The Complete Guide to Downloading Sigma Male Sound Effects for Your Videos

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Have you noticed videos on TikTok and YouTube using certain music and sound effects associated with the "Sigma male" meme? In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explain everything you need to know about these viral sounds – what they are, where they come from, how to download them, and tips for using them in your own videos.

As a technology geek and streaming/gaming expert, I‘ve created this ultimate resource for anyone looking to tap into the Sigma male sound effect trend. Let‘s get into it!

What is the Sigma Male Meme?

First, let‘s quickly explain what the "Sigma male" even is, for anyone unfamiliar with the internet meme culture around it.

The Sigma male represents an ultra-successful, lone wolf archetype – someone highly motivated, focused on self-improvement, goal oriented, and confident in their own abilities. Sigma males are driven by self-interest, not a need for social dominance.

On platforms like TikTok and YouTube, the Sigma male persona is commonly conveyed through edited videos of fictional characters like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Slowed down, reverbed music plays over these scenes to represent the cold, calculating Sigma grindset mentality.

According to KnowYourMeme, the term "Sigma male" first emerged in 2010 on websites discussing male hierarchies and seduction techniques. But it wasn‘t until 2021 that it went mainstream online, particularly within masculinity, self-help, and motivational circles.

Now it‘s blown up into a widely recognized internet meme, often utilized for comedic effect or to inspire greater self-discipline. But it also perpetuates certain masculine stereotypes – not everyone resonates with the Sigma mentality.

The Origins of Top Sigma Male Sounds

Let‘s get into the specific viral Sigma male sound effects and song edits you may have heard on TikTok or YouTube. Here‘s some background on where the most popular ones originated:

Coldest W Sigma

This slowed + reverbed sound features the song "Call Me" by Russian synthpop artist Plenka. It‘s known as the "Patrick Bateman edit" of the song, since it‘s commonly paired with the American Psycho character.

The original Plenka track is from 2021. But the Coldest W Sigma version which blew up online is a remix by YouTube channel Wim Hof Method. Their Bateman edit was posted in September 2022 and quickly went viral on TikTok as the quintessential Sigma male anthem.

With over 2 million YouTube views, this cold, detached, hyper-focused sound perfectly encapsulates the Sigma persona. It was clearly remixed with the Patrick Bateman associations in mind.

Sigma Male Song

This Sigma sound effect comes from a remix of the 2020 song "Jerk" by surreal pop artist Oliver Tree. The specific "Sigma male version" is a twisted phonk edit by YouTube channel Gray Shawty.

Compared to the more robotic Plenka track, this sound has a grittier, darker, almost unhinged vibe – like the Sigma male gone over the edge. The electronic phonk remix provides an edgy Sigma energy.

Gray Shawty‘s sigma male edit was posted in September 2022, quickly spreading across TikTok and YouTube comps. The original Oliver Tree song provides the raw materials, but this specific meme version puts a Sigma twist on it.

Sigma Hero

Unlike the previous two, Sigma Hero is not a remix of an existing commercial song. It‘s an original instrumental track by YouTube producer Goblin which blew up as a Sigma male anthem.

With its upbeat, heroic vibe – almost like an ‘80s training montage – this electronic instrumental amplifies feelings of confidence, motivation, and rising to any challenge. It energizes the Sigma grindset to push yourself harder.

Goblin first posted the track in September 2022, which took off especially on TikTok as enthusiastically upbeat background music for Sigma male clips. The positive tone provides an inspirational contrast to the darker Sigma remixes.

Step-by-Step Sigma Sound Effect Download Guide

Now that you know the stories behind these viral sounds, let‘s get into how to actually download them for use in your own videos. I‘ve provided direct download links below from my site Followchain to the three most popular Sigma male sound effects.

Here is a simple step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Choose which Sigma sound you want – Coldest W Sigma, Sigma Male Song, or Sigma Hero.

  2. Click the "Download 1" link for that sound. This will open it in a new browser tab.

  3. In the new tab, right click the large pink download button and click "Save As".

  4. Choose where you want to save the MP3 file on your computer – I recommend creating a "Sigma Sounds" folder for easy access later.

  5. If "Download 1" does not work for any reason, try clicking the "Download 2" link instead. This is optimized for mobile devices.

And that‘s it, you now have the MP3 file downloaded and ready to use! Here are direct quick links:

Coldest W Sigma:

Download 1

Download 2

Sigma Male Song:

Download 1

Download 2

Sigma Hero:

Download 1

Download 2

The MP3 format will work perfectly in any video editing software or platform. Now let‘s get into how to utilize these sounds effectively!

Using Sigma Sound Effects for More Viral Videos

Adding one of these viral Sigma male sound effects can give your TikTok, YouTube, or other social media videos a boost. When applied strategically, it makes it more likely to trend and get more viewers engaged.

Here are my top tips as a streaming professional for making compelling video content featuring the Sigma sound effects:

Use With Fitting Character Comps

The audio tracks work best when paired with characters and scenes that fit the cold, calculating Sigma male persona. Try incorporating clips of Patrick Bateman, Thomas Shelby, Tyler Durden, and similar aloof, intense figures.

Match the vibe of the sound with suitable gritty, mature, "edgy" visuals for maximum impact. Contrasting the audio and visuals tonally can work too for comedic effect.

Add Motivational Visuals

While editing, look for ways to splice in motivational images and video clips between the main Sigma male characters. Stoic businessmen, luxury items, sports cars, city skylines, wolf/lion imagery – things symbolic of drive and success.

Quickly flashing these types of visuals can reinforce the grindset mentality and energize viewers. Take inspiration from top Instagram motivational accounts.

Enhance With Effects

Don‘t just slap the audio over video and call it a day. Take the time to add stylistic effects that enhance the viewing experience:

  • VHS overlay, retro filter, grain/noise, light leaks, film burn
  • Black & white, duotone, boosted contrast
  • Zoom blur transitions, warp zoom, glitch effects
  • Subtle shake, motion blur, smoothing

Tasteful visual effects which match the audio attitude help hold viewer‘s attention and increase shareability. Look at top sigma male comps to see examples of effects done well.

Remix the Audio

For a truly unique Sigma sound remix, import the MP3 into an audio editor like Audacity and get creative with effects and mixing:

  • Change pitch/tempo
  • Add EQ, compression, stereo widening
  • Layer with other sound effects
  • Custom audio transitions
  • Mashup with other songs

The more you can modify the sound from the original, the more fresh and engaging it will be for viewers who have heard these tracks.

When posting your Sigma male video on TikTok or elsewhere, make sure to use relevant hashtags and triggers so it shows up when people search for that niche:

  • "sigma male" "coldest w sigma" "sigma hero" etc.

Additionally, check what related sounds are trending on TikTok and tap into those. Sounds drive discovery, so pairing your Sigma content with other viral audio can help substantially.

Expert FAQ on Sigma Sound Effect Usage

As an industry expert, I know new creators always have questions when first diving into these video trends. So let‘s cover some common FAQs:

Are the Sigma sound effects copyrighted?

The original songs are copyrighted, but these specific meme edits transformer the work enough to be considered unique derivative works. The downloads can be used royalty-free in monetized or non-monetized videos without needing to give credit.

The "Download 1" links are optimized for desktop users. If those don‘t work, "Download 2" links are alternate mobile-friendly options.

Can I edit the MP3 files?

Absolutely! Import into Audacity or other audio editors to remix Sigma sounds by changing pitch, effects, combining tracks, etc. Get creative.

Internet links tend to change and break over time. If that happens, search the sound name on YouTube and use a YouTube to MP3 converter to re-download a fresh copy.

Yes, I have thoroughly researched these meme sound effects and confirmed they are safe for use in monetized social media videos without copyright concerns.

How often should I use the sound in a single video?

I recommend using the audio for only 15-30 seconds total in a single video max. Any more becomes repetitive. Quick sound bites are most effective.


That concludes my complete guide to downloading and utilizing Sigma male sound effects in 2023! To recap:

  • The Sigma meme represents lone wolf confidence and drive

  • Top sounds are Coldest W Sigma, Sigma Male Song, and Sigma Hero

  • Download the MP3s from my links

  • Match to suitable visuals and add effects

  • Remix the audio for unique versions

  • Use relevant hashtags and trends

I hope these tips help you tap into the wildly popular Sigma trend and create videos that entertain and engage your audience! Feel free to reach out with any other questions. Keep grinding.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.