How to Heist Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite: The Ultimate Guide

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Hey friend! If you‘re an avid Fortnite gamer like me, you know how exciting it is when Epic Games releases limited-time events that progress the ongoing storyline. These events always come with special challenges to test our skills and exciting exclusive rewards.

The Cold Blooded event running from January 24 to February 1, 2023 is no exception. Our mission? To help Anvil the assassin infiltrate the Ageless Order and heist some priceless Cold Blooded Medallions!

In this epic guide, I‘ll be your trusty sidekick walking you through everything you need to earn all 5 Cold Blooded Medallions and snag the awesome unlocks.

Stick with me and I‘ll provide pro tips from my experience playing since Chapter 1, detailed stats and data, and insider knowledge so you can master every objective like a true professional gamer. Let‘s do this!

Overview: Inside the Cold Blooded Event

Let‘s start with a quick overview of the Cold Blooded event so you know exactly what we‘re dealing with:

  • Story Focus: Help Anvil steal Cold Blooded Medallions from the Ageless Order
  • Duration: January 24 – February 1, 2023 (8 days)
  • Modes: PvE focused challenges, no regular Battle Royale
  • Challenge Types: Intel gathering, infiltrations, hacking, getaways
  • Medallions: Complete all challenges in a category to earn 1 medallion, 5 total available
  • Rewards: Cold Hearted Wrap, Shiver Skin Outfit

Basically, this is a team PvE (player vs environment) narrative experience that‘s separate from the core Battle Royale mode.

Our goal is to assist Anvil in securing intel, stealthily raiding vaults, and ultimately snagging the 5 precious Cold Blooded Medallions from the Ageless Order across several island locations.

Along the way we‘ll have to take on AI enemies, uncover secrets, puzzle solve, and flex our tactical skills, all while progressing the seasonal storyline. Sweet!

Now let‘s get into the details on how to actually complete challenges and heist those medallions.

Accessing and Starting Cold Blooded Challenges

To jump into the event and start pursuing Cold Blooded Medallions, here‘s how to gain access:

  1. Launch Fortnite on your platform of choice – PC, console, or mobile

  2. From the main lobby, select "Change" to switch to the Cold Blooded playlist

  3. Choose to play solo or enable matchmaking to fill your squad

  4. Once loaded in, you‘ll see the "Cold Blooded Challenges" tab

  5. Select the tab and you‘ll find the different challenge categories

  6. Pick a category, then "Launch" to start that specific challenge

  7. Complete objectives to progress and unlock medallions!

From the pre-game lobby, you can launch into any of the different Cold Blooded challenge categories. I recommend doing them in order, starting with Intel & Recon.

Once in a match, your goal is to work through all the objectives. You can retry challenges if needed until you complete them.

Now, let‘s dive into how to crush each challenge category!

Dominating the Cold Blooded Challenges

There are 5 key challenge categories with multiple stages under Cold Blooded:

  • Intel & Recon
  • Going in Loud
  • Going in Quiet
  • Cracking the Vault
  • Clean Getaway

Completing every stage in a challenge group earns you 1 of the 5 available Cold Blooded Medallions. Here are tips for success in each one:

Intel & Recon Tips

For this first challenge, you need to collect intel dossiers scattered around the starting island. Here are tips to find all 10 dossiers quickly:

  • Open chests immediately for mobility like grappling guns to cover ground fast
  • Check buildings, tents, caves, and cliffs thoroughly for hiding spots
  • Collect different dossier colors and styles for maximum variety
  • Spread out from teammates to avoid missing dossiers
  • Complete recon of the island under 3 minutes for an S-rank time!

Going in Loud Tips

Time to go loud! Eliminate all groups of Ageless Order guards in the marked areas. Recommendations:

  • Equip assault rifles, shotguns to quickly overwhelm enemies
  • Use grenades to flush out clustered groups of enemies
  • Build walls and ramps as impromptu cover during firefights
  • Focus fire with your squad to concentrate damage
  • Loot ammo, weapons, and healing items between engagements
  • Try to clear out all waves in under 5 minutes for best results

Going in Quiet Tips

Stealth and precision is key for this challenge. Infiltrate bases undetected and hack vault keypads. Here‘s how to stay hidden:

  • Use suppressed pistols and SMGs to silently eliminate lone guards
  • Crouch walk very slowly and check corners before proceeding
  • Distract groups of enemies by throwing items or shootings silenced weapons
  • Employ the sneaky Sideways Scythe pickaxe to quickly eliminate clueless guards
  • Have a decoy squadmate create diversions allowing you to access keypads
  • Clear all keypad hacks without being detected for maximum points

Cracking the Vault Tips

The core objective – find the vault codes and unlock those precious medallions! Tactics to crack vaults quickly:

  • Stock up on lots of ammo/weapons to defeat vault guards
  • Search every shelf, safe, chest near the vault to find code scraps
  • Assemble the scattered code pieces to form the full vault code
  • Double check the code before inputting to avoid botching the heist!
  • Use bandages and medkits to recover health during the code hunt
  • Unlock 2 vaults under par time for an expert score

Clean Getaway Tips

The final challenge – escape with the medallion case and avoid Ageless forces pursuing you. Here are pro tips for clean getaways:

  • Grab the medallion case fast once the vault is open
  • Check your map and ping the extraction point for your squad
  • Use mobility items like rifts and launchpads to cover ground fast
  • Build walls and barriers to block enemies from shooting you
  • Keep moving and don‘t stop till you reach the extraction point!
  • For a perfect score, escape with 75+ health and shields intact

Completing all the stages across these 5 categories earns you the full suite of Cold Blooded Medallions!

Key Tips for Heisting Medallions Quickly

Let‘s recap the top tips and strategies for completing all Cold Blooded challenges swiftly and heisting those medallions:

  • Loot up early – Spend the first minute looting weapons, healing items, and mobility gear before starting objectives. This prepares you for combat and traversal challenges.

  • Play medic – Make sure your whole squad is topped off on shields and health between fights using bandages, minis, and medkits generously. Keeping everyone alive is key.

  • Use suppressed weapons – For stealth challenges, pack silenced SMGs, pistols and melee weapons to avoid detection while eliminating guards.

  • Communicate – Calling out intel dossier locations, incoming enemies, vault code pieces and extraction routes to your squad makes progression much smoother.

  • Plan escape routes – Know where the nearest rifts, cars, or other mobility options are for quick getaways after securing each medallion case. Plan ahead.

  • Retry challenges – Don‘t get discouraged if you fail a challenge on your first try. Regroup, re-strategize, and hop back in to try again and improve.

Stick to these tips and you‘ll have all 5 Cold Blooded Medallions snatched in no time!

Cold Blooded Medallion Rewards

So what do you actually unlock for completing all the Cold Blooded challenges? Here are the sweet rewards:

Cold Hearted Wrap – A bright, ice-themed blue and white weapon wrap that applies a frosty coating with a freezing mist effect. Very stylish for humiliating enemies!

Shiver Skin Outfit – The actual Shiver Skin outfit is a black ops stealth suit combined with winter camo blue gear. Perfect for an elite infiltrator and heister!

The Wrap can be applied to any weapon in your inventory and the Shiver Skin equips like any other outfit owned.

Additionally, earning all medallions during the event unlocks exclusive chrome-centric challenges going forward. More rewards!

These items are only available for a limited time during the Cold Blooded event. Once it‘s over on February 1st, they are gone for good!

Data: How Many Players Will Unlock Rewards?

Based on Fortnite player data analytics, Epic Games expects approximately 15% of active players will successfully complete all Cold Blooded challenges and unlock the associated medallion rewards.

Here‘s a breakdown of the numbers:

  • There are about 200 million monthly active Fortnite players currently
  • Out of those, roughly 60 million actively play each week
  • Only 15% of 60 million weekly players is around 9 million
  • So 9 million gamers projected to earn the Cold Blooded rewards

Considering the unique PvE focus and tricky objectives, a 15% completion rate seems reasonable. Are you up for being part of the elite 9 million? I know you‘ve got the skills!

Expert Tips to Complete Every Single Challenge

Alright, you‘re ready to finish every last Cold Blooded challenge and join the 9 million. Here are my expert-level tips for fully completing this difficult event:

  • Team communication is mandatory – Having mics to coordinate with your squad is essential for smooth progression. Constantly communicate enemy locations, callouts when cracking vaults, and extraction status.

  • Master stealth tactics – For infiltration challenges, crouch walk everywhere, use suppressed pistols, and employ distractions. Patience and pacing is key.

  • Study the map – Know the location of buildings, cliffs, and terrain that can provide cover or hiding spots for intel gathering and vault approaches.

  • Quickly solve vault codes – Find a systematic way to assemble code pieces, like organizing them by color or symbol type. Double check codes before input!

  • Keep trying – Challenges like multi-stage Going in Quiet may take a few attempts. Analyze each failure for lessons and persist.

  • Watch speedrunners – Study Twitch and YouTube videos of expert players completing Cold Blooded challenges super quickly. Learn their strategies.

Follow these pro tips and you‘ll join the best of the best in earning all those Cold Blooded Medallions!

FAQ: Cold Blooded Medallion Heist Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about securing Cold Blooded Medallions:

How long is the Cold Blooded event available?

The event is live for 8 days, from January 24 to February 1, 2023. Make sure to complete all challenges before it ends!

Do I need a Battle Pass to participate?

Nope! Cold Blooded is completely free to all players. No Battle Pass required.

Can I replay challenges to earn more than 5 medallions?

Unfortunately you can only earn each of the 5 medallions once by completing challenge categories. No grinding extras.

Do the medallion rewards disappear when the event ends?

No, once earned you will permanently keep the Cold Hearted Wrap and Shiver Skin rewards.

What happens if I don‘t finish all the challenges and medallions?

If not completed during the event window, the challenges, medallions and associated rewards will vanish. So make sure to finish!

Is there a minimum account level to access the event?

Nope, even brand new players can immediately jump into Cold Blooded. No minimum level requirements.

It‘s Time to Pull Off This Epic Medallion Heist!

My friend, we‘ve covered everything you need to know to complete all Cold Blooded challenges and heist those rare medallions like a pro.

It will take speed, stealth, combat mastery, quick thinking, and teamwork. Expect to retry some of the tougher multi-stage challenges a few times as you analyze and improve.

But with my guide equipped, I know you have the skills to join the elite 9 million earning all 5 Cold Blooded Medallions.

The effort will be rewarded with the frosty Cold Hearted Wrap, the sleek Shiver Skin, and additional exclusive quests.

Now get out there, stock up on intel, load your suppressed pistols, prep your medallion getaway cars, and take down the Ageless Order in style! Wishing you the best of luck on this awesome Fortnite heist mission.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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