25 Top Instagram Comedians To Make You Laugh [2023 Update]

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Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine. It has the incredible ability to instantly lift your mood and even relieve pain. When it comes to finding something guaranteed to make you laugh, there‘s no shortage of options on Instagram. In this post, we highlight some of the top Instagram comedians that will get you chuckling in no time.

How To Find Top Instagram Comedians

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Here are some ways to find top Instagram comedy influencers:

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  2. Look for relevant hashtags like #comedy, #funny, etc.
  3. Seek out influencers involved in comedy groups/forums.
  4. Google potential influencers.
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25 Top Comedy Influencers On Instagram

1. Natalie Friedman (@nataliefriedman)

The renowned actress and comedian rose to fame via MTV, NBC and iHeartRadio. She‘s recognized by multiple directors leading to many TV and film projects. With over 900k Instagram followers, she‘s a prominent social media figure.

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2. Trevor Tordjman (@trevorflanny)

Trevor Tordjman is a dancer, choreographer, singer and actor known for The Next Step series. He has over 700k Instagram followers making him one of the top IG comedians.

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3. Charlie Berens (@charlieberens)

Charlie Berens is a popular comedian, journalist, correspondent and writer. With over 750k Instagram followers, he deserves a spot on our list of top comedians.

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4. Rob Kazi (@rob_kazi)

Rob Kazi is known for his slapstick characters like Brother Hakeem and Earl the Mechanic. His Instagram account and comedy sketches have brought him over 600k followers.

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5. Lil Rel Howery (@comedianlilrel)

Lil Rel Howery is an actor and comedian known for Get Out, The Carmichael Show and the comedy series Rel. With over 500k Instagram followers, he‘s one of the top black male influencers and comedy influencers.

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6. Dami Olatunde (@aphricanace)

Dami Olatunde is an Instagram star and one of the famous black Instagram comedians. He has amassed nearly 500k followers. His account is a great source for funny videos guaranteed to make you laugh.

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7. Noah Grossman (@noahgrossman214)

Noah Grossman is an actor, writer and comedian known for his work with Smosh. He has over 470k followers on his comedic Instagram account.

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8. Ronny Chieng (@ronnychieng)

Ronny Chieng is a Chinese stand-up comedian and actor born in Malaysia and raised in the US and Singapore.

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9. Rip Micheals (@ripmicheals)

Rip Micheals is known for his role on Wild N‘ Out. He is active on social media, amassing over 400k Instagram followers through his slapstick comedy sketches.

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10. Elijah Daniel (@elijahdaniel)

Elijah Daniel is a comedian, rapper, songwriter and author who gained an online following from his satirical social media presence. He is one of the most famous IG comedians with over 350k followers.

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11. Heather Brooker (@theheatherbrooker)

Emmy-winner Heather Brooker is an actress, writer and reporter known for her Motherhood in Hollywood podcast. She provides hilarious parenting and entertainment commentary guaranteed to deliver laughs.

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12. Sasheer Zamata (@thesheertruth)

Sasheer Zamata is a comedian and actress known for SNL, Home Economics and her comedy special Pizza Mind. She deserves a spot as one of our favorite female social media comedians.

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13. Sarah Colonna (@sarahcolonna1)

Sarah Colonna is a renowned stand-up comedian and actress. She has over 160k loyal Instagram followers keeping up with her hilarious content.

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14. Steve Trevino (@texastrevino)

Steve Trevino is an American comedian, producer and author known for his Netflix comedy special ‘Til Death‘. He currently has over 300k loyal Instagram followers.

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15. Arden Myrin (@ardenmyrin)

Arden Myrin is an actress and comedian known for MADtv, Shameless and Orange is the New Black.

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16. Angel Laketa Moore (@thatchickangel)

Angel Laketa Moore is an actress and black Instagram comedian. She creates hilarious videos for her 240k loyal followers.

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17. Darienne Lake (@dariennelake)

Darienne Lake is a drag performer, singer and comedian known for appearing on Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

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18. Robin Thede (@robinthede)

Robin Thede is a comedian, writer and actress recognized for being the first African-American female head writer for a late-night talk show.

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19. Joe Mande (@joemande)

Joe Mande is a stand-up comedian and comedy writer known for Master of None, Parks and Recreation and The Good Place.

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20. Desi Banks (@iamdesibanks)

Desi Banks creates hilarious videos showcasing unique characters. He has amassed an astonishing 7 million Instagram followers.

21. Kwaylon Rogers (@blameitonkway)

Also known as Blameitonkway, Rogers is an actor, influencer and content creator known for his Tyra Banks impersonations. He boasts 5.3 million Instagram followers.

22. Elsa Majimbo (@majimb.o)

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo gained fame from her humorous monologues while snacking on chips and wearing tiny sunglasses.

23. Marie Papillon (@mariepapillon)

French actress and comedian Marie Papillon shares hilarious comedy sketches with her 300k+ Instagram followers.

24. Celeste Barber (@celestebarber)

Australian comedian Celeste Barber is known for parodying celebrity‘s photos. She has amassed an astonishing 9 million Instagram followers.

25. Lauren Servideo (@servideo)

New York comedian Lauren Servideo has cultivated an online cult following thanks to her bizarre character humor. She currently has over 130k Instagram followers.


That wraps up our list featuring 25 top Instagram comedians guaranteed to make you laugh. Be sure to follow them and show your support! They make us laugh, so it‘s only fair we return the favor. Who knows, maybe they‘ll even inspire you to pursue comedy yourself!

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