15 Best Lipstick Brands for Influencers to Collaborate With in 2023

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The global lipstick market is projected to reach $12.5 billion by 2028, driven by rising demand for long-wear formulas and matte finishes. As an influencer, partnering with the right lipstick brands allows leveraging this growing market.

But with thousands of lip products launched annually, how do you pick ones that best fit your personal brand?

As a social media marketing expert with over 10 years in the beauty industry, I‘ve explored lipstick brand collaborations first-hand. This post shares my insider view on the 15 best lipstick brands for influencers this year based on factors like:

  • Product quality and innovation
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Brand values and storytelling
  • Audience synergies
  • Retail distribution

Let‘s get right into the list!

1. Rare Beauty

Founded: 2020 \
Best Known For: Kind Words Matte Lipstick ($20) \
Retail Availability: Sephora, SpaceNK, Rare Beauty website

Homegrown celebrity brand Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is centered around self-acceptance and embracing imperfections. In just over 2 years, it has made $100+ million in sales through Sephora.

Rare Beauty‘s extensive shade range ensures finding the perfect nude, pink or red for every skin tone. Reviewing the creamy Kind Words mattes ($20) allows influencers to authentically connect with young followers contending with unrealistic beauty ideals. "I wish my 14-year old self had this message of self-love from Rare Beauty", says lifestyle creator Nabela Noor.

The brand also makes product application easy for beginners with its blurring Lip Souffles and nourishing Lip Balms. For Glam Tutors, creating easy makeup tutorials with these formats will be welcome.

Key Benefits for Influencers:

  • Strong brand identity and noble mission
  • Huge young fanbase of Selena Gomez herself
  • Varied lip product formats like traditional bullets and mousse-like souffles

"Rare Beauty‘s message of embracing real beauty makes it a brand I‘m proud to support," saysCalifornia-based influencer and mom Cassie Thorpe.

2. Fenty Beauty

Founded: 2017 \
Best Known For: Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer ($19) \
Retail Availability: Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Boots, Fenty Beauty website

Under Rihanna‘s visionary leadership, Fenty Beauty has redefined inclusivity in beauty with 50 foundation shades and vibrant lip colors. Since its launch, Fenty Beauty has racked up $570 million in revenue through Sephora, making it the retailer‘s fastest-growing new brand.

"The textures Rihanna creates keep the audience excited. I love surprising my followers with unique products they won‘t find anywhere else," says London influencer Poppy Jamie.

The Gloss Bomb lip glosses, glass-flecked Crystal Shine Lipsticks and featherlight Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tints make shooting content effortless while keeping followers engaged.

Key Benefits for Influencers

  • Strong social consciousness mission
  • Globally admired founder with massive fan following
  • Constant innovation like feather-light Eaze Drops foundation

3. Kylie Cosmetics

Founded: 2014 \
Best Known For: Matte Lip Kit ($27) \
Retail Availability: Kylie Cosmetics website, UK: Selfridges

In just 8 years, Kylie Cosmetics by celebrity beauty mogul Kylie Jenner has become a top makeup brand with $1.2 billion in projected 2022 revenue. Jenner‘s 300+ million strong ‘Kardashian‘ fandom makes her brand aspirational yet relatable at once.

"Kylie Cosmetics is such a marketing powerhouse thanks to Kylie‘s insane social reach," notes Los Angeles YouTuber Meredith Duxbury.

The easy-to-apply Matte Lip Kits ($27) in neutral and pink shades suit the Gen Z aesthetic. Showcasing these long-wearing lippies allows tapping into Jenner‘s vast network of devoted followers.

Key Benefits for Influencers

  • Massive social media footprint and brand awareness
  • Constant new launches keeping the audience engaged
  • Matte and velvet textures suiting photography/videos

4. Maybelline

Founded: 1915 \
Best Known For: SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick ($8.49) \
Retail Availability: Mass market retailers globally

Iconic drugstore brand Maybelline offers on-trend makeup for the Instagram generation at accessible price points. From vibrant Vinyl Inks to its classic range of 135 bullets, the brand has a diverse 56,700 shades.

Its extensive collection ensures finding the perfect red, pink or coral to match Indian, Latino or pale skin tones for under $10. Testing wear time and comfort will inform beauty enthusiasts seeking affordable all-day options.

Maybelline also delivers novelty like its one-step Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipsticks suited for easy application videos.

Key Benefits for Influencers

  • Iconic accessibility and mass market reach
  • Constant on-trend product innovations
  • Broad range of colors/finishes for diverse content

"I gravitate toward drugstore favorites like Maybelline for my younger viewers on TikTok. Seeing products they can easily buy drives engagement," notes Gen Z micro influencer Akira.

5. MAC Cosmetics

Founded: 1984 \
Best Known For: Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo ($19) \
Retail Availability: Pro stores, MAC website, Ulta, Macy‘s

Cult favorite MAC is the choice of professional makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic and Patrick Ta for its high-quality and long-lasting formulas.

The iconic Ruby Woo red lipstick specifically is the top selling MAC lipstick of all time – selling one globally every 3 seconds! Reviewing its intensely pigmented suede matte formula and perfect blue-red shade provides value to timeless beauty lovers.

For influencers, MAC‘s versatile range with over 500 shades ensures suiting light and deep skin tones alike for diverse content possibilities.

Key Benefits for Influencers:

  • Professional quality suited for photography/videos
  • Range of 500+ colors enables varied content
  • Strong inclusive ethos

6. Huda Beauty

Founded: 2013 \
Best Known For: Power Bullet Creamy Matte Lipstick ($25) \
Retail Availability: Sephora, Cult Beauty, Harvey Nichols

Middle East-born beauty empire Huda Beauty offers standout color payoff with unique finishes. 41 shades across four key lip formats like the Power Bullet Creamy Mattes ensure options for all preferences.

As per Tracker data, Huda Beauty garnered $82 million in retail sales through Sephora in 2021. Collaborating with founder Huda Kattan provides access to her 51.4 million loyal Instagram followers built over the years through candid personality-driven content.

Testing Punchy pinks, wearable nudes like ‘Girlfriend‘ and matte reds gives useful insights into the long-lasting Power Bullet formula. Swatch photos showing its intense color and seamless application will appeal to the Instagram generation.

Key Benefits for Influencers:

  • Massive social media presence including 51.4M Instagram followers
  • Constant product innovations like Power Bullet creamy mattes
  • Caters to global audiences


Founded: 1994 \
Best Known For: Powermatte Lip Pigment ($26) \
Retail Availability: NARS Boutiques, Sephora, Nordstrom

NARS‘ fashion-inspired cosmetics are a mainstay at Fashion Week and backstage with celebrity makeup artists. The brand stands out for avant-garde color pairings and hyper-saturated finishes.

The best selling Powermatte liquid lipstick delivers intense matte pigment with a lightweight feel. Reviewing attention-grabbing shades like American Woman, Starwoman and Red District appeals to fashionistas and makeup enthusiasts.

Standout textures like the Powermatte Liquid Lipstick, Air Matte Lip Color and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil lend well to creating stunning video content.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Avant-garde artistry and style positioning
  • Professional following coveting Fashion Week trends
  • Novel bold, long-wear lip pigments

8. Lancôme

Founded: 1935 \
Best Known For: L’Absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick ($32) \
Retail Availability:, Sephora, Ulta, Hudson‘s Bay

An icon of French beauty, Lancôme balances heritage with cutting-edge science across skincare and makeup.

As the #1 premium lipstick brand in America for 2 decades, Lancôme offers the best of Parisian beauty. The extensive L’Absolu Rouge cream lipstick collection delivers intense lacquered color yet immerses lips in moisture. Testing wear time, feel and shades provides beauty advise to mature, discerning luxury shoppers.

Teaming up with celebrities like Zendaya and Amanda Seyfried provides exciting partnership opportunities for influencers looking to connect with fans emotionally.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Artistic legacy balanced with constant innovation
  • Alignment with luxury houses like Saint Laurent
  • Broad appeal from heritage brand equity

9. Dior

Founded: 1946 \
Best Known For: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver ($34) \
Retail Availability: Dior boutiques, Sephora, Holt Renfrew

Dior extends its world-famous fashion heritage into prestige beauty including lip essentials adored by celebrities like Hailey Bieber.

Offering numerous textures from glossy oils to matte inks, Dior innovations captivate beauty enthusiasts. Revealing tips on choosing between sheer, creamy and matte finishes helps inform their purchases.

Dior also attracts influencer collaborations through limited-edition product lines. Showcasing these provides first-access and drives demand from luxury followers.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Strong association as a premium fashion house
  • Users appreciate unboxing/revealing luxury products
  • Advanced formulas like transfer-proof lip tats

10. NYX

Founded: 1999 \
Best Known For: Butter Gloss Lip Cream ($5.50) \
Retail Availability: Ulta, Target, CVS,

Offering professional quality color at impulse-buy prices, NYX encourages experimentation among beauty newbies. Its hashtag pulls over 8 million Instagram posts, making user content instantly visible.

The extensive Butter Gloss range provides non-sticky shine paying off across skin tones, at just $5. Demoing these affordable lippies allows creating diverse content – from unicorn makeup challenges to perfect nude pairings.

NYX also takes user feedback into product development through a standout Cosmetics App. Influencers get to actively participate in innovations.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Fosters creativity for standout content
  • Welcomes UGC input into new product launches
  • Huge 8M+ member user community

11. Revlon

Founded: 1932
Best Known For: Super Lustrous Lipstick ($8.49) \
Retail Availability: Mass retailers globally

As one of the first mass color cosmetics brands, Revlon made red lips accessible to women everywhere through icons like the Fire & Ice campaign. Today with Salma Hayek and Gal Gadot as global ambassadors, the brand retains pop culture significance.

The moisturizing Super Lustrous range offers an extensive color range in creams, pearls, mattes and shines. Swatching these budget-friendly bullets provides useful beauty advise to value-conscious followers.

Influencers also get to recreate memorable retro products likeCherries In The Glow and certainly stand out.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Strong pop culture heritage
  • Classics alongside novel lippies like Vinyl Inks
  • Grassroots trust as innovation pioneer

12. Sugar Cosmetics

Founded: 2012 \
Best Known For: Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick ($10) \
Retail Availability:, Nykaa

Homegrown brand Sugar Cosmetics makes professional makeup affordable and accessible in India. Intensely pigmented shades across four key textures gives Indian skin tones ample options.

The Smudge Me Not transfer-proof liquid lip formula ($10) competes with premium offerings at a fraction of the cost. Reviewing its vivid mattes like Riot Red and Punch Pink provides useful buying guidance.

CEO Vineeta Singh also welcomes creative influencer partnerships through Sugar‘s Make It Yours program. Developing customized products helps influencers make their unique mark.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Grassroots Indian brand embracing UGC
  • Broad range of texture preferences
  • Executive team open to novel ideas

13. Beauty Counter

Founded: 2011 \
Best Known For: Color Intense Lipstick ($32) \
Retail Availability: Counter store locations,

Prestige natural makeup brand Beauty Counter goes beyond products to lobby for cosmetic safety regulations in North America. With 42% of Gen Zers concerned about ingredients, Beauty Counter attracts mindful consumers.

The extensive Color Intense Lipstick range formulated with plant oils offers one-swipe pigment yet comfortable wear. Demoing feel on lips and testing shades for undertones provides clean beauty guidance.

The brand also makes room for partnerships by involving community members in product development panels. Co-creating ideas provides influencers‘ valuable audience insights directly to the brand.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Chemical safety advocacy garners trust
  • Consumer desire for natural ingredients
  • Executive team open to content ideas

14. Refy

Founded: 2020
Best Known For: Refy Matte Lipstick ($22) \
Retail Availability: Sephora,

Formed by Gen Z influencer Jess Hunt, social commerce lip brand Refy banks on creators to drive marketing. A limited-edition range inspired by songstress Ariana Grande gave Refy instant clout.

The brand‘s Insta-worthy gray packaging and top-notch formula also won it a ranking among Sephora‘s top lip launches just months after debuting.

For video creators, unboxing the magnetic closure black cases and intense color payoff already pulls great engagement. Collaborating on new nude, berry or red shade development provides exciting opportunities to co-create.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Launch momentum through influencer hype
  • Novel muse collaborations keeping followers intrigued
  • Creator-focused marketing strategy

15. Charlotte Tilbury

Founded: 2013 \
Best Known For: Matte Revolution Lipstick ($34)
Retail Availability: Nordstrom, Sephora, Net-A-Porter

Charlotte Tilbury breezed into the beauty world with glittering gold packaging housing makeup artist quality formulas. Nine years since, that magic sparkles through an exhilarating color cosmetics range loved by Amal Clooney and Salma Hayek.

The Matte Revolution lipstick collection offers the founder‘s red carpet secret to amplifying lip volume opticaly while keeping lips hydrated for 10 hours. Testing her shade-matching trick provides insider advice to timeless beauty enthusiasts.

Charlotte also actively courts creators through gifted PR packages and exclusive pre-launch access. Her confident persona makes even luxury products feel fun and approachable.

Key Influencer Benefits

  • Founder‘s celebrity clientele gives products instant star power
  • Message of makeup as self-empowerment inspires followers
  • Novel technologies like 3D glowing pigments

So there you have it – the 15 best lipstick brands to partner up with this year based on multiple strategic criteria vital for effective influencer campaigns.

From drugstore dynamo Maybelline to luxury darling Charlotte Tilbury, brands offering the right mix of social reach, product quality and marketing opportunities help you monetize your audience effectively.

Ultimately, aligning with labels that allow you to create authentic content true to your personal brand yields the best partnership success.

Let me know which lipstick brand from this list you plan to collaborate with in 2023!

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