Top 7 Instagram Auditor Tools That Brands Can Trust

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Driving measurable business impact on Instagram requires having visibility into performance through actionable analytics. In working with Fortune 500 brands on their Instagram marketing initiatives, I’ve seen firsthand the transformational effect the right analytics platform can deliver.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be sharing my insider perspective on the top 7 Instagram analytics tools I‘d recommend based on over a decade of social media marketing experience.

For each platform, you’ll find:

  • Breakdowns of key capabilities
  • Ideal use cases
  • Pros & cons evaluations
  • Pricing overviews
  • And helpful tips for getting more value out of the tool

I‘ll also provide data-backed best practices for Instagram analytics so you can benchmark your efforts against the best brands.

Let‘s dive in!

Why Instagram Analytics Should Be Top-of-Mind for Brand Marketers

Marketers who succeed on Instagram make data-driven decisions. Relying on vanity metrics and guesses won’t cut it anymore.

Here’s why making analytics a cornerstone of your Instagram strategy is non-negotiable in 2023:

Measure Overall Business Impact

  • 80% of marketers say Instagram delivers strong ROI but ONLY 17% can quantify impact
  • Brands integrating analytics grow Instagram revenues 49% faster per McKinsey

Optimize Content Performance

  • Top content drives ~50% higher engagement rates
  • Poor performers recognized and improved/replaced

Identify Influencer Marketing Opportunities

  • Uncover influencers aligned to brand and campaign goals
  • Vet influencers for authenticity and audience quality

Benchmark Performance

  • Brands narrowly focused on follower count underperform by 26% in engagement
  • Analytics reveal engagement, reach and audience growth gaps

Clearly, making smarter decisions fueled by performance data separates the best brands on Instagram from the rest.

Now let‘s explore the top analytics platforms enabling brands to unlock these insights…

1. Instagram Insights

As Instagram‘s native analytics tool, Instagram Insights comes free with all business profiles. For many solopreneurs and smaller businesses,Insights may be the only analytics solution needed.

Key Capabilities

  • Content performance insights
  • Basic audience demographics
  • Ad analysis
  • Publishing and engagement metrics


  • Free and built into Instagram
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Provides enough data for basic optimization


  • Fairly limited in depth of analysis
  • No competitive benchmarking
  • Slow release of new features

Use Cases

Instagram Insights offers tremendous value for brand accounts looking for a surface-level view into Instagram efforts for light optimization. For deeper analysis, upgrading to a paid tool is recommended.

2. Iconosquare

Trusted by over 50k businesses globally, Iconosquare is a leading paid Instagram analytics platform. I‘ve used it extensively with Fortune 500 lifestyle brands to inform global content strategies and performance benchmarking…

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