50 Best Investors to Follow on Twitter

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Staying up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and advice in the world of investing is crucial for making smart decisions with your money. One of the best ways to do this is by following top investors on Twitter.

Unlike traditional media, Twitter provides direct access to the uncensored thoughts and market perspectives of some of the brightest minds in investing. Plus, it‘s fast – you can get live reactions to market events as they unfold.

To help you tap into the investing conversation on Twitter, we‘ve compiled this list of the 50 best investors to follow right now. For each investor, we‘ll give you a quick overview of who they are and their area of expertise, along with examples of their insightful tweets.

Let‘s dive in!

VC Investors

Venture capitalists invest in early stage startups with the goal of generating outsized returns. Following top VCs on Twitter is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and business models.

1. Marc Andreessen (@pmarca)

As co-founder of the legendary VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, Marc Andreessen is one of the most influential investors in Silicon Valley. He provides razor-sharp commentary on the tech industry.

"Most people dramatically overestimate the odds of extreme outcomes — tail events. But those tail events do happen more often than you expect."

2. Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath)

Chamath Palihapitiya has an unconventional background for a VC, having previously been an early executive at Facebook. He‘s known for making bold market calls and has a strong following on Twitter.

"Options provide asymmetric risk/reward. This is one of the few ‘unfair‘ advantages that retail investors have over institutions."

3. Bill Gurley (@bgurley)

As a general partner at Benchmark Capital, Bill Gurley has invested early in companies like Uber, Stitch Fix, and Zillow. He often tweets his thoughts on market bubbles and valuations.

"You are not going to raise your next round at a higher valuation because you eliminated opex associated with having an office."

Angel Investors

Angel investors put their own capital into early stage startups. Following top angels provides insight into new trends and emerging startups.

4. Jason Calacanis (@Jason)

Jason Calacanis has an impressive track record of angel investments in companies like Uber and Robinhood. His tweets range from sarcastic humor to strong opinions on Silicon Valley.

"Pro-tip: if you only read news sources that confirm your existing worldview you‘re going to have a bad time in life."

5. Naval Ravikant (@naval)

Naval Ravikant has backed hugely successful companies like Twitter, Uber, and Coinbase. He regularly shares his personal philosophies on startups, wealth creation, and happiness.

"Don‘t just climb one mountain. Snowshoe up your own trail. Blaze your own path. The journey itself is the goal."

6. Cyan Banister (@cyantist)

With early investments in businesses like Uber and Postmates, Cyan Banister has an eye for spotting trends before they go mainstream. She provides straight-shooting thoughts on investing.

"Founders: If an investor solely focuses on your historical revenues to value your company, they have low resolution."

Public Market Investors

For those interested in trading the public markets, following top stock pickers and macro investors can pay off.

7. Cathie Wood (@CathieDWood)

As founder of ARK Invest, Cathie Wood has become a rockstar fund manager due to her concentrated bets on disruptive innovation. Her tweets highlight Ark‘s research and market views.

"Thanks to advances in natural language processing, researchers estimate that machines now have a 3rd grade reading ability – up from a kindergarten reading level in 2012."

8. Bill Ackman (@BillAckman)

Bill Ackman manages billions in assets through his fund, Pershing Square Capital. He shares investor letters, media appearances, and market commentary.

"One of the greatest privileges of being a CEO is the opportunity to mentor talent. The lessons learned and relationships forged last a lifetime."

9. Carl Icahn (@Carl_C_Icahn)

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn has been shaking up public companies for decades. Follow him for unfiltered thoughts on corporates, markets, and the economy.

"In my opinion, stock buybacks should be outlawed because they are basically a manipulation that does not help the economy or the country."

Crypto Investors

The world of crypto moves fast. These top investors provide analysis and insights on the latest in Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, and more.

10. Pantera Capital (@PanteraCapital)

Pantera Capital is an investment firm exclusively focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. Their Twitter feed includes trade ideas, thoughts on crypto regulation, and emerging trends.

"Last week, Ethereum gas fees dropped by ~90% with the launch of zkSync, StarkNet, and dYdX layer 2 rollups. This is a huge development – layer 2‘s are starting to deliver on their promise!"

11. Chris Dixon (@cdixon)

In addition to being an influential VC at Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Dixon is a long-time Bitcoin bull and prominent crypto thinker. He shares a mixture of crypto and tech content.

"One of my favorite things about crypto is how rapidly new ideas get implemented and shipped. No need to beg VCs for funding or ask anyone for permission."

12. Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul)

Ari Paul is CIO of cryptocurrency investment firm BlockTower Capital. He provides credible, nuanced analysis of market developments and crypto regulations.

"I rarely make specific price predictions or trade recommendations. But for those interested in playing the coming crypto supply shock, my favorite ways are still $BTC and $ETH."

Macro Investors

Zoom out to the big picture by following top global macro investors who analyze geopolitics, central banking, and economic policy.

13. Kyle Bass (@Jkylebass)

Kyle Bass runs a global macro hedge fund and regularly shares his views on everything from China to Fed policy. He‘s not afraid to take controversial positions.

"The #Fed needs to articulate a credible plan to get back to 2% inflation soon, or risk losing credibility altogether…They are quickly running out of time."

14. Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI)

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal brings macro analysis to the crypto space as founder of RealVision. He provides measured takes on macro trends.

"We are now entering a time when each crisis makes the next crisis more likely. It‘s the convergence of multiple cycles all at once. Fasten your seatbelts."

15. Lyn Alden (@LynAldenContact)

Lyn Alden provides insightful cross-asset analysis of macro trends. As one of the top female voices in finance on Twitter, she also champions women in the field.

"Something I pay attention to: CEOs are selling stock again, approaching prepandemic levels as a percentage of total insider selling activity."

Financial Commentators

While not investors themselves, following top financial commentators provides smart market perspectives and synthesis you won‘t get elsewhere.

16. Morgan Housel (@morganhousel)

Morgan Housel writes for the Collaborative Fund and shares big-picture musings on psychology, history, and economics through a financial lens.

"Reputation is hard to gain and easy to lose. But the funny thing is that reputation correlates more with past behavior than future behavior."

17. Ben Carlson (@awealthofcs)

Ben Carlson brings institutional investing know-how to the masses through his popular blog "A Wealth of Common Sense". His tweets distill complex topics with refreshing clarity.

"Investing is often a game of having to choose amongst least bad options where it‘s difficult to find any choice that offers a clear advantage over the other."

18. Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz)

Lawyer turned asset manager Barry Ritholtz shares market wisdom along with caustic commentary on the financial industry. His tweets and blog pull no punches.

"Ignore anyone who is 100% certain of anything when it comes to the markets, economy or complex adaptive systems."

19. Meb Faber (@MebFaber)

Meb Faber applies an academic rigor to quant investing through his popular blog and books. He shares market research and data-driven observations.

"Be humble. The markets have made smart people look dumb for centuries. What we think is new or different usually isn‘t over longer periods of time."

20. Ben Thompson (@benthompson)

While not a traditional finance figure, Ben Thompson provides refreshingly original long-term thinking through his Stratechery blog, which he shares on Twitter.

"Identity is not static; new identities can be formed. This is in fact a constant throughout history, accelerated by technology."

The investors above represent just a sample of the many insightful voices sharing market wisdom and ideas on Twitter.

While Twitter can feel noisy at times, curating the investors you follow cuts through the clutter to deliver an investing advantage. Use lists to organize the accounts into categories that match your interests.

Interact thoughtfully with the investors you follow and you just may get your critical questions answered. Turn on tweet notifications selectively for those you find most valuable.

Above all, use Twitter as a starting point for further research. Read beyond the headlines to understand the full context behind investing opinions and ideas.

The investing world is complex and rapidly changing. But by tapping into the marketplace of ideas on Twitter, you can stay continuously informed from some of the top minds in the industry.

What top investors on Twitter do you follow and find valuable? Let us know who we missed and we may add them to this list!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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