Hubspot Overview and Setup Instructions

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The Socedo Hubspot integration is the easiest way to start sending emails and following up with your social leads.Once connected, Socedo will export all new leads and their social engagements with your brand to your Hubspot instance each day.

You can customize which leads are exported on daily basis and how they integrate into your Hubspot instance.Using this data, you can configure sophisticated nurture and lead scoring programs and integrate social lead generation within your existing marketing and sales activities.

Integration Requirements

In order to integrate Socedo with Hubspot you must meet the following requirements:

  • A Socedo account (only premium & enterprise will sync nightly by default)
  • A Hubspot account (any paid or free version)
  • Privileges to read/write contacts within Hubspot

Step 1: Hubspot Authentication

  1. Log in to your Hubspot instance
  2. Get your Hub Id from the top right corner of your Hubspot dashboard
  3. Login to Socedo and navigate to the “Lead Export” tab
  4. Click the button “Connect a Hubspot Account” and enter your Hub Id
  5. Once you have entered your Hub ID click the button “Connect a Hubspot Account” again
  6. Hubspot will display an Authorization screen like the one below requesting permissions to grant to the Socedo App
  7. Click “Authorize” to grant Socedo permission to read and write lead data to Hubspot. You will then be redirected back to the Socedo app. Please continue to Section 2 of this document to customize and initialize your integration.

Step 2: One-time Setup in Socedo

1. After authorizing Socedo as shown in Section 1 you will be redirected to the Hubspot Settings in Socedo. Here you can customize your Hubspot integration settings to best fit your business needs (Picture below).

You can configure Socedo to export specific types of leads. The options are:

  • Approved leads: This includes all prospects that been approved in Socedo.
  • Followers only: This includes only leads that followed you after being approved.
  • Export Organic Leads: These are leads that have naturally engaged with your brand on Twitter. (Feature only available in Premium and Enterprise Plans).

You can also select how to export your leads:

  • Create new only: Only creates leads that are do not match an existing email address in your Hubspot account.

Create or update: Will create new leads or update leads that match an existing email address in Hubspot with any missing data like Twitter handle or LinkedIn Url

2. After reviewing and editing your configurations click “Save” to either initiate a sample sync if you have matching leads or enable the sync for when you generate some.3

Step 3: Sample Sync and Marketo Configuration

a. Once you have customized your configuration (Section 1.2) Socedo will attempt to upload a sample of leads to your Hubspot instance to ensure lead data is flowing properly. If you have lead data that matches your configuration Socedo will upload this data within a few hours. If not, it will be uploaded within 24 hours of when you first generate those matching leads.

After the first set of leads is uploaded, you will be notified via email so you can review the contacts in Hubspot. This email will also contain any action items regarding your pricing plan within Socedo and information about taking advantage of historical leads. Socedo will automatically sync on a daily basis from here on unless you Disconnect your Hubspot account within the Hubspot settings pane.

b. Congrats you have successfully integrated your Socedo account to Hubspot! If you have questions please refer to our FAQ

How It Works

Socedo Lead to Hubspot Contact Data Mapping

Table 1 shows how Socedo lead data will map into Hubspot when creating a new contact or updating an already existing contact.

Socedo Label MarketoFriendly Label
Email Address Email
Twitter Handle Twitter Handle
Twitter Bio Twitter Bio
Follower Count Follower Count
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Company Name Comapny Name
City City
State State
Country Country
Job Title Job Title
Socedo Lead Stage Socedo Lead Stage (see table below)
Twitter Profile Photo Twitter Profile Photo
Website Website
Number Employees Number of Employees
Klout Score General Klout Score General
Linked In Bio Linked In Bio

Socedo Activity to Hubspot Note Mapping

Table 2 shows how Socedo will map lead activities into the timeline of each contact in Hubspot as notes.

Twitter FollowbackSocedo: Followed back @[Twitter Handle]

Socedo Lead Activity Hubspot Contact Note
Twitter DM Sent Socedo: DM sent @[Twitter Handle]
Twitter DM Responded Socedo: Responded to @[Twitter Handle]’s DM
Twitter DM Link click Socedo: Clicked on @[Twitter Handle]’s DM
Twitter Converted Socedo: Converted to @[Twitter Handle]’s goal
Twitter Followed Socedo: Followed @[Twitter Handle]
Twitter Organic Mention Socedo: @[Twitter Handle] mentioned you
Twitter Organic Reply Socedo: @[Twitter Handle] Replied to you
Twitter Organic Retweet Socedo: @[Twitter Handle] ReTweeted you

Socedo Lead Stage to Hubspot Contact Property Mapping

Table 3 this table shows how Socedo will map lead stage into the custom “Socedo Lead Stage” property in Hubspot. This property will appear on the contact card.

Socedo Lead Stage Socedo Lead Stage Property in Hubspot
Twitter Followback Followback
Twitter DM Sent DM Sent
Twitter DM Responded DM Responded
Twitter DM Link click DM Link click
Twitter Converted Converted

How do I view Socedo Leads only in Hubspot?

In order to view Socedo leads only within your Hubspot account first visit “Contacts” tab in Hubspot. Next click on “Contact Property” on left hand side menu.
Next click on dropdown menu to select a property and search for “Socedo Lead Stage”. Click on the Socedo Lead Stage Property.

On the next menu of radio buttons select the “Is known” property. This will display all Socedo leads imported to your Hubspot instance.

How do I view the Socedo lead activities in the contact timeline?

a. To view Socedo lead activity information visit the Contacts tab within Hubspot and click on any Socedo lead to view the contact. The contact timeline is located on the right hand side; there you will find the Socedo lead activity as “New note Socedo: [Lead activity] [your handle] “.

b. If your Hubspot instance does not display the contact timeline shown above, you must enable Hubspot CRM free add-on to gain access to this feature. To activate the CRM, visit the “Settings” under your account avatar.

c. Next click “Products & Add-ons” on the left side panel. This menu will display all Add-Ons available. To enable Hubspot CRM simply click Get CRM.

d. This will enable CRM in your contact cards and display the contact timeline. The Socedo lead statuses will now be display as a “Note” under the contacts timeline (picture below).


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