Unlocking the Mystery: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Kusava on the Zohrah Mushroom in Genshin Impact

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Have you found yourself stuck trying to “Use the Kusava to break the seal on the Zohrah Mushroom” in Genshin Impact? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many players have slammed up against the cryptic walls of this convoluted puzzle. But with the right techniques and knowledge, you’ll breeze through it.

In this extensive 2800+ word guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know to master using the Kusava gadget and finally access the coveted Zohrah Mushroom. You’ll learn efficient strategies, uncover lore secrets, and equip yourself with the skills to overcome this and future challenges in Teyvat.

When we’re done, you’ll be able to proudly claim your rewards and most importantly, the satisfaction of conquering one of Genshin’s most notorious brain-teasers. So grab your controller, ready your Kusava, and let’s dive in!

Demystifying the Zohrah Mushroom Puzzle

First, let’s quickly recap the high-level objectives so you understand exactly what we’re dealing with:

The Goal: Use the Kusava gadget to break 3 seals to access the Zohrah Mushroom cave

The Challenge: The third seal is hidden behind a stone door that requires a Dendrograna to open

The Result: Many players get stuck at 2/3 seals and cannot finish the puzzle

Pretty straightforward right? Break all the seals and unlock the cave. Unfortunately, without the instructions I’m about to provide, this simple task can quickly become a frustrating exercise in futility.

But let’s back up a second – what even is this mysterious Zohrah Mushroom and why do we need to jump through hoops to get it?

The Allure of the Legendary Zohrah

The Zohrah Mushroom holds a coveted place in Sumeru lore and represents a cultural icon of wisdom and knowledge. Already enticing to scholars, its rarity exponentially multiplies its value.

Tapping into its essence is said to grant you profound enlightenment, making the Zohrah highly sought after. As such, ancient sages hid them away and guarded access with complex puzzles.

So when the opportunity comes to acquire this legendary mushroom for yourself, it’s no wonder why travelers leap at the chance! Even if it means contending with archaic seals and mechanisms.

Which brings us to the Kusava gadget – your key to unlocking the Zohrah’s secrets.

Getting Equipped: Mastering the Mighty Kusava

The Kusava provides the elemental power needed to smash through the mystical seals. This potent gadget emits Dendro energy, but don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you. Properly utilized, it easily obliterates the stone barriers.

Here’s a quick overview of its abilities:

Activation: Equip from inventory and “Switch” to activate

Function: Channels Dendro element to destroy objects

Limitations: Only 1 charge, must be re-equipped after use

Upgrades: None currently available

As you can see, the Kusava packs a serious punch against the correct targets. And those sturdy stone seals are the perfect outlets for its Dendro infused strikes.

Now let’s get into the step-by-step guide for seamlessly harnessing the Kusava’s power to demolish those seals and claim the treasures within!

Step 1: Activate Your Kusava Gadget

The first step is easy – just pull out and switch on your Kusava! Here are the buttons to tap:

Open your inventory > Select the Kusava item > Tap “Switch”

This equips the Kusava so you can use its abilities. Make sure you see it pulled out on your character before moving forward.

Pro Traveler Tip: Add Kusava to a Quick Slot to swiftly switch to it when needed.

Step 2: Obliterate the First Two Seals

With Kusava in hand, approach the two stone seals situated outside the ruins. Activate your charged Kusava and strike the center of each seal to shatter them. Make sure to switch back and re-equip the Kusava after destroying the first seal so you have a fresh charge for the second.

Once the seals crumble, touch the broken remains. This updates your quest log and registers them as destroyed. Don’t forget this important step!

You should now see 2/3 seals broken in the quest tracker. Nice work! But we’re not done yet…

Step 3: Summon Your Dendro Powers

This is where many players get stuck. To access the third seal, you first need to break open the stone door using Dendro elemental energy.

Equip a Dendro character like the Traveler or Collei. Next, trigger their skill to spawn a Dendrograna seedling.

Guide the Dendrograna up to the stone door and it will smash through, granting you access. Pro tip: Break the door BEFORE handling the last seal, so you don’t have to backtrack.

Step 4: Vanquish the Final Seal

Now for the exciting climax! Enter the opened cave and locate the third and final stone seal. Equip your trusty Kusava one last time. Strike the seal to watch it crumble majestically.

Touch the last broken seal to update your quest log to 3/3 completed seals. Congratulations, you’ve won! The cave to the coveted Zohrah Mushroom is now open!

Why Two Seals Aren’t Enough

Many players question why they can’t finish after breaking just two seals. The reason is that the third seal is blocked off until the stone door is opened.

Without a Dendro character to spawn a Dendrograna, you cannot access the final seal to destroy it. Hence getting frustratingly stuck at 2/3 progress.

So the key is utilizing Dendro abilities to smash through that pesky stone barrier and reach the last seal. Keep this in mind if you get held up.

Additional Tips for Success

Here are some extra tips and strategies to give yourself the best chance of smoothly conquering this puzzle:

  • Use an archer aimed shot or Geo construct to spawn a Dendrograna seedling safely from a distance

  • Check your quest log frequently for guidance in case you get disoriented

  • Equip Elemental Sight to more easily spot interactable objects

  • Bring a friend in co-op mode to speed up breaking the seals and door

  • Defeat any nearby Fungi or Eremites first so they don’t interrupt you

  • If you accidentally miss a seal, re-equip Kusava and strike it again

  • Still stuck? Don’t give up, re-read this guide or watch a YouTube tutorial

The most important things are patience, double-checking your steps, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!

The Rewards of Unraveling the Zohrah Mystery

After all that work, it’s time to reap the rewards! By fully destroying the seals and accessing the mushroom cave, you’ll obtain:

  • Zohrah Mushroom materials for ascension/talents

  • Precious chest containing premium loot

  • Most importantly, the satisfaction of conquering the puzzle!

While the loot is nice, the true prize is overcoming this brain-teaser and proving your adventuring prowess in Teyvat. Well done!

Beyond the Zohrah: Conquering Genshin’s Trickiest Puzzles

Battling hypostases and weekly bosses is one thing. But solving convoluted puzzles like the Zohrah Mushroom separates the average player from the true Genshin masters.

Here are a few other infamous head-scratchers and how gadgets are the key:

Marana’s Fairy Puzzle: Use the Illuminating Conch gadget to guide sprites

The Mural Qixing Puzzle: Manipulate the Fan Device gadget to redirect beams of light

The Secret Isle’s Stone Slate: Operate the Bokuso Box gadget to amplify abilities

As you can see, cleverly utilizing gadgets is often the path to victory. Understanding your tools is just as important as combat strength or elemental mastery.

So don’t neglect spending time learning about gadgets and their creative applications. The knowledge will serve you well on your journey through the mystical lands of Teyvat!

In Summary: Follow This Guide to Mushroom Mastery

That covers everything you need for smooth sailing through the Zohrah Mushroom seal breaking quest. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Activate the Kusava gadget from your inventory

  • Obliterate the first two seals, then touch them

  • Summon Dendrograna to smash the stone door

  • Destroy the final seal inside and interact to complete the quest

  • Check your quest log if you get stuck or confused

  • Utilize gadgets creatively to solve Genshin’s toughest puzzles

The rest is up to you, trusted traveler. Go forth and fear no puzzle. The Zohrah awaits!

I hope this guide sparked insight into creatively overcoming Genshin Impact’s challenges using every tool at your disposal. Let me know if you have any other questions in your adventures across Teyvat. I’m always happy to help a fellow gamer and tech geek conquer the world of Genshin. Stay curious and stay awesome!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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