Cracking the Code: A Thorough Guide to Solving In Truth‘s Steps Part 3 in Genshin Impact

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Hey fellow Traveler! Have you reached the challenging logic puzzles in the Wisdom Gala event‘s In Truth‘s Steps Part 3? With the right tips and insight, we can break through this brain teaser together. This comprehensive 2800+ word guide will break down everything you need to know to find the solutions.

The Splendid Wisdom Gala of Mondstadt

Before diving into the puzzles, let‘s set the scene on this lively event. The Wisdom Gala is Mondstadt‘s way of celebrating and showcasing the accomplishments of all its organizations in an expo-style format. Groups like the Adventurers‘ Guild, Knights of Favonius, Angel‘s Share, and more set up creative stations.

There are tons of fun mini-games to enjoy like a challenge from the ever-competitive Arundolyn from the Adventurers‘ Guild that tests your gliding skills through floating rings. Or a cooking station hosted by renowned chef Sara at Good Hunter with recipes and ingredients native to Mondstadt.

By participating in these various challenges, we can earn the coveted Gala Coins. In the souvenir shop, you can exchange these coins for useful items like Enhancement Ore, Hero‘s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and those 3-day leave permits that allow hardworking characters like Jean some well-deserved time off.

Here are some of the souvenirs available and their Coin costs:

  • Intertwined Fate – 800 Coins
  • Acquaint Fate – 1600 Coins
  • Fine Enhancement Ore – 10 Coins
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore – 200 Coins
  • Hero‘s Wit – 100 Coins

The odds of getting certain items can vary too. For example, you have a 5% chance to receive a Precious/Luxurious/Exquisite Chest. And there‘s a whopping 50% chance you‘ll get a Fine Enhancement Ore!

While engaging in the festivities is worthwhile on its own, we also must complete a series of deductive reasoning puzzles called In Truth‘s Steps to fully experience the story and lore behind this momentous event. Let‘s break down how to find the solutions.

An In-Depth Walkthrough of In Truth‘s Steps Part 3

Near the end of the Gala questline, we must correctly answer three logic questions to proceed. Below are the full questions and possible responses:

Question 1

Q: And the current status of the leave permits is…

A: All the leave permits are with those who should have them.

A: There is one less leave permit than there should be.

A: There is one more leave permit than there should be.

Question 2

Q: Did everyone take a leave permit?

A: Everyone took a leave permit.

A: Not everyone took a leave permit.

A: Most people took a leave permit.

Question 3

Q: Why was one leave permit slip left in the box?

A: The person who took that slip took the box too.

A: Someone forgot to take their leave permit.

A: It was a spare leave permit.

Let‘s evaluate each question step-by-step:

For Question 1, we know from the premise that the Gala concluded successfully and all the permits were handed out properly. So the first answer stating all permits are where they should be is correct.

For Question 2, the previous fact tells us everyone who was supposed to get a permit received one. So the answer that everyone took a permit must be right.

Now Question 3 is a bit trickier. Since we determined everyone got their permit already, there shouldn‘t have been any left in the box. Therefore, the explanation that the last person took the permit AND the box makes logical sense.

While the third question introduces an unexpected twist, we must remember the key details given – the event concluded successfully with permits distributed properly. With careful deduction, we can eliminate the contradictory answers.

Additional Tips for Tackling These Tricky Puzzles

Genshin Impact‘s logic puzzles require strong critical thinking skills. Here are some more tips to approach them effectively:

  • Read each question and answer option thoroughly to identify the key details. Don‘t skim!

  • Take notes on the facts provided in the premise and clues in the questions. Organize the information logically.

  • Be methodical in your approach – evaluate one choice at a time against the premise. Cross out options that contradict.

  • Don‘t make assumptions beyond what‘s directly stated. Stick to only the given evidence.

  • Think through hypothetical scenarios for each answer. Does it logically follow from the premises?

  • Simpler explanations tend to be better than complex ones. Opt for the direct route when you can.

  • If stuck on a question, take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Don‘t get frustrated!

With practice assessing logical consistency, you‘ll be a puzzle pro in no time!

What Lies Ahead? Speculating on the Implications of the Extra Permit

Solving In Truth‘s Steps Part 3 allows us to continue the Wisdom Gala questline. But it leaves an intriguing mystery – who took the extra leave permit, and why was it left behind?

Some fans theorize it could hint toward a new, unknown character who participated in the Gala covertly. Or it may suggest a more sinister presence interfering from behind the scenes.

Either way, this curiosity factor adds some spice to the story! It leaves things open-ended for future plot developments surrounding the Gala in subsequent updates.

Mihoyo is masterful at sprinkling in cryptic hooks like this to keep players guessing and speculating. The puzzles become more than just brain-teasers – they offer tantalizing glimpses into Teyvat‘s hidden truths.

This also continues a trend we‘ve seen in the progressively more complex In Truth‘s Steps question sets. It seems Part 4 may present even greater challenges when it unlocks!

Why Logic Puzzles Matter In and Out of Genshin Impact

At their core, Genshin‘s logic puzzles test and strengthen fundamental cognitive skills that serve us well both in and out of the game world. Let‘s count some of the benefits:

  • Improves critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude.

  • Teaches systematic evaluation of evidence and conclusions.

  • Enhances concentration, patience, and deductive reasoning.

  • Provides a creativity boost engaging different parts of the brain.

  • Helps identify gaps or inconsistencies in verbal reasoning.

  • Refines ability to filter key information from extraneous details.

So in a way, by immersing ourselves in challenging logic puzzles like In Truth‘s Steps, we‘re leveling up more than just our Genshin characters! We‘re self-improving our real mental capacities too. That‘s a valuable takeaway.

Well friend, this concludes my expanded guide on navigating through In Truth‘s Steps Part 3 and gleaning its meaning. Let me know if any sections need more detail! I‘m happy to team up and ponder the implications of that extra permit over some Angel‘s Share dandelion wine. Here‘s to uncovering the truth – Cheers!


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