30 Best Keto Influencers On Instagram To Follow [2023 Non-Celebrity]

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The keto diet has become increasingly popular over the past few years as more people discover the health and weight loss benefits of cutting carbs and eating more fats. However, sticking to a keto diet can be challenging, especially when you‘re just starting out.

That‘s where following keto influencers on Instagram comes in handy! These regular people have made the keto diet a part of their lifestyle and share their best tips, recipes, and advice on Instagram.

So if you‘re looking to get inspired about the keto diet in 2023, here are 30 of the best keto influencers on Instagram you should follow:

1. Cristina Maria (@thecastawaykitchen)

Cristina is a wonderful resource for keto recipes and lifestyle tips. With 93k Instagram followers, she showcases delicious keto meals and baked goods. Her account proves that you don‘t have to miss out on flavor or variety when following a keto diet.

Followers: 93k

2. Chef Resha (@chefresha)

Resha is a dedicated home chef who shares her simple, family-friendly keto recipes on Instagram. She‘ll inspire you to create tasty low-carb meals with 93k followers enjoying her content.

Followers: 93k

3. Keto Love Maria (@ketolove_maria)

Maria‘s account takes you along on her keto diet journey with mouthwatering meal photos. If you need recipes or motivation, her 4k+ followers enjoy her posts.

Followers: 4k

4. Alexess Stoner (@alula.bunny)

Alexess documents her weight loss success on keto while offering tips and inspiration. Check out her photos and stories to get insider advice from a keto pro with over 8k followers.

Followers: 8k

5. James Hicks (@jhickstx)

Calling himself "The Keto Coach", James shares his expertise as an athlete who follows the ketogenic diet. Follow along with his 3.6k fans for keto meals and fitness motivation.

Followers: 3.6k

6. Judy Witts Francini (@divinacucina)

Judy brings her passion for cooking and Italian cuisine to her keto recipes. Get inspiration from this culinary pro with 7.6k devoted Instagram followers.

Followers: 7.6k

7. Dr. Ryan Lowery (@ryanplowery)

With a PhD in health science, Ryan offers science-based keto diet tips to his 79k fans. His account shares informative videos and motivation beyond food.

Followers: 79k

8. Caveman Keto (@cavemanketo)

The creator of the Caveman Keto blog shares his best recipes and musings with 74.5k Instagram followers. Get a peek at his less polished side along with drool-worthy food pics.

Followers: 74.5k

9. Nutrirings (@nutrirings)

For keto fans who love Indian food, @nutrirings (3k followers) posts mouthwatering Indian dishes recreated keto-style.

Followers: 3k

10. Keto Connect (@keto.connect)

Husband and wife team Megha and Matt are America‘s keto sweethearts with 452k devoted IG fans. For delicious recipes, fun videos and keto tips, @keto.connect is a top choice.

Followers: 452k

11. Food Dreamer (@fooddreamer)

The creator of the Food Dreamer blog proves with delectable photos that the keto diet needn‘t feel restrictive. Nearly 280k followers adore her recipes and meal photos.

Followers: 280k

12. Keto Made Simple (@keto_made_simple)

Julie of @keto_made_simple keeps things fun and fuss-free with family-friendly keto recipes for her 1.5k fans. Quick, tasty meals made easy!

Followers: 1.5k

13. Keto Karma (@ketokarma)

With 328k devoted followers, NY Times bestselling author Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma) shares her keto lifestyle along with recipes and books.

Followers: 328k

14. Martina Slajerova (@martinaslajerova)

Keto diet expert Martina combines her love of cooking with science-based nutrition information on her Instagram. Over 166k fans love her delicious recipes and tips.

Followers: 166k

15. Catherine Poulain (@official_cat)

While not strictly a keto resource, DJ and model Catherine offers healthy recipes and lifestyle motivation to her 450k fans. An inspirational follow!

Followers: 450k

16. The Keto Dad – Joe Duff (@thejoeduff)

If you love high protein, lower carb recipes, enjoy clever chef Joe‘s creative cuisine ideas for 436k fans. Easy recipes, fun presentation!

Followers: 436k

17. Cast Iron Keto (@castiron_keto)

Beautiful photography and drool-worthy recipes excite 44k fans on Cast Iron Keto. Get one-pot keto meal ideas along with everything you need to recreate them yourself.

Followers: 44k

18. Sara’s Keto Journey (@ketogalsara)

Sara takes her 236k devoted followers along on her Texas keto lifestyle journey. Recipes, workouts and her inspiring personal story motivate fans.

Followers: 236k

19. Darlene Lemus (@kindketomama)

Based in LA, Darlene (@kindketomama) offers family-friendly keto recipes and mom hacks to 114k fans. Quick, budget-friendly meal ideas!

Followers: 114k

20. Cristina Curp (@thecastawaykitchen)

Bestselling author Cristina helps over 94k fans stick to keto with delicious recipes and lifestyle tips. Science-based nutrition information too!

Followers: 94k

21. Ruled.Me (@ruledme)

The Ruled.Me blog creators serve up quick keto recipes and helpful FAQs to 238k devoted Instagram followers. Big flavors made simple!

Followers: 238k

22. Sonia Coronado (@ketosony)

Sonia (@ketosony) shares tasty Latin recipes to please 215k keto fans. Her culturally flavorful dishes spice up the keto diet!

Followers: 215k

23. Maya – Wholesome Yum (@wholesomeyum)

Food blogger Maya attracts 206k fans with her simple ingredient keto recipes. Mouthwatering photos will have you drooling over your phone!

Followers: 206k

24. Maria Emmerich (@mariaemmerich)

With international bestselling cookbooks and 260k IG fans, Maria Emmerich is a trusted voice in keto nutrition. Recipes, research and guidance.

Followers: 260k

25. Emily – Keto Copycat (@keto.copy)

After losing 50kg on keto, Emily recreates favorite recipes low-carb style for 177k fans. Her story and meals motivate!

Followers: 177k

26. Black Keto Girl (@blackketogirl)

Kendra combines keto recipes with culturally-inspired dishes on her 123k fan account. Workouts and lifestyle tips too!

Followers: 123k

27. Nick & Christina – Keto Dad Life (@theketodadlife)

Husband and wife team Nick and Christina document their keto journey through family-friendly recipes and refreshing transparency with 126k followers.

Followers: 126k

28. KetoFocus by Annie (@ketofocus)

Pharmacist Annie curates 107k followers with her science-based approach to keto recipes and health tips. Her homemade dishes never disappoint!

Followers: 107k

29. Jennifer Marie (@ketofriendlyrecipes)

Jennifer Marie attracts 38k fans by reimagining classic comfort foods as keto-friendly recipes. Craveable, nostalgic flavors without cutting carbs!

Followers: 38k

30. Low Carb India (@lowcarb.india)

Based in India, Sanjay provides inspiration about low-carb living, along with recipes and health products for Indian keto fans.

Followers: 7,597

How Can Brands Work With Keto Influencers on Instagram?

These top keto influencers can provide immense value to health, nutrition and lifestyle brands looking to promote products or services.

Their engaged followers look to them for credible information, recommendations and transparency.

Brands have options like:

  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored content and posts
  • Ambassador roles
  • Product reviews

The key is finding an influencer who authentically aligns with your brand and demographic. Ensure sponsored posts use their voice and style.


Following awesome keto influencers is a fun way to find recipes and stay on track with your low-carb diet.

And for brands, partnering thoughtfully with relevant influencers provides access to engaged, supportive communities.

Everyone wins when connections feel genuine.

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