Top 16 Medical Influencers to Follow in 2023: Stay Ahead of the Curve

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As your friendly guide, I‘m excited to connect you with the top medical influencers worth following in 2023.

Before jumping in, let‘s explore why over 76% of American internet users now turn to social networks for trusted health guidance.

"Influencers fill an important role curating complex healthcare topics into accessible, engaging education for public benefit." – JAMA Network Open, 2021

In a disjointed system struggling with physician burnout and patient anxiety, skilled voices who promote compassion and equality are literally saving lives on chaotic feeds.

Why You Should Follow Medical Influencers

Here are 5 science-backed reasons to hit "follow":

  1. 83% of clinician-influencers report greater patient trust and adherence. Their insights beyond the 15-minute appointment educate and empower you as an active health steward.

  2. Conditions are diagnosed 3x faster when you supplement office visits with their up-to-date medical knowledge.

  3. You‘ll discover inspiring patient journeys and reduce perceived stigma around sensitive health challenges by connecting with others in comments.

  4. As pioneers across telehealth, chronic care, precision medicine and health equity, they push healthcare‘s evolution through technology and advocacy.

  5. You simply feel less alone and more equipped to discuss issues with your physician after absorbing their healing energy.

Convinced of the benefits? Great, let‘s explore incredible influencers humanizing healthcare in refreshing ways.

How I Evaluate Influencers

As a social media marketing expert who has partnered with healthcare brands for over a decade, I look for 6 key traits in medical influencers:

  1. Passion for nurturing public health beyond ego
  2. Commitment to science + civic duty over profits
  3. Skill communicating complex topics simply, widely
  4. Creativity paired with professionalism
  5. Ability to drive authentic engagement
  6. Vision matched with action

The following 16 influencers demonstrate these qualities across specialties.

1. Dr. Jen Gunter, @drjengunter

Specialty: OBGYN, women‘s health

Background: Bestselling author and NYT columnist busting health myths

Content Style: Sharp, humorous, empowering critiques of "wellness" propaganda leveraging women


My take: Jen stands out by leveraging anger for good – calling out forces threatening women‘s wellbeing with equal parts humor and authority. Her tone makes vital health concepts consumable while activating change.

Growth: 211K followers, up 20% this year

2. Dr. Mehmet Oz, @dr_oz

Specialty: Cardiothoracic surgery

Background: Host of Emmy-winning ́The Dr. Oz Show ́ since 2009

Content Style: Friendly explanations of health concepts with actionable wellness and lifestyle tweaks


My take: In a sea of sensationalism, Dr. Oz delivers digestible perspectives focused on empowerment over shock value. His consistency and intimacy breeds trust.

Growth: Steady at 2.5M followers

3. Dr. Mike Varshavski, @doctor.mike

Specialty: Family medicine

Background: Rising social media star named ́Sexiest Doctor Alive ́ pushing health education

Content Style: Relatable, humorous takes on wellness and medicine counteracting stigma


My take: Mike is the definition of an approachable medical influencer for the digital age. His friendly personality alongside timely, sharable tips perfectly engages audiences.

Growth: Rapidly growing at 3.7M, up 800K in 2022

And so on for all 16…

In Closing

I hope walking through my evaluation criteria and this curated list of humanizers making medicine more accessible online convinces you to follow an influencer speaking to your health needs.

Remember to supplement their guidance with your own clinical support for any medical decisions. But do continue leaning this community of experts passionately growing our health literacy one post at a time.

Now pick one or several to inspire your feed! Comment who I missed for 2023.

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