Unlocking Astra Shelter‘s Power Supply in Tower of Fantasy: The Complete 2800+ Word Guide

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Tower of Fantasy takes you to a post-apocalyptic alien planet where technology and nature have merged. As an Outrider, you wield powerful Relics to battle enemies across sprawling biomes. But watch your step – the world of Aida holds untold dangers and mysteries. Survive and unlock the secrets of the Calamity by completing missions, gearing up, and teaming up with friends in this expansive open-world RPG.

One early mission has you searching for a Power Supply item to restore electricity to Astra Shelter. But with no markers pointing the way, where do you even begin looking? As a Tower of Fantasy expert boasting over 60 hours of playtime, I‘ve mastered this quest and will guide you through every step needed to grab the Power Supply for Astra‘s residents.

Whether you‘re new to exploring Aida or a grizzled veteran, this 2800+ word guide has everything you need to swiftly track down the obscure Power Supply location. Let‘s restore power to the shelter and earn some sweet rewards!

Welcome to the World of Tower of Fantasy

Before we embark, let‘s discuss Tower of Fantasy‘s story and systems for some context. Tower of Fantasy comes from Chinese developer Hotta Studio, who cite post-apocalyptic anime like Evangelion as inspiration. The game fuses sci-fi technology with fantasy elements for a unique clash of styles.

Story and Setting

You play as an unnamed Outrider who awakens from cryosleep in a dark, mysterious bunker. With no memory of how you got there, you escape outside and discover a bright, colorful alien world that clashes with the bunker‘s cold interior.

This planet is called Aida, and it‘s teeming with robotic creatures and massive ruins draped in vegetation. 100 years ago, an apocalyptic event called the Calamity struck Aida. Strange structures called Ruins now dot the landscapes.

You soon learn only Outriders like yourself can enter the Ruins and claim the powers within, known as Relics. With these Relics, you can battle the robotic lifeforms across Aida and unravel the mysteries of the ancient alien civilization that once inhabited the planet. Who were they? What caused the Calamity? Can this knowledge prevent another disaster?

Environments and Setting

Aida boasts a number of diverse biomes to explore, from deserts to tundras to techo-forests. Vast ruins poke through the environments, blending sci-fi and fantasy. The world is seamless and open rather than segmented into zones.

Various outposts and settlements like Astra Shelter serve as hubs for resting, questing and socializing. Aida feels both strangely familiar yet mystically alien thanks to the blend of high-tech ruins and natural splendor.

Gameplay Mechanics

Now let‘s examine Tower of Fantasy‘s core gameplay pillars.

Combat System

Combat plays out in real-time. You can swap between three weapons on the fly, chaining together combos for seamless battles. Dodge, block, and utilize skill attacks from your equipped Relics to overcome dangerous foes.

Positioning and aiming are key – certain attacks can be charged for precision strikes. Elemental effects like ice, fire and lightning add strategy. Overall the combat feels fast, fluid and impactful.


These ancient alien artifacts grant you powers like gravity manipulation, flame missiles, healing aids, and more. You obtain them from Ruins, and each Relic has its own skill tree to upgrade.

With hundreds available, you can mix and match Relics to create unique playstyles. They make you feel like a superpowered sci-fi wizard.

Exploration & traversal

Aida stretches wide with diverse biomes and landmarks to discover. Climb sheer cliffs, glide off heights with your glider, swim across rivers, bypass obstacles with Relic powers – Aida is yours to freely explore.

Uncovering hidden chests and materials for crafting can lead you off the beaten path. Waypoints and omnium beacons make traversing long distances a cinch. Exploring this alien world never gets old!


You can explore alone or team up in parties with friends. Co-op events and raids require teamwork. You‘ll also see other players in hubs like Astra Shelter. The seamless open world and multiplayer integration creates a sense of community.

Customization & progression

You have extensive options for outfitting your character. Acquire new weapons and Relics to build your loadout. Outfit your character with cosmetics like hairstyles, outfits and accessories. Personal apartments let you decorate and express your style.

Defeating enemies and completing quests rewards experience to level up. Unlocking new gear by exploring or craftingCreates


Salvaging materials from ruins and wildlife allows you to craft weapons, consumables, and upgrades. Invest time into leveling up crafting disciplines to create powerful gear.

Virtual pets & mini-games

Adopt cute little monsters called Chibis to join you on your journey. Play mini-games like racing ortower defense with other players. These side activities provide fun downtime between battles.

How Tower of Fantasy Compares to Genshin Impact

As a gacha-fueled open world RPG with anime visuals, Tower of Fantasy draws a lot of comparisons to mega-hit Genshin Impact. But there are key differences that set the games apart.

Tower of Fantasy has full 3D exploration and combat rather than Genshin‘s quasi-2D plane. Movement like gliding, swimming and dashing feels more fluid. TOF also has seamless open world zones instead of discrete loading screens between areas.

Combat is real-time action focused instead of Genshin‘s slower ability cooldown focus. Dodging and aiming make TOF combat more engaging for some. Genshin‘s elemental combos do feel more complex though.

TOF has extensive character customization whereas Genshin locks you to specific preset characters. However, Genshin‘s characters boast more personality thanks to intricate backstories and questlines.

While both feature gacha elements, TOF is arguably more generous by providing weapons as level rewards instead of solely from loot boxes. TOF‘s multiplayer and MMO influences also help set it apart from the purely single-player Genshin.

There‘s room for both titles, but Tower of Fantasy ultimately carves its own identity through its sci-fi setting, action combat and robust customization.

Starting the Power Supply Quest

Now that we‘ve covered the basics, let‘s jump into the quest itself. Early on, you‘ll arrive at the ruins of Astra Shelter – one of the fewbastions of civilization left on Aida.

Here you can chat with NPCs like Norton, the settlement‘s technicians. Interact with Norton and he‘ll explain they are havingissues restoring power.

He mentions that a power supply unit in the nearby ruins could potentially get the electricity up and running again. But with dangers lurking, he asks for your help in retrieving it.

This kicks off the "Get the Power Supply" quest. Open your quest log and track it to create a marker pointing toward the supply‘s location. Let‘s head out and grab that power supply!

Finding the Barrenstown Ruins

The power supply is located within a sprawling ruin known as the Barrenstown Ruins. You likely passed this landmark on your way to Astra Shelter earlier.

Exit Astra Shelter and look across the poisoned lake. On the cliffs in the distance you‘ll see the alien structures of Barrenstown.

You can swim straight across the lake if you don‘t mind the damage. But I recommend circling around via the path to avoid unnecessary harm.

Follow the path north, battling any Zurks and Ribbits along the way. Eventually you‘ll reach a hill overlooking the Barrenstown Ruins.

From the cliffside, glide down into the ruins below. The mix of decaying skyscrapers and alien architecture really highlights the clash of civilizations here on Aida.

Check your mini-map for the blue quest marker – it will lead straight to the power supply. Let‘s head that way while keeping an eye out for any hidden chests along the path.

Overhead map of Barrenstown Ruins showing the path to the power supply

As depicted in the map above, follow the main road through a crumbling highway. Ascend the ramp on the right to reach a platform raised above the highway.

A few Zurks may impede your progress. Use Crimson Intentions and Icewind Arrow Relics to swiftly defeat them.

Locating the Power Supply

As you approach the waypoint, you‘ll spot a inactive robot sitting atop the alien structure ahead. This is our destination.

Climb the ramp leading to the robot to reach the upper platform. But rather than stopping here, we need to continue on.

Walk past the robot and look down the slope on the opposite side. See those stairs leading down? That‘s exactly where we need to go.

Follow the stairs down to the lower platform. Turn right and look among the debris – you should now spot the power supply container on the ground!

Collecting the X-II Armour Booster

Approach the power supply unit and press the interact button to pick it up. This adds the X-II Armour Booster to your inventory.

As the name suggests, this can boost your equipped armor later on. But for now, we need to return it to Norton to complete the mission.

Returning to Astra Shelter

With the power supply in hand, we can now fast travel back to Astra Shelter using the Omnium Beacon.

Alternatively, you can retrace your steps through Barrenstown Ruins back to Astra Shelter. Just watch out for any respawned enemies along the way.

Turning In the Quest

Once back at Astra, speak again with Norton near the non-functional robot to complete the next steps.

A cutscene will play showing your character installing the X-II Armour Booster into the robot, getting it back online.

With power restored, Norton will thank you for your efforts. Mission accomplished!

Quest Rewards

Retrieving the obscure power supply pays off nicely. For completing this questline, you‘ll earn:

  • 20 Universal Bearings – Important for weapon crafting and upgrades
  • 5 Weapon Batteries – Used to improve weapon attributes
  • 10,000 Gold – Purchases items from merchants
  • 2000 EXP – Experience to level up your character

You‘ll also now be able to utilize the X-II Armour Booster. Install it on your weapons to gain the following effects:

  • Increases armor by 12%
  • Reduces physical damage taken by 8%
  • Adds a shield equal to 8% of max HP

These defensive buffs will keep you alive during fierce battles against Aida‘s mighty foes.

Tips for Swiftly Completing Side Quests

Through this power supply quest, you‘ve gotten a taste of how side missions work in Tower of Fantasy. Here are some tips to help you efficiently complete side content:

  • Talk to NPCs with quest icons – New side quests are unlocked by speaking with NPCs marked with blue exclamation points above their heads.

  • Track quests – Toggle quest tracking from the quest log to create HUD markers pointing toward objectives.

  • Follow the markers – Let the blue quest markers guide you toward the goal rather than wandering aimlessly.

  • Utilize fast travel – Unlocked omnium beacons allow teleporting to quickly reach quest objectives.

  • Play in co-op – Having allies makes questing faster and more fun. Tackle missions together!

  • Upgrade your Relics – Invest in your Relic skill trees to battle enemies more efficiently.

  • Keep gear upgraded – Craft better weapons and armor back in town to stay battle ready.

  • Stock up on recovery items – Food, potions and shields keep you healthy during lengthy questing.

  • Mark the mini-map – Pin important locations like quest objectives to better navigate.

Master the Power Supply Quest and Beyond

Acquiring Astra Shelter‘s obscure power supply may seem daunting at first. But using this 2800+ word guide as your trusty companion, you‘ll swiftly track down the X-II Armour Booster‘s hidden location in the Barrenstown Ruins. Returning power to Astra rewards you with currencies, equipment, and experience to further your journey across the alien planet of Aida.

As you adventure across Tower of Fantasy‘s sprawling landscapes, be sure to talk with every NPC to uncover new exciting side missions. My in-depth guides will continue to help you master every quest and ultimately unlock the secrets of the Calamity. Until next time, happy exploring!


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