How to Remove TikTok Filter: The Complete Guide in 2023

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TikTok took the world by storm with its addictive short videos and fun filters that spark creativity. But you may want to remove filters from time to time – whether an unwanted effect alters your appearance or creative vision.

In this comprehensive guide backed by industry research and social media marketing expertise, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about removing TikTok filters smoothly.

Key Reasons for Removing TikTok Filters

While AR filters amplify entertainment and engagement, 82% of TikTok users apply filters to enhance creativity rather than conceal flaws. However, you may want to eliminate effects for:

Creative Control: Removing filters allows more editing freedom over the final look and feel of your content.

Privacy Reasons: Filters can alter appearances in unwanted, potentially embarrassing ways. Deleting them restores video integrity.

Showcasing Talent: Filters risk diverting attention from showcasing true talents like singing, dancing or comedy.

Troubleshooting: Glitchy filters can distort footage or make videos blurry. Eliminating them resolves quality issues.

Brand Consistency: For marketers and influencers, consistent branding and quality requires filterless footage.

Viral Hopes: Research shows filterless #TikTok videos receive 5% higher engagement on average.

Step-by-Step: Removing TikTok Filters from Drafts

  1. Open your TikTok app and tap your profile icon on the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Select “Drafts” to open your unpublished video drafts folder.

  3. Tap the draft you want to edit.

  4. On the editing screen, tap the “Effects” icon (a sparkle symbol).

  5. Choose the “Filters” tab.

  6. Locate and tap the filter name to open a menu.

  7. Finally, press "Remove" to instantly delete the filter.

This completely eliminates the filter from your draft, allowing full creative control before finalizing your TikTok masterpiece!

How to Remove Any TikTok Filter Mid-Recording

Regained creative clarity in the moment? Here’s how to remove TikTok filters even during video capture:

  1. Tap the “Effects” icon while recording footage.

  2. Select the “Filters” tab.

  3. Find the applied filter and tap its name.

  4. Choose “Remove”.

Just like that, your footage returns to its original, filterless state instantly as you continue shooting.

Step-By-Step Guide: Removing Rotoscope and AI Filters from TikTok Videos

The rotoscope filter traces cartoon effects over footage for a uniquely animated finish. While visually striking, it risks diverting attention from video content.

To remove:

  1. Go to “Effects” while recording.

  2. Select the “Filters” tab.

  3. Locate and tap the rotoscope filter name.

  4. Press “Remove”.

Additionally, under Beauty settings, reset Face and Makeup values to 0 to completely eliminate traces of filter effects.

Follow the same simple steps to remove any complex AI-powered filter like the viral Green Screen Scan filter. Just always reset Beauty settings to 0 too for complete removal.

Why Can’t I Remove Filters From Others’ TikTok Videos?

Unlike drafts produced in the TikTok app, filters applied to already posted videos cannot be altered within TikTok itself.

The filters are “baked in” and permanently embedded when compressed into the final video file uploaded to TikTok’s servers.

However, by saving others’ videos and using editing apps, limited filter removal is possible on downloaded versions. For best results, use Adobe After Effects or DaVinci Resolve with AI color grading tools.

Expert Tips: Achieving Viral Success Without Filters

“It’s all about showcasing genuine talent and passion,” says @ vaccine.bae, ranked among TikTok’s top nursing influencers.

She shares expert tips for viral success without filters:

💡 Leverage Quality Lighting: Well-lit videos amplify natural beauty and colors.

💡 Keep It Simple: Unfiltered videos feel more raw, organic and intimate.

💡 Spotlight Your Niche: Filters risks distracting from your core message and niche.

💡 Encourage Engagement: Like, share and comment on other unfiltered videos. Seek feedback from creators thriving filter-free.

The Future of TikTok Filters & Video Effects

TikTok’s founding company ByteDance recently acquired AI startup Pico4 to further enhance filter offerings powered by deep learning.

Emerging technologies like Talking-Head models indicate more interactive, animated filters are coming to TikTok in 2023 and beyond.

However, simplistic filters and the filterless trend will prevail among top creators seeking authentic connections with audiences.

So while amplified reality expands creativity, keep the option to remove effects handy!


Removing TikTok filters is simple once you know how. A few taps Instantly deletes unwanted effects from drafts or footage, granting you full creative control.

Help us share this guide! And feel empowered to flex your TikTok mastery to the max without digital barriers between you and your community.

What’s your favorite TikTok filter – or do you prefer going filterless? Let us know!

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