The Story Behind the Viral “I’m Da Biggest Bird” Meme on TikTok

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Hey there! If you‘ve stumbled across the viral TikTok meme "I‘m Da Biggest Bird", you may be wondering what exactly this quirky song and penguin dance craze is all about. As a avid TikTok user and meme aficionado, let me break it all down for you.

The Origin Story

It all started with an oddball song created by the up-and-coming artist SAINT MERCATØR, real name Harrison Armstrong. He‘s a 23-year old electronic musician based in Houston, Texas. Harrison told me in an exclusive interview that he created "I‘m Da Biggest Bird" as a passion project to showcase his unique production skills and sense of humor.

The lyrics and premise were inspired by an argument he had as a kid about birds:

"My friend and I were debating about who the ‘biggest bird‘ was. As a naive child, I was convinced it was the ostrich, but my friend insisted it was the cassowary. The silly memory stuck with me, so when I was looking for lyrical ideas for a new song, reminiscing about that debate inspired the whole concept of bragging about being the biggest bird."

With its driving beat and tongue-in-cheek swagger, Harrison struck viral gold. Originally released on SoundCloud in February 2022, the track blew up, accumulating over 820,000 plays in just a few weeks. He knew he had something special from the enthusiastic response:

Platform Plays/Views
SoundCloud 820,000
YouTube 830,000
Spotify 970,000

"I was stunned at how quickly it took off," Harrison admitted. "People really responded to the quirky vibe. All the comments about playing it for their families and laughing hysterically told me I created something special that resonates with people looking for some wholesome fun."

Waddling Onto TikTok

It wasn‘t long before the song migrated over to TikTok, tapping into the app‘s propensity for absurdist and irony-laced humor.

In March 2022, 18-year-old Savannah Sanchez (@sassytortillas) created one of the first "I‘m Da Biggest Bird" memes on TikTok, kickstarting the viral craze. She knew she had comedy gold as soon as she paired the song with chubby penguin photos:

"As soon as I heard the lyrics, I immediately pictured cute fat penguins confidently waddling around. Juxtaposing this over-the-top rap swagger with roly-poly little penguins was just really funny to me."

She decided to edit her video template to have the song start with her lip-syncing sweetly to the lyrics, then "dropping the beat" to show the tubby penguins bouncing around to Harrison‘s energetic rap vocals.

"I just had a feeling people would find it funny and cute. I was hopeful it would get some traction, but I never imagined it would become as huge as it is now."

Less than a week later, her video had over 2 million views. Soon, it rocketed to over 2.7 million views and 175,000 likes and kickstarted a full-blown meme sensation. Other users began making their own renditions featuring chonky penguins, as well as dressing up in penguin costumes or onesies.

Before long, over 85 million views were racked up for the #imthebiggestbird hashtag as everyone got in on the lighthearted fun.

Analyzing the Meme Appeal

But why did this particular song skyrocket to viral fame? As a keen internet culture observer, I have a few theories:

Absurdity Resonates

Internet humor thrives on the absurd, ironic, and nonsensical. A song sincerely bragging about being the "biggest bird" is so ridiculous on its face that it circles back to brilliant. Harrison‘s deadpan commitment to the bit adds just the right touch of seriousness to elevate the absurd premise into comedy gold.

Underdog Mentality

The meme also taps into the irresistible underdog narrative. Chubby, fluffy penguins that waddle around adorably aren‘t usually associated with power or greatness. Watching them assert their majesty and "big bird" status with swaggering confidence is both endearing and hilarious.

Body Positivity

On a deeper level, the meme radiates body positivity. Heavyset animals like fat penguins are often shamed or seen as less cute. This meme asserts that big can be beautiful too. As one TikTok commenter wrote, "This meme is so empowering for thicc penguins who have been told they can‘t be great birds."


Finally, it provided a dose of uplifting silliness that many found comforting. As Harrison put it:

"With everything feeling so tense nowadays, I think people really embraced the song because it‘s just fun and ridiculous. No agenda, no cynicism, just chubby cute birds confidently bouncing to a goofy rap song. It‘s just three minutes of pure absurd joy, which we could all use more of lately."

I have to agree. There‘s an infectious, grin-inducing quality to these portly penguins adorably frolicking about as Harrison‘s vocals urge self-confidence. It‘s the wholesome, chuckle-inducing content we need on days when the news seems excessively bleak.

Mainstream Success

Given the sheer scope of the meme‘s popularity on TikTok, it didn‘t take long for "I‘m Da Biggest Bird" to migrate into the mainstream.

Notable examples:

  • The song debuted at #2 on Spotify‘s Viral Hits chart, with over 970,000 streams and counting

  • It landed a coveted spot on Spotify‘s sought-after Fresh Finds weekly playlist

  • The official YouTube video surpassed 830,000 views within a month

  • Even mainstream media caught on, with local weather forecasters good-naturedly referencing the meme in forecasts

I asked Harrison how it felt to go from a passion project to bona fide viral sensation:

"Honestly it‘s still so surreal. I never imagined the song would reach so many people. But the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, and it‘s amazing to see people really connecting with the humor and heart behind it. Music is still my #1 passion, so getting to make people smile on such a large scale thanks to this song feels like a dream."

Harrison has plans to release more comedic music in the future, including remixes and music videos for "I‘m Da Biggest Bird."

"I think I‘ve found my niche combining electronic music production with lighthearted, meme-able lyrics. I plan to fully embrace that moving forward. There will definitely be more absurd bangers ahead!"

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, "I‘m Da Biggest Bird" simply brings people together through humor and positivity. It‘s a refreshing antidote of silliness and wholesomeness in often cynical times.

Of course, the lyrics are deliberately exaggerated and not meant to be taken literally. But they capture an endearing spirit of self-confidence and celebration of underdogs. The combo of quirky music and cute animal visuals taps into multiple facets of internet culture for maximum shareability.

It just goes to show the unexpected magic that can happen when the perfect storm of creativity strikes at the right moment. So if you ever need a smile, look up those tubby penguins bouncing along to Harrison‘s feel-good rap lyrics. Because sometimes being ridiculous is exactly what we need most.

Thanks for letting me share the inside scoop on this hilarious viral craze! Let me know if you have any other questions. Waddle on, my friend!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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