How to Make Big Text on Discord – A Comprehensive Guide for Streamers & Gamers

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Do you want to make your Discord messages stand out and grab attention? As a streamer, gamer, or active Discord user, formatting your text with enlarged fonts is a great way to highlight key points and liven up conversations.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about typing big, bold text on Discord for both desktop and mobile. You‘ll learn formatting tips to make your communication pop, troubleshoot issues, and use big text like a pro.

So let‘s dive in and level up your Discord text skills!

What Exactly is Big Text on Discord?

Big text refers to enlarging the font size of your Discord messages beyond the default text size. It makes certain words or phrases appear bigger and bolder, commanding more attention in chat.

For example, this is normal sized text.

And this is big text.

See the difference? The large text draws your eye with its bigger, blockier font.

Big text is formatted using Markdown – a simple syntax for styling messages on Discord and other apps like Reddit. By adding special characters before your text, you can modify how it looks.

For enlarging text, that special character is the pound symbol #.

So what can you use big text for on Discord? Here are some common uses:

  • Titles and headlines – Introduce topics and segments with enlarged titles
  • Emphasis – Highlight important points in big text
  • Attention-grabbing – Make key messages stand out and get noticed
  • Organization – Structure longform messages using headers
  • Calls-to-Action – Prompt users to click links or take actions

Big text helps conversations flow better and makes it easy to skim through busy channels for relevant info.

Now let‘s look at exactly how to type it on both desktop and mobile Discord.

Typing Big Text on Discord Desktop

Formatting enlarged text on desktop Discord is straightforward using Markdown.

Here are the steps:

  1. Type your message out as normal in the chat box.

  2. Add a hash symbol # before the text you want to enlarge.

    • Leave a space between the # and your text.
  3. The more # you add, the smaller your big text will become:

    • = Second largest size

    • = Third largest size

  4. Send your message and the text with # will appear enlarged!

For example:

# Big Text 
Small text

The "Big Text" will display much larger than the "Small text"

You can use this Markdown to quickly enlarge titles, names, or key phrases to make them pop. Just add a # before the text to boost the size.

Let‘s look at a real Discord example:

# Stream Starting Soon!

Hey @everyone, I‘ll be live with some Fortnite duos in 10 minutes! 

Get hyped and come hang out :)

The big text makes the title stand out so readers immediately see the stream is starting. Then the normal text provides the message details.

So on desktop Discord, use # to enlarge your text to varying sizes. The more # you add, the smaller the text will be.

Next let‘s look at big text formatting on mobile.

Typing Big Text on Mobile Discord

The process of making big text on mobile Discord is the same as desktop. You just use the # symbol before your text to enlarge it.

Here are the steps:

  1. In your message, type # before the text you want enlarged.

    • Leave a space between the # and your text.
  2. The more # you use, the smaller your text will become:

    • = Second biggest

    • = Third biggest

  3. Hit send and the text with # will appear enlarged.

For example, you‘d type:

# Big text
Small text 

And "Big text" would show up larger than "Small text".

The # Markdown syntax works the same to boost text size whether you‘re on desktop or mobile.

Now let‘s go over some best practices for using big text effectively.

Tips for Using Big Text Like a Pro

When writing with enlarged text on Discord, follow these tips to use it effectively:

  • Use sparingly – Only make 1-2 words big per message. Big text loses impact if overused.

  • Highlight key points – Enlarge the most important words, names, or titles to draw attention.

  • Experiment with sizes – Use #, ##, and ### to emphasize different elements.

  • Pair with bold text – Combining enlarged and bold text has high visual impact.

  • Consider context – Avoid big text in solemn or sensitive discussions where it may seem abrasive.

  • Check accessibility – Large fonts can help people with visual impairments. But don‘t overdo it.

  • Stay on brand – If managing a server, ensure enlarged text aligns with your community guidelines.

Following these tips will help you use big text strategically to make the right parts of your message stand out.

Now let‘s troubleshoot some common issues with enlarged Discord text.

Why Can‘t I Type Big Text on Some Discord Servers?

If you can‘t format big text on a particular Discord server, there are a few possible reasons:

Markdown is disabled – Some servers disable Markdown formatting commands like big text. This prevents spam or abuse.

App issues – Desktop vs mobile apps can have issues with Markdown rendering.

Permission problems – Your user role may not have permission to use text formatting on that server.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot and try to enable big text:

  • Test big text on another Discord server to check if the issue is specific to one server.

  • Try alternating between the desktop and mobile apps. Markdown can behave differently between platforms.

  • Install the official Discord mobile app if using a third-party client. Format support varies across clients.

  • Contact a server admin or staff member to request Markdown permissions for your user role.

  • Use a big text generator to enlarge text online, then copy/paste into Discord as a workaround.

With some testing and troubleshooting, you should be able to get enlarged text working, even on servers with strict formatting rules.

Big Text on Discord – Summary

To recap, here are the key points for typing big, bold text on Discord:

  • Use the # symbol before text to enlarge it – # for biggest, ### for smallest
  • Leave a space between the # and your text
  • Highlight key points, don‘t overuse big text
  • Troubleshoot by testing different apps and contacting admins
  • Use sparingly and with good judgment depending on the context

So now you‘re a pro at making your Discord messages stand out!

With this guide, you have all the knowledge to grab attention, structure conversations, and bring your communication to life using enlarged fonts.

On your next gaming session or stream, put your new text skills to work. Your Discord community will take notice when you accent messages with strategic big text.

Have fun and happy chatting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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