How to Fix "Loading Save Data" in Midnight Fight Express

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Are you a Xbox Game Pass subscriber trying to play Midnight Fight Express? Eager to try out this new brawling action game, but stuck on an endless "Loading Save Data…" screen? Don‘t worry – you‘re not alone.

Many Xbox players are running into this frustrating bug which prevents the game from getting past the loading screen. But thankfully, there‘s a simple workaround while we wait for an official patch.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain what‘s causing this "Loading Save Data" error and walk you through the steps to bypass it on Xbox. With a few quick profile tweaks, you can be roundhouse kicking goons through neon-lit streets in no time.

What is Causing the "Loading Save Data" Bug?

Midnight Fight Express is a brutal, physics-based brawler set in a grim crime-filled cityscape. You play as a former hitman hunting down your old boss and his gang syndicate.

Developed by Jacob Dzwinel and published by Humble Games, Midnight Fight Express launched on August 23, 2022 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is also available via Xbox Game Pass.

Immediately after launch, many Xbox Game Pass subscribers reported getting stuck on the loading screen and being unable to play. The game loads to a black screen with the "Loading Save Data…" message indefinitely.

Based on player reports, this appears related to a bug with the Xbox profile:

"Worked for me after simply changing my gamerpic"

"Changed my pic and it worked instantly!"

"Swapped profile pics and it started right up"

So while we wait for an official patch from the developers, the workaround is luckily an easy profile tweak.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix "Loading Save Data"

Follow these steps to change your Xbox profile picture and bypass the loading screen bug:

1. Open the Xbox App

On your Xbox console, open the Xbox app.

Xbox app icon on Xbox home screen

2. Go to Your Profile

In the Xbox app, go to your profile by selecting your profile icon in the top left.

Profile icon in top left of Xbox app

3. Edit Your Profile

From your profile screen, select "Customize profile" then click on your gamerpic to change it.

Customize profile option in Xbox app

4. Choose a New Gamerpic

Pick a new gamerpic from the options or use your own custom image. Save your new profile picture.

Choosing new gamerpic in Xbox app

5. Relaunch Midnight Fight Express

Close the Xbox app and relaunch Midnight Fight Express. It should now load past the "Loading Save Data" screen.

Midnight Fight Express title screen

And that‘s it! This simple trick should get you playing the game smoothly. The "Loading Save Data" bug appears tied directly to your Xbox profile‘s gamerpic.

Many users online confirm changing their picture fixes the issue instantly:

"It actually worked for me too thanks!"

"This fixed it! Nice find dude"

"OMG can finally play the game after changing my pic!"

However, some players report this doesn‘t work every time. If it still gets stuck loading after changing your profile picture, try the extra steps below.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some other things to try if you‘re still stuck on the loading screen after altering your gamerpic:

  • Force quit the game – Completely close out of Midnight Fight Express from the Xbox dashboard if it‘s still stuck loading. Then restart it.

  • Power cycle your Xbox – Hold the power button on your console for 10 seconds to do a hard reset. This clears any software bugs.

  • Check for updates – The developers may have released a patch, so check for Midnight Fight Express updates.

  • Change gamerpic again – Try changing to a different gamerpic, not just the same one. It may take setting it to something completely new.

  • Delete and reinstall the game – As a last resort, uninstall and redownload the game from Xbox Game Pass.

  • Wait for official patch – The developers are likely working on a permanent fix. So hang tight if the workarounds aren‘t working.

Also ensure you have a strong, stable internet connection when troubleshooting. Connection drops can sometimes cause loading issues.

Hopefully with a gamerpic change and a few other tweaks, you‘ll get past that pesky loading bug. Let‘s dive into what the developers have said about a real fix.

Status of the Official Bug Fix

As of writing, the Midnight Fight Express developers have not released a patch to address the "Loading Save Data" issue. However, they are aware of the problem:

We‘re investigating the Game Pass “Saving Game Data” issue. We‘ll update you once we have more info. Thank you for your patience!" – @JacobDzwinel (Game Developer)

So an official fix should be coming soon from the dev team. This will permanently resolve the loading error for all Xbox Game Pass users.

Some players speculate the problem lies with how Midnight Fight Express saves data rather than the profile bug workaround. Either way, keep an eye out for patch notes mentioning a loading screen fix.

Tips for Playing After Bypassing the Bug

Once you get past the initial "Loading Save Data" bug using the gamerpic trick, you hopefully won‘t run into the issue again during normal play. But keep these tips in mind:

  • Save your game regularly in case the error occurs again
  • Don‘t reset your gamerpic or you may trigger the bug
  • Avoid switching profiles while playing
  • Check forums and Reddit for updates on a patch
  • Report any other bugs or glitches you encounter

Be prepared to change your gamerpic again if the loading issue pops up after already fixing it once. Since this is an unofficial workaround, it can be inconsistent.

Along with the infamous loading bug, here are some other common Midnight Fight Express errors and how to resolve them:

Can‘t connect to Xbox Live – Restart your Xbox console and internet router, then check Xbox Live status here.

Game crashed – Close and relaunch the game. Update your Xbox and the game. Clear your console cache.

Can‘t get past main menu – Try changing your gamerpic if the loading bug is causing this. Force quit and relaunch.

Controls not working – Ensure your Xbox controller is charged and connected properly via USB or wireless. Reset the controller.

Graphics issues – Check for overheating that could cause glitches. Adjust graphics settings. Update your console and game.

Missing game audio – Check TV/headset connections and volume. Adjust in-game audio settings. Relaunch the game.

Waiting for the Official Patch

While the gamerpic workaround fixes "Loading Save Data" for now, we still have to wait for the Midnight Fight Express team to officially patch the bug. Make sure to follow Jacob Dzwinel and Humble Games on social media for update announcements.

Some players are requesting refunds from Xbox until the loading issue is resolved. But if you‘d rather keep access, bookmark the Midnight Fight Express patch notes page to watch for fixes.

Hopefully the developers can squash this bug soon so we can beat down baddies without profile tweaks. But in the meantime, changing your gamerpic should get Midnight Fight Express running smoothly again.

Just remember to keep that new picture set until the loading error is patched for good! Let us know in the comments if the gamerpic fix works for you or if you‘re still experiencing issues.


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