How To Go Live On TikTok? The Complete Guide for Beginners

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Live streaming on TikTok is an extremely popular and powerful way to engage your audience in real-time. But for beginners, it can also seem overwhelming to jump into. As a TikTok marketing expert, I‘m going to walk you through a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to go live on TikTok with total confidence.

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What is TikTok Live Exactly?

TikTok Live allows users to broadcast live video streams in real-time to their followers. It creates an intimate and interactive space to share unfiltered moments, answer fan questions on the spot, host tutorials, reveal exclusives, and more.

According to TikTok statistics, live streams generate 10x higher engagement rates compared to regular videos. TikTok Lives get showcased to a wider audience on the trending "For You" page, allowing you to gain exposure rapidly and attract new followers outside your existing circle.

As of 2022, top TikTok streamers average over 6000 live viewers per stream. The more consistent you go live, the more authority the algorithm lends to your profile over time.

TikTok Live is not simply a one-way broadcast like Facebook Live neither. Viewers interact via a chat comments section that you can reply to in real-time. Plus there are built-in features like adding discussion guests and on-screen viewer comment banners that make it engaging.

The benefits don‘t stop there…

Creators can also monetize TikTok Live once eligible for the Creator Fund, via virtual gifts and tipping. You can activate a live charity button where audience donations go towards the non-profit organization of your choice as well. We‘ll get into monetization later in this guide.

First, let‘s go over the TikTok Live eligibility basics.

TikTok Live Requirements

To go live, you must fulfill the following TikTok requirements:

  • Have Over 1000 Followers: This thresholds ensures you have an engaged audience for live streams. Additionally, it keeps the integrity of the feature.

  • 16 Or Older: There is a minimum age limit to reduce safety and suitability risks.

  • Reliable Internet Connection: TikTok recommends at least a 5 Mbps (megabits per second) mobile/WiFI connection for smooth streaming. But you can start with as low as 2 Mbps.

The additional prerequisites to share your mobile screen during a live stream are:

  • 18+ Age: To share your screen, you must be a legal adult for safety policy reasons. This feature has greater risks than a normal stream if misused.

  • Minimum 18,000 Followers: The higher audience threshold protects community guidelines since screen sharing allows displaying external or sensitive content live.

While these rules aim to maintain user safety and prevent violations, they should not deter you from getting started on TikTok Live with a broadcast-style stream!

Now let‘s get to the step-by-step guide on how to go live on the platform as a beginner…

How To Go Live on TikTok for the First Time

Ready to take the plunge into your first TikTok Live? Here is a simple 7 step walkthrough:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android device. Ensure you are logged-in to your TikTok account that meets the above live stream prerequisites.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘+‘ icon at the bottom center of your screen to open the content upload page.

Step 3: Swipe all the way right on upload options to select "LIVE".

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Step 4: Customize the clickable "cover image" and eye-catching title to promote your Live. This cover displays on your profile to notify followers of your upcoming stream.

Step 5: Tap "Go LIVE" when ready to broadcast live! You‘ll see a viewer count populate. Interact away with viewers as they start tuning in.

Step 6: Swipe comments on the right or viewer profile icons to feature their messages prominently in a top banner bar. Reply verbally or type back your responses to drive engagement.

Step 7: Click the "X" button in top left corner when you wish to conclude your live stream broadcast.

And scene! As you can see, starting your first Live is quick and uncomplicated once you meet the prerequisites.

Now let’s get into the additional capabilities you unlock and customizations you can leverage to take your TikTok Lives from 0 to 100…

TikTok Live Stream Features

The TikTok Live interface sets you up for an interactive and high-quality broadcast complete with:

– Outline key features
– Add screenshots/videos

Discussion Guests

Engage multiple special guests in your Live video grid layout to double the entertainment value! Collaborate with up to 4 other creators and maximize reach.

Live Filters & Effects

Overlay creative effects like stylized backgrounds, 3D objects and fun graphic manipulations to amplify visual appeal. Show off your signature style.

Built-In Beauty Tools

Smooth skin, adjust face shape, apply virtual makeup or tweak camera angles/focal lengths – all without any editing apps required! Dial in that camera presence.

Screen Sharing

For 18+ creators with sufficient followers, broadcasting app usage, mobile gameplay, digital art creation, software tutorials and more directly from your device’s display is a possibility!

Real-Time Chat

Chat in real-time with fans and acknowledge comments verbally or via on-banner pinned highlights. Connect beyond just canned video responses.

Monetization Suite

Activate virtual gifting, enter the Creator Fund, enable charity support and more! Turn viewership into earnings once eligibility criteria are met.

Let‘s detail how you can start raking in an income from TikTok Live leveraging all the monetization elements…

How to Earn Money on TikTok Live

Wondering if live streaming on TikTok can be profitable? The answer is yes – it opens various direct and indirect money-making avenues!

You must be 18+ years old though as per platform policies. There are no exceptions for monetizing accounts of users below legal adulthood age even with guardian consent.

Additionally, your profile must have amassed over 10,000 authentic followers alongside 100,000 video views in the last 30 days to gain access to money-earning features.

Once you meet the above criteria, navigate to your TikTok account settings and apply to the TikTok Creator Fund.

This program enables you to earn a cut of ad revenue generated on your content based on viewership and engagement benchmarks. When you go live and rake in higher views, your Creator Fund payout scales proportionately!

Activate these additional profit levers to boost earnings from TikTok Live:

In-App Gifting

As a Creator Fund member, your fans can virtually gift you diamonds during a live stream which hold monetary value. These start at $0.01 and go up to $5 gifts.

Gift points convert to cash that goes towards your Creator Fund balance once you conclude the broadcast. Top gifters also get pinned banner space on your stream with their profile details.

TikTok LIVE Subscription

Get 67% revenue share from the monthly fee your hardcore supporters pay. Subscribers gain perks like custom emotes to use during your live streams and videos. Expand that consistent fan funding.

Charity LIVE

Raise donations for causes close to your heart seamlessly. TikTok does not take any commission on charitable contributions from your audience during live streams.

With so many options to profit, deliver value to viewers that engages them enough to invest back into your creative efforts!

Now let’s get into best practices once you are all set up to go live…

– Outline top tips for engagement
– Common mistakes to avoid
– How to build viewership

Best Practices for Running TikTok LIVE Sessions

Want your TikTok Lives to thrill audiences every time you’re on air? Implement these expert-backed tips:

Promote Your Live Event

Drive up anticipation by scheduling your live stream slot in advance and posting video reminders to your followers acros TikTok and other social media channels.

Prepare Talking Points

Plan out what you’ll discuss but keep it casual to encourage organic reactions. Having some structured moments prevents awkward dead air time.

Interact With Viewers

Reply verbally to comments, feature their messages in stream banners and ask questions to consistently immerse your audience.

Mind the Background Environment

Eliminate visual distractions by choosing an intentional backdrop and optimum camera framing to keep focus on you.

Check Lighting & Audio

Set up proper overhead lighting pointing towards you and minimize ambient sounds that could detract stream quality.

Consider Camera Stabilizers

From tripods to phone gimbals, camera stabilizers prevent shaky footage and allow you to concentrate on hosting.

By sticking to these fundamental guidelines, your TikTok Lives will feel polished, compelling and professional!

Additionally, be sure to sidestep these common mistakes beginners tend to make:

  • Neglecting to promote their live streams
  • Failing to prepare talking points and winging it
  • Forgetting to engage with viewer comments
  • Having distracting backgrounds with bad lighting
  • Experiencing avoidable technical difficulties

Learn from both my tips and slip-ups to excel!

Lastly, don’t expect an instant viewership surge. Be patient and persistent in hosting regular live streams to systematically build up your audience. Plus collaborate with creators that have an overlapping target demographic and engage guests to widen reach.

Over time, leverage analytics to assess viewership patterns and double down on content formats that perform best. Refine your TikTok Live strategy based on data instead of guess work!

Let the live stream era begin! 📢

So tell me – what’s your first TikTok Live going to be all about? Let your creativity run wild in the comments below!

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