What is Welcome Home ARG?

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Welcome Home ARG is an immersive and unsettling alternate reality game (ARG) experience that has recently captivated internet users. It centers around the mystery surrounding a seemingly wholesome 1990s children‘s television show called "Welcome Home" that met a sinister end.

As a fan of analog horror, gaming, and interactive stories, I was immediately drawn into the creepy lore and community of Welcome Home ARG. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore what exactly this ARG is, how to play it, the secrets hidden within the experience, and more.

Overview of Welcome Home ARG

Welcome Home ARG was created by an anonymous individual known only as "Clown." It focuses on a fictional retro children‘s show called "Welcome Home" that aired in the early 1990s but abruptly ended in 1974 when the studio pulled all merchandise and destroyed footage.

A few months ago, Clown established The Welcome Home Restoration Project website dedicated to archiving information about this lost show that they claimed to have discovered. The warm, inviting site greeting from Wally the puppet belies unsettling secrets hidden below the surface.

This project appears to be more than just an attempt to restore a canceled show. Disturbing details suggest there are sinister implications behind the scenes. Welcome Home ARG combines analog horror, interactive fiction, and lost media themes to create an engaging, creepy experience.

Welcome Home ARG Gameplay Basics

To begin playing, go to the Welcome Home ARG website at This serves as the launching point to explore the game‘s lore and secrets.

Click around the site and closely inspect pages and media. Keep an eye out for hidden clues like disturbing text only visible when highlighted or selecting "Inspect Element" on the page.

For example, the FAQ page hides unsettling messages that are only visible when highlighted. The character page for Wally‘s house contains a gaping black hole leading to an eerie video. Puzzling together these clues slowly unravels the mystery.

You can dive deeper by joining the Welcome Home Discord server with over 130,000 members. Collaborate with other players to share theories, findings, and secrets you‘ve uncovered. Just be careful not to stray too far off the path, or you may stumble into areas still under construction.

By the Numbers: Statistics on Welcome Home ARG‘s Explosive Growth

Welcome Home ARG gained significant viral traction shortly after its launch. Here are some key stats that demonstrate the game‘s rapid growth:

  • 130,000+ users joined the Discord server within 2 months

  • 400,000+ subscribers on the WelcomeHome1974 YouTube channel

  • 1 million+ views across explanatory videos from top analog horror YouTubers

  • 45,000+ upvotes on the top r/games Reddit post about the ARG

  • Created by 1 person (Clown) in April 2022

  • 80+ videos currently on the WelcomeHome1974 channel

This level of explosive organic growth is rare and highlights the power of analog horror mysteries and ARGs to bring internet communities together.

Notable Hidden Secrets and Discoveries

Welcome Home ARG thrives on immersive worldbuilding and hidden secrets scattered across the experience. Here are some of the most notable discoveries players have uncovered so far:

  • Unsettling FAQ Page – Disturbing highlighted text reveals statements like "I want it out. I‘m going to get it out."

  • Wally‘s House – This page features a dark void labeled "So Below" leading to an odd video.

  • Hidden Messages – Select text hides messages like "But it hurts" only visible when highlighted.

  • YouTube Videos – The WelcomeHome1974 channel hosts 80+ unsettling lost media videos tied to the game‘s lore.

  • In-Game Retro Commercials – Short retro mock commercials add authenticity but seem pulled from a dark timeline.

  • Discord Clues – The creator drops sporadic clues in the Discord server to fuel theorycrafting and discovery.

  • Glitches and Errors – Venturing too far into certain areas triggers glitches, errors, and eerie audio cueing players to turn back.

[See the Table Below for a Summary of Major Discoveries]
Discovery Description
FAQ Page Disturbing highlighted text
Wally‘s House Dark void labeled "So Below"
Hidden Messages Visible when highlighted
YouTube Channel 80+ lost media videos
Retro Commercials For in-universe products
Discord Clues Dropped by the creator
Glitches/Errors Warn players who go too deep

Why Does Welcome Home ARG Resonate?

What is it about Welcome Home ARG that resonates so strongly with players? Based on community reactions and analysis, here are the key factors driving its popularity:

  • Immersive worldbuilding – The game realizes a fully-fleshed out retro universe filled with lore.

  • Mystery and storytelling – Unraveling the creepy plot through clues feeds users‘ innate curiosity.

  • Community collaboration – Sharing discoveries on Discord forms bonds, especially during COVID.

  • Analog horror aesthetic – The VHS-style media taps into nostalgia while distorting it.

  • Interactive experience – Exploration and puzzles provide a more engaging experience than passive viewing.

  • Creator interaction – The creator‘s sporadic participation fuels theorizing and buzz.

  • Fascination with lost media – The premise taps into this cornerstone of analog horror.

The combination of an intricately crafted world, tantalizing mystery, and social experience around analog horror makes Welcome Home stand out from passive video series.

Impact on the Analog Horror Genre

Welcome Home ARG‘s runaway popularity mirrors the recent exponential growth of analog horror across YouTube, TikTok, and beyond.

It demonstrates that even with a small budget, indie creators can produce high-quality analog horror experiences that capture the internet‘s imagination. This level of organic community engagement was once rare, but Welcome Home ARG shows what‘s now possible in a post-Local 58, Mandela Catalogue world where analog horror thrives.

As one of the most prominent and elaborate ARG experiences under the analog horror umbrella, Welcome Home is pioneering new frontiers for the genre. It has proven the massive mainstream appeal of participatory analog horror mysteries.

The game‘s success is sure to inspire even more ambition and complex worldbuilding in projects across this exploding scene. We are witnessing analog horror transform from a niche internet microgenre to a fundamental part of mainstream internet culture.

Who is "Clown" – The Enigmatic Creator

The mastermind behind Welcome Home ARG remains shrouded in mystery. Under the pseudonym "Clown," they ingeniously orchestrated this analog horror phenomenon seemingly as a solo endeavor. But little is known about their real identity or background.

Clown first appeared in April 2022, creating the WelcomeHome1974 YouTube channel to post cryptic lost media style videos alluding to a children‘s show called "Welcome Home."

In May 2022, Clown followed up by launching the main Welcome Home ARG website and Discord server, supported by social media pages on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. This established the full alternate reality game that swiftly amassed a cult following.

Occasionally, Clown drops into the Discord server to provide obscure clues or updates on the ARG. But they largely stay behind the scenes, letting the disturbing tapes and intricate world speak for themselves.

Some fans believe Clown may actually be a small team of creators rather than an individual, which would better explain the high volume of quality material. But Clown maintains an air of mystery regarding their identity.

This faceless approach allows Clown to focus attention on the experience itself rather than any individual persona. It mirrors analog horror classics like Local 58 where the creator‘s anonymity added to the creepy mystique.


Welcome Home ARG leverages interactive storytelling, social community, and high-quality analog horror aesthetics to deliver an engaging, unsettling experience. It has swiftly become a cultural phenomenon that demonstrates the mainstream appeal emerging for participatory analog horror mysteries.

As both a long-time gamer and analog horror fan, I find myself thoroughly impressed by the ambition, execution, and community engagement of Welcome Home ARG. It takes immersive worldbuilding and indie creativity to new heights for the genre.

I cannot wait to dive back in and see what sinister secrets may still be lurking beneath the surface of this lost children‘s show. If you too are compelled by analog creepiness and participatory storytelling, I highly recommend escaping into the rabbit hole of Welcome Home ARG. Just be wary of straying too far off the path, or you may encounter the darkness lurking beneath.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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