Mastering Contracts: An Expert‘s Guide to Completing Missions in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Hey friend! Looking to take your Warzone 2 DMZ experience to the next level? Contract missions are an underrated way to quickly gain XP, coveted blueprints, and exclusive rewards. But between dangerous HVTs, non-stop combat, and mysterious puzzles – completing contracts can be overwhelming for many players.

As an experienced streaming gamer with hundreds of hours in DMZ, I‘m here to share my proven strategies to master these missions. With the right approach, you‘ll be raking in rewards and leveling up faster than ever. Stick with me and I‘ll transform you into a contract-conquering specialist!

Contracts 101 – Your Key to Unlocking DMZ‘s Potential

For those new to DMZ, contracts are special objectives scattered around Al Mazrah that send you on focused missions. These range from eliminating high-value targets, securing intel, defending points, and more.

Completing contracts is absolutely essential to progress in DMZ for three big reasons:

1. Big XP rewards to rank up quickly – Most contracts give 2,500+ XP, some over 10,000 XP! Much faster leveling than looting aimlessly.

2. Exclusive weapon blueprints and items – Certain contracts are the only way to unlock rare blueprints like the M13B assault rifle.

3. They give access to new missions – Each contract completed opens up more of that faction‘s mission tree.

Without banging out contracts for factions like Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous, you‘re really missing out on the full DMZ experience.

But jumping into these dangerous missions unprepared is a recipe for disaster. By following my guide, you‘ll be able to efficiently track down and complete contracts like a pro. Let‘s start with the basics of finding contracts in DMZ.

Step 1 – Locate Contracts Using the Tac-Map

In order to complete a contract, you first need to locate one of the available mission phones around Al Mazrah. The best way to find them is by checking the Tac-Map. Here are some tips:

  • Open your map – Press the View/Select Button or M/Map key to open the full map.

  • Zoom in – Use R3 or the zoom controls to get a detailed view of your area. Contracts won‘t be visible when fully zoomed out.

  • Scan for icons – Look for green circular icons – these indicate available contract phones. They often appear at major POIs and buildings.

  • Ping contracts – Aim at the icon and press the Ping Button/Z key to mark its location on your HUD. This helps track them down.

  • Prioritize closest contracts – Unless going for a high-tier mission, pick ones near your position to complete quickly.

Learning how to read the Tac-Map and finding contracts in your vicinity is the first step to getting the lucrative rewards. Next, you need to head to the contract‘s location and interact with the phone.

Step 2 – Answering the Call of the Contract Phone

Alright, you‘ve marked a contract on your map – time to find the physical phone and activate the mission. Here are some tips for this critical stage:

  • Clear the area beforehand – Scope out the location first and take down any enemies guarding it. Getting ambushed right when starting a contract is no good.

  • Watch for the green phone – Once near the pinged area, the phone will appear on surfaces like tables, shelves, etc. Look for the bright green phone icon.

  • Interact with the phone – Approach the phone and hold the Use Button/F key, then listen to the full conversation to officially activate it.

  • Be ready before starting – Make sure your weapon is reloaded, you have ammo/armor, and your squad is prepared before interacting. Some contracts lead right into combat.

With the contract active, you‘ll get a notification showing your new objective along with a general location. Time to get to work!

Step 3 – Completing the Contract Mission

Now for the exciting part – carrying out the mission itself, which is where the real rewards are earned. Contract objectives generally fall into a few major categories:

Eliminate HVTs – Take down high-profile target characters and collect intel from their body. High combat difficulty.

Secure Intel – Fight through enemies to locate and extract intel packages from POIs. Maintain focus under fire.

Defend Points – Hold out against waves of attackers trying to capture objectives like radar towers. Tests endurance and ammo supply.

Make Contact – The simplest mission, just interact with phones like we practiced! Quick and easy.

Puzzle Contracts – Unique tasks like decrypting codes, searching areas in order, etc. Take puzzle-solving skills.

To dominate these missions, you‘ll need the right loadout, strategy, and (to review the tone, write in active voice as if guiding a friend through this)quickly analyzing the situation to adapt. Let‘s go over best practices for success:

  • Pack mobility – Having a long-range AR and SMG offers versatility for contracts.

  • Bring extra plates – The ability to replenish armor mid-mission is huge. Prioritize survival.

  • Play to your strengths – Lean towards contracts that match your playstyle. Like stealing intel? Do those!

  • Check your faction perks – Certain factions give benefits like more XP for their contracts. Align with your goals.

  • Bait and switch – Engage from range, then push up close. Keeps enemies off-balance.

  • Don‘t get greedy – Consider extracting after getting the main objective rather than pushing your luck.

  • Mix it up – Alternate between high-risk, high-reward missions and easier ones to balance pace.

Following these tips will help you excel at any contract, whether it‘s mowing down targets or solving complex puzzles. But maximizing rewards means more than just completing contracts – you need to choose the right ones.

Choosing the Best Contracts to Boost Your Progression

With so many contracts available, you need to be selective about which ones to take on at any given time. Your priorities will depend on current objectives, but here are some recommendations:

  • When leveling, do lots of easy contracts – Focus on quantity for XP. Knock out bunches of low-tier missions.

  • If you need a blueprint – only do that faction – Keep repeating their contracts until you unlock the item.

  • For raw cash, target intel contracts – These reliably pay out $5,000+ for elite intel extracts.

  • Feeling bold? Chase tier 5 contracts – Require skill but offer exclusive legendaries and big rewards.

  • Burn excess ammo on defend contracts – Great way to use surplus ammo from looting before extracting.

  • Master each contract type – Become a specialist across all mission varieties to open up options.

With some strategic contracting, you‘ll maximize rewards and gain the exact resources, weapons, and upgrades you desire. Now let‘s get into some next-level tactics.

Pro Tips for Contract Domination

If you‘re looking to reach expert-level with contracts, here are some advanced strategies I‘ve picked up from hundreds of hours completing DMZ missions:

  • Chain contracts together – String similar nearby contracts to run them efficiently.

  • Use vehicles for rapid response – Vehicles let you blitz across Al Mazrah quickly to capitalize on timed contracts.

  • Bait enemies towards contracts – Engage at range then fall back to pull them into contract ambushes.

  • Team up with other Operators – Coordinated squads can distribute tasks on a contract.

  • Exploit AI behavior – Enemies react predictably to things like smoke grenades when completing objectives.

  • Plan backup extract routes – Have multiple rotations prepared in case the main extract gets compromised after securing a target.

With these pro tips, you‘ll be able to maximize efficiency, outsmart enemies, and complete higher-risk, higher-tier contracts that offer exotic rewards.

Top Contract Phone Locations

Of course, you can‘t complete a contract without first finding an available phone. After extensive playtime exploring Al Mazrah, I‘ve identified some of the most reliable contract locations across the map:

Sawah Village – Check the large central building with tier 3 loot.

Al Sharim Pass – Phones frequently spawn in the gas station.

Mawizeh Marshlands – The boatyard buildings often have contracts.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric – Try the admin buildings and turbine towers.

Sarrif Bay – Check the town hall and surrounding houses.

With these high-traffic areas memorized, you‘ll be able to drop in and pinpoint a quick contract to complete within minutes. This optimization is key for rapid progression.

Conquer Contracts and Unlock DMZ‘s True Potential

And there you have it – everything you need to go from fledgling contractor to mission master. With the right approach, contracts can fast-track your DMZ experience by leveling up battle passes, unlocking exclusive loot, and discovering thrilling scenarios across Al Mazrah.

So don‘t spend every match just looting chests – take on a mission! I hope my guide has equipped you with the tactical knowledge to complete contracts efficiently. Now get out there, answer those ringing green phones, and collect some epic rewards. Just stick to the strategies I outlined and you‘ll be dominating DMZ contracts in no time.

Let me know when you unlock your first Tier 5 contract or rare blueprint from my advice! I‘m always happy to celebrate your accomplishments and answer any other DMZ questions you might have on the journey to becoming an extraction expert. I‘ll see you in Al Mazrah, friend. Time to mission up!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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