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15 Best Instagram Followers App (Android/iOS) 2023

The Best Instagram Followers App to Get Free Instagram Followers

Combin on softonic

Do you want to grow your Instagram account but don’t have enough followers to reach your goal? This guide will put you through the top best Instagram followers apps you can use to get Instagram followers and grow your brand.

Time after time, Instagram users have always nursed the desire to have tons of followers and grace their accounts with optimal engagement. Research has shown that there are several reasons why people should purchase Instagram followers. However, only a few understand how to navigate their way to get what they truly desire.

Unlike before, when growing our followers’ list used to be a hurdle, the advent of technology has simplified everything for us. With an Instagram follower application, you can get any followers you desire. Then, this brings us to the question: “what is Instagram followers app?”

An Instagram followers app functions as an application whose features Instagram users can use to grow their Instagram accounts. Instagram followers app enables you to purchase a certain number of followers to boost your Instagram engagement and grow your brand in little time.

Now that we know what an Instagram followers app is, I will walk you through the various top Instagram followers app you can use to grow your account. This list contains all my favorite Instagram followers app I use. Therefore, be rest assured that whatever you learn here is 100% authentic and effective.

Top Best Instagram Followers App

1. Combin

Combin on softonic

Combin has always been my number one Instagram followers app. It offers Instagram features that are needed to grow your Instagram account. Why I personally love Combin is its simplicity and genuineness in offering Instagram services. Combin offers real Instagram followers from real accounts.

This is a thing they have always prided themselves on. Do you know why? It’s simple: it’s very difficult to see other Instagram followers apps that provide real followers. With Combin, you’re assured of getting genuine followers who will always engage your posts.

2. Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram

Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram on Play Store

The second one on my list of tested and trusted Instagram followers app. Reports + Followers Analytics For Instagram is one of the most effective Instagram followers analytic apps. You might be wondering what this is.

But, take a chill; let’s see what this app is all about. It is an Instagram app you can use to get real followers and track those who are following you. Their pride lies in offering fast and reliable Instagram follower tracking. Isn’t that amazing? To get started, all you have to do is download the app on Google Play Store and input the necessary details.

The only downside about this app is that it comes with ads. However, it’s still a great app for the service it offers.

3. Instazood

Instazood on apk

Instazood promises what it does. Its services help you boost your engagement with free Instagram followers. They have very simple steps to activate their service and enjoy high-quality service. What’s more fascinating about Instazood is that it gives you total control of the auto follower. You have to be careful using this app because it is not completely safe. Instagram might block your account if the app is detected influencing your account.

4. AiGrow

AiGrow on Play store

AiGrow is a unique and reliable Instagram app for gaining followers. It is the number one resource I go to win and stand out in the world of Instagram. Their efficient and all-around service helps you gain more followers on Instagram for free.

To get started with using AiGrow for your Instagram engagement growth, download the app on Google Play Store. After that, sign up and log in to your profile. Follow the ensuing prompts to get your followers in no time. Using AiGrow gives you a minimum of 300 Instagram followers monthly and a dedicated account manager. The account manager is saddled with the responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities to grow your account.

What I love about this app is that its services are free. Though they have some paid packages, you can always ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with their service.

5. Follower – Tracker Insight

Follower - Tracker Insight on apps store

I call this Instagram follower app an ‘all-rounder.’ Followersup doesn’t only help you with Instagram followers; its services ensure you’re able to track and monitor your followers. If you need a real and total engagement for your Instagram account, you can give Follower – Tracker Insight a try. It is one of the few services that deliver high-quality engagement. What is fascinating about it is that it notifies you which of your post had the most engagement from your audience.

6. Followers & Unfollowers

Followers & Unfollowers on play store

If you need an exclusive and genuine Instagram followers tracker, Follower & Unfollowers is there to help. Their high standards have been the reason thousands of people use their services. One of their features you will find appealing is the ability to star any follower you don’t want to accidentally remove from your list.

Though you can’t directly purchase Instagram followers from the app, you can still enjoy other features it offers, like being able to view your Instagram insights and the ability to unfollow more than 50 persons at once. Follower & Unfollowers prides itself on its efficient customer service, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

7. FollowMeter for Instagram

FolloawMeter for Instagram on apps store

FollowMeter for Instagram is a unique Instagram followers app. I have so much admiration for this Instagram follower app because of its uniqueness. The app ensures you’re able to track the rate of your Instagram engagement. With this Instagram followers app, you can grow your account organically. It uses smart targeting to track your target audience based on their hashtags, location, or interests.

You can also use the app to track anyone who unfollows you, who likes your post, who blocks you, and who are mere ghost followers.

Followers Gallery on apps store

Let’s talk about Followers Gallery. You might not have heard of this amazing app. If this is true, then you’re definitely missing out! If there is one Instagram followers app out there that prioritizes your security and safety, it’s definitely Followers Gallery. Their services have been top-notch for me. The app has a feature of earning coins by performing different tasks on the app. One of these tasks is liking other people’s posts.

With this app, you can grow your Instagram account easily and effortlessly. Their team works hand-in-hand to help you stay engaged with your ideal audience and followers manually. What I like about Followers Gallery is that it doesn’t require you to followers others before you can gain followers.

9. Unfollowers and Ghost Followers (Follower Analysis)

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers on play store

One of the most real and most organic Instagram followers apps. If you want to know whoever has unfollowed you on Instagram, this app is the best for that. Though the app doesn’t directly help you purchase or gain free Instagram followers, it helps you view those who are ghost followers among your follower's lists. You can also use the app to follow or unfollow anybody.

10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire on play store

Crowdfire has all the features you need to find out about your followers. It has always been one of the few Instagram follower apps that ensure you don’t pass through any hassle trying to grow your Instagram account. Once you access the application, you will be able to see your Instagram engagement rate and view which of your content your followers engage the most.

Nothing much needs to be said about this exceptional Instagram follower app that works around the clock to ensure your Instagram account is in front of thousands of Instagrammers. One of the tricks of growing your Instagram account quicker and faster is being able to schedule your post at the right time. This is what Crowdfire does for you. It’s important to know that Crowdfire isn’t entirely free, though. However, you’re sure to get value for your money.

11. Organic Follower

Organic Follower on play store

This Instagram followers app quite works differently. Though it doesn’t sell Instagram followers, you will be able to get free Instagram from using the application. Do you know why? It’s because Organic Follower, on your behalf, follows those you share a similar niche with and those who seem interested in your content.

Its feature of automatically following others on your behalf makes you get real and organic followers without stress.

12. Followers Insight

Followers Insight on apps store

Another reliable Instagram follower app is Followers Insight. It has been around for quite a long time now and boasts of high-standard service. Followers Insight offers your real analysis of your Instagram account.

With their service, you will be able to know who follows, unfollows, and engages your posts. What you will love about this app is its simple user interface. In addition to that, you get to enjoy all its unique features for free. The only downside of the app is its compatibility. You can only use one Android OS.

13. InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack for Instagram on apps store

If there is any Instagram followers app that you can use to manage multiple Instagram account, it is undoubtedly InsTrack for Instagram. This app doesn’t only help you with Instagram followers; you can also use it to manage your Facebook account. That is more like tackling two activities with one means.

14. nFollowers

nFollowers on apps store

The most efficient Instagram followers app that helps you manage your followers. With this app, you will get a detailed analysis of your Instagram account. It notifies you who engages with your content, who follows you, who unfollows you, and your level of engagement. The fact that this app has got a 4.5 rating out of 5 on the App Store says it all.

The only thing you have to be wary of is that it requires your password to use its services. Also, your account can be banned if caught.

15. FollowInsta

FollowInsta on apk

Another organic Instagram follower app. FollowInsta has got you covered in terms of gaining more followers in less time. According to the application, it can increase your list of Instagram followers within 12 hours. This is indeed amazing.

You need to know that increasing your Instagram presence doesn’t grow your account if your audience doesn’t engage with your posts. This is what FollowInsta helps you with. They’re the best at what they do.


1. Is it safe and secure to buy Instagram followers?

It is entirely safe and secure to buy Instagram followers. However, you must ensure you are buying from a reliable source to avoid getting your account banned or blocked. This is why I came up with a comprehensive list of the top best Instagram followers app you can buy from.

2. Why should I buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers isn’t for everyone. If your account or profile is doing well, there might not be any need to purchase followers. However, research has shown that organizations, businesses, influencers, and even individuals buy Instagram followers to boost their accounts, reach certain audiences, promote their businesses, and gain relevance online.


We have successfully examined the various apps for buying Instagram followers and managing your Instagram account. Each of these apps has its uniqueness and peculiar services. You can try out anyone we’ve discussed in this article and see which one works best for you.


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