultimate guide on acquiring the valuable held item Klawf Stick in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Having the right held items can really give your Pokemon a strategic edge in battle. And the Klawf Stick‘s Attack boost effect makes it perfect for hard-hitting physical sweepers.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know about getting your hands on the coveted Klawf Stick. You‘ll learn:

  • What Klawf and held items are
  • Detailed directions to the item‘s location
  • Multiple money-making tips to afford it early
  • The top Pokemon to use Klawf Stick with
  • Where to find other useful held items
  • The importance of held items for competitive play
  • Additional strategies to master Pokemon SV

So let‘s get started with understanding why Klawf Stick is so valuable!

What is Klawf and What Does the Klawf Stick Do?

Klawf is a new Rock-type crab Pokemon introduced in Generation 9. It evolves from Clawbit at level 30. Klawf‘s athleticism leads it to frequently shed and regrow its rock shells. The discarded shells get processed into a tasty nutritious food product called "Klawf Stick" that both humans and Pokemon enjoy eating!

In battle, when a Pokemon holds the Klawf Stick item, it will gain a 10% boost to its Attack stat whenever it is at full HP. This can transform powerful physical attacking Pokemon into even more ferocious heavy hitters!

Competitive players are always hunting for ways to optimize their Pokemon‘s stats. So the Klawf Stick has already earned a place in the top tier of held items for physical attackers and sweepers looking for that extra edge. Let‘s go over how to get it.

Traversing Paldea‘s Vast Open World

Pokemon SV features a brand new open world gameplay structure. Instead of being limited to linear routes, you‘re now free to explore the region of Paldea however you choose. You can fast travel between discovered areas from the map. Key locations include:

  • Cities and towns – Progress story, battle Gyms
  • Routes and wilds – Catch Pokemon, gather resources
  • Mountains, lakes, forests – Unique ecosystems with rare Pokemon
  • Titan Pokemon Lairs – Defeat them to get treasure
  • Team Star Headquarters – Take down admins and boss

As you journey across Paldea, be sure to talk to NPCs and complete side activities. These can reward you with money, items, and TMs – all useful for preparing to take on the Klawf Stick quest!

Now let‘s get into the specifics of how to buy the coveted item.

Step-by-Step Directions to Obtain the Klawf Stick

The Klawf Stick is sold at the Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. Here is a step-by-step process you can follow to reach and purchase it:

Step 1) Progress in the story until the world opens up after meeting the professors in Zapapico. This grants you access to Levincia.

Step 2) Make your way to Levincia, located in West Province (Area Two) just south of Cascarrafa. You can fly there directly via the map once unlocked.

Step 3) Enter Levincia and head to the northwest section of the city. Look for the Aquiesta Supermarket with the blue Poke Ball logo outside.

Step 4) Go inside the Aquiesta Supermarket and approach the counter to talk to the shopkeeper.

Step 5) When they ask what you want, select "I‘d like to buy" to view their wares.

Step 6) Scroll down to the Held Items section near the bottom and purchase the Klawf Stick for 500 Pokedollars.

And that‘s it! The Klawf Stick will now be in your bag ready to equip to your Pokemon. If it‘s not shown for sale, you likely need more Gym Badges first. Try defeating at least 8 Gyms, then return.

Next, let‘s go over methods to earn money quickly so you can afford the Klawf Stick as early as possible.

Top Money-Making Tips For Affording the Klawf Stick

Here are the most effective ways to rake in the Pokedollars and purchase the Klawf Stick the moment it becomes available:

Early Game Money Farming

  • Battle new Trainers – Each one provides prize money for winning. Seek them out!
  • Sell extra materials – Vendors will buy your unused items.
  • Make sandwiches – Combine cheap ingredients for profit.
  • Use Pay Day frequently – The move gives bonus Pokedollar rewards per use.
  • Complete Requests -NPCs post Requests rewarding money for completing missions.

Mid Game Money Grinding

  • Mine shards underground – Traded for big money from a dealer in Montenevera.
  • Cook rare sandwiches – Expensive ingredients make lucrative dishes to sell.
  • Register Pokédex specimens – Professor Jacq pays well for registering species.
  • Challenge Backpacker rematches – They get stronger and reward higher prize money.
  • Sell treasures – Treasures found have high resale value.

Late Game Money Harvesting

  • Defeat the Elite Four – Each run gives ~100,000 Pokedollars as reward money.
  • Enter Champion Rank battles – High level opponents yield jackpot payouts.
  • Register Alpha Pokémon – Massive bonuses for registering Alphas to the Pokédex.
  • Sell rare materials – Late game materials like Elemental Shards sell for big profits.
  • Farm Watts and exchange – Using Watts to buy Luxury Balls and other items to sell.

Using these money farming strategies, you‘ll be able to purchase the 500 Pokedollar Klawf Stick in no time!

Top Pokemon to Use Klawf Stick With

The Attack boost provided by Klawf Stick is best utilized by physical attacking powerhouses. Here are some top Pokemon that can really capitalize on the item:


Base Stat Value
HP 78
Attack 118
Defense 75
Sp. Atk 74
Sp. Def 63
Speed 118

Hawlucha is already an attacking dynamo with 118 base Attack. Klawf Stick pushes it to insane levels capable of devastating opponents.


Base Stat Value
HP 68
Attack 125
Defense 65
Sp. Atk 65
Sp. Def 115
Speed 80

Gallade becomes a blistering fast psychic swordsman with a boosted 125 Attack stat. Priority moves like Shadow Sneak also hit dramatically harder.


Base Stat Value
HP 100
Attack 50
Defense 80
Sp. Atk 60
Sp. Def 80
Speed 50

Despite average Attack, Azumarill‘s huge HP stat and Fairy/Water typing allow it to abuse the Klawf Stick boost incredibly effectively.

Give it a try on your strongest physical attackers – the difference will be clear!

Locating Other Valuable Held Items

Along with Klawf Stick, there are many other powerful held items you should grab for your team:

  • Leftovers – Restore HP each turn. Find from Merchant cohorts in the overworld.

  • Choice Band – Massively boosts Attack at the cost of move choice. Sold in Delibird Presents shops.

  • Rocky Helmet – Damages opponents on contact. Reward for 5-star Tera Raid Battles.

  • Assault Vest – Raises Sp. Defense by 50 but blocks status moves. Sold in late game markets.

  • Life Orb – Boosts damage by 30% but drains HP. Postgame reward for 7-star Tera Raid Battles.

  • Weakness Policy – Drastically raises Attack and Sp. Atk when hit by super effective damage. Obtained rarely from purple beam Tera Raid Pokémon.

I‘ll be covering where to obtain all these items and more in upcoming guides, so stay tuned!

Why Held Items Are Crucial in the Competitive Meta

Held items aren‘t just a single player campaign gimmick – they are absolutely essential for building competitive teams and succeeding on ladder/in ranked battles. Here are some examples of how they influence high-level play:

"Choice items like Choice Scarf let you manipulate speed matchups to gain advantage against common threats." – Aaron "Cybertron" Zheng, competitive expert

"To take physical hits, Pokemon like Tangrowth and Amoonguss rely on Rocky Helmet and other defense boosting items." – Wolfe "Wolfey" Glick, top ranked player

"I tailor items like Leftovers, Figy Berry, Iapapa Berry to shore up weaknesses depending on the opponent I‘m facing." – Jamie "Jammer" Boyt, top 100 ranked player

As you can see, the pros are constantly factoring held items into their team building and battle strategies. So the sooner you start understanding item effects and interactions, the quicker you‘ll improve!

Conclusion & What‘s Next

Obtaining a coveted item like Klawf Stick marks a great step in preparing for your competitive journey. I hope this guide has provided ample tips and strategies to find, earn money for, and effectively utilize the Klawf Stick – and to start grasping how vital held items are.

Be sure to check out my other guides covering essential knowledge to master Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, such as:

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I‘m planning lots more guides to help new and experienced players make the most of Pokemon SV! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

This is Mike, signing off for now. Good luck on your adventures through Paldea, trainers!


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