How to Reactivate Instagram Account 2023

Instagram is the top social media to share photos and videos. If you use mobile gadgets, Instagram app is preferable due to easy access. As you know, you can disable or deactivate your account temporarily.

If this happens, other users will not see your account again, but Instagram still stores the data at its server. To access the account again, you need to reactivate it. So, how to reactivate Instagram account 2022?

The answer will be discussed in the following sections. Nowadays, Instagram has many features to fulfill users’ need. Besides posting photos and short videos, there is story section to share status but last for 24 hours. Moreover, Instagram provides live stream and TV channel.

With live streaming, you can share what you do in real time. Moreover, TV channel provides specific content only from users, whether live or not. Well, dynamic content is inevitable in today era.

That’s why Instagram tries to reconnect with each user. Company, public figure, entertainment industry, news media, and others create their Instagram account to expand the business, sales, marketing, idea, planning, and project.

The Steps on How to Reactivate Instagram Account After Deactivating 2022

Reactivate account means you have deactivated it for several times ago. To disable account, you can only do it from browser, not app. Developer does not provide deactivate feature on app.

After accessing browser version whether on phone or desktop computer, go to setting and choose deactivate account. Therefore, your account is officially disabled temporary. Below instructions provides steps to reactivate it again to the normal state.

1. Open Instagram app or browser version

Open Instagram app or browser version

How to reactivate Instagram account 2022? Firstly, you need to access Instagram using the app or browser. As it explained above, deactivate is only available in browser version. However, you can reactivate it via app.

Tap Instagram icon in your device. It will show the interface as you see when opening the app for the first time. For browser, type Instagram URL in address bar. You can use browser from laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet. The desktop computer and laptop might be preferable due to big screen that helps to see everything clearly.

2. Complete username, phone number, email, and password

Complete username- phone number- email- and password

Reactivate Instagram account does not mean you register again as new user. You simply take logout from previous access and login again next time. That’s why you will see forms, such as username, email, password, and phone number. Complete the username and email then fill password form. After that, tap the login button. The desktop and mobile version may show some differences.

Basically, you fill necessary information as a proof and credential that you are the legal owner for particular account. Instagram will associate those data to account you want to reactivate. Make sure to type everything properly.

The system will give automatic response to email. The message contains information that email has been used to access Instagram account. You need to verify it immediately because late confirmation means the email is not legitimate.

What phone number does in reactivating process? If you access account via app, it is much easier to provide phone number than email. The app reconnects and resynchronizes your number to Instagram automatically.

Some users rely on Facebook verification when registering to Instagram. In this case, you should choose Facebook login to associate again in reactivating process. It is important part on how to reactivate Instagram account 2022.

3. Login and update terms of use

Login and update terms of use

When discussing about how to reactivate Instagram account 2022, you should login again as existing member. However, deactivate account is not at Instagram surface where people can see it.

In fact, the account is hidden to keep in the server, but still active at backend system. When you tap login, the account resurfaces again and tries to adjust with recent updates.

Instagram has millions users with many problems, security issue, and complexity. To make sure everything is in proper order, developer conducts and releases update, including policy, terms or use, violation rule, etc.

If you deactivate the account, those changes are not applied because it needs consent from users. On the other hand, users decide not to access Instagram temporary and the changes happen during that period. First thing to do after login is to fulfill any consent related to new rule, regulation, and policy.

4. Verification and reset password

Verification and reset password

Do you need to reset password? It depends on what happens during password confirmation. If you deactivate your account for one week, the password is still in your mind. What happens if the deactivated is for months even year? You need to think again, but you may forget what password to access the account. Therefore, reset is the top choice at all.

Tap reset password then fill the form for new one. Retype again to confirm and open your email. Verify your password then go to Instagram again. You urge to reset password, though still remember it. After reactivate is done, reset old password to the new one. It is part of security measure to make sure your account is secure and safe.

Troubleshooting often happens during login process. You have few things to do because system cannot read password correctly. Firstly, try to refresh browser and type again. If you access the app, just close it then open again. Update app to recent version if this issue is not done.

Secondly, use mobile data not Wi-Fi. Few connections prevent Instagram to verify user password. Therefore, you can use recent app with better connection to prevent incorrect password alert appears.

5. Loading account and reconnecting

Loading account and reconnecting

The last step on how to reactivate Instagram account 2022 is waiting until the account is reconnected. It takes longer if you have bigger data. The system sends all data related to account in order to resurface it.

If you have thousand photos and videos, wait until the process is done. Of course, developer anticipates this condition in new app. That is why updating becomes necessary thing to do.

Those five steps above are the methods to reactivate account after temporary deactivated. Instagram needs one day to make sure that the account is fully not active any more. If you access less than 24 hours, the account is what called deactivated. Longer inactive will give different result than the new one.

Why do people deactivate and reactive their account? They have their own reasons, whether personal or not. In certain case, users need to take distance from social media and focus to real life.

They just take a rest for temporary period, but will be back again next time. Moreover, Instagram offers private lock to protect the account from public access. Only followers can see what you post and give comment.

Reactivate Instagram Account

The steps on how to reactivate Instagram account 2022 only gives the basic things to process. You need to know more about Instagram to understand every feature. The first thing is the difference between deactivate and delete account.

How To Reactivate Instagram Account After Temporarily Disabled

If your account is deactivated, it can be reactivating again with the steps above. Unfortunately, the deleted account is permanently inaccessible. Your account is completely no longer in Instagram system, even in backend server.

Delete account happens in two ways. Users decide to delete everything, not just deactivate it for temporary period. On the other side, Instagram has the right to delete account due to several factors.

Why the account is deleted? Users may violate the policy and terms of use. For example, they post inappropriate photo, copyright infringement, abuse content, adult or naked video, or related subject.

The terms of use are the rule that must be obeyed in order to keep it safe and secure while accessing instagram. Users have to be at least 13 years old. Do not put spam on comment or message. If you do this, you will receive warning and suspend.

Use the app to access, not API in smartphone. In Android platform, all apps are legally available in Play Store. However, you can install it using apk mode, but it is unauthorized app. Users usually rely on API or apk due to some reasons. In Instagram mod, you can get more features, such as download photo and video.

It is not thing you get from legal app. Instagram provides backup, but to the user contents. Bookmark only keeps users to access the other accounts quickly, but not stored in internal storage. If this happen, the account is banned and deleted permanently. Any attempt to recover is useless because you have bad history.

You already fill the password, phone number, username, and email but it’s still not working. The access is failed and you cannot get into account automatically. In this case, you should contact Instagram’s customer service. The problem happens without your knowledge, and professional help is needed.

How To Reactivate Instagram Account After Permanently Delete

Reactivate Instagram Account After Permanently Delete

To send complaint, several things have to be put into concern. State the situation and explain in clear word. Write everything straight to the point as Instagram has tons of complains every day.

However, do not sound distress and impatient. Help Center will send message if you state everything without much emotional involvement. It is good trick to get attention immediately.

Help Center is the last resort on how to reactivate Instagram account 2022. You can rely on this method after all steps above are failed. Failure does not only from Instagram side, but users might not understand how this thing works. Therefore, read carefully and thoroughly everything stated before registering and joining the Instagram.


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