Top 20 Mexican TikTokers: Exploring the Colorful World of Mexican Influencers

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TikTok has exploded in popularity across Mexico, amassing over 62 million active users and counting. Much of this meteoric growth can be attributed to homegrown Mexican TikTok creators who have conquered the platform with vibrant, joyful content that captures Latin culture authentically.

Let‘s explore the top 20 most popular Mexican TikTokers dominating the scene currently and analyze how they‘ve managed to build massive, devoted followings.

The Common Threads Among Leading Mexican TikTokers

While Mexican influencers span every content category imaginable on TikTok, from comedy to beauty tutorials, a few noticeable trends stand out:

Family Channels: Several top Mexican TikTokers run successful couple or family accounts alongside their partners and kids, like Kimberly Loaiza or the Merlos Sisters. Their infectious bonds, inside jokes, and talent for creative collaboration makes these channels addictively entertaining.

Cross-Platform Influencers: Most leading Mexican TikTokers rose to fame through other social platforms first, like YouTube or Instagram, before conquering TikTok as well with their existing fanbases. They understand how to tailor content across platforms.

Humor and DanceSTRONG> Reign Supreme: By far, the most popular niches among Mexican TikTokers are comedy routines and dance challenges accentuated by their lively Latino spirit. Even influencers in other niches like cooking often incorporate humor to appeal to Mexican fans.

Ultra-Engaged Followings: Top Mexican creators don‘t just rack up followers – they cultivate loyal fandoms who engage actively with their content through likes, comments, duets, etc. This signals marketing potential to brands.

Now let’s get to know the biggest stars representing #TikTokMexico!

1. Kimberly Loaiza – @kimberly.loaiza

With a staggering 75 million followers, Kimberly Loaiza stands atop the Mexican TikTok universe! She initially got her start on YouTube 6 years ago before migrating to TikTok, where her fame exploded exponentially.

Along with her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja, also a massively popular TikToker, Kimberly churns out funny lip-sync routines, couples dance challenges, vlogs, and music videos that exude maximum Mexican sass and spice!

As TikTok’s biggest Latina creator, Kimberly has scored major branding deals with companies itching to get in front of her colossal following. Most recently, she even dropped her own makeup collab with popular cosmetics brand BYS.

2. Domelipa – @domelipa

Right behind Kimberly is fellow entertainment powerhouse Domelipa, who has accrued 66 million loyal followers on TikTok in just a few short years. The young Mexican sensation originally got her start sharing K-pop dance covers on YouTube before focusing her talents on slaying TikTok’s viral choreography.

When she’s not dancing, Domelipa shows off her bold fashion sense in transition videos and flaunts her glowing makeup looks. As one of Mexico’s Gen Z sweethearts, she has plenty of youth brands chasing her trail!

3. Gisselle Kuri – @gissellekuri

While less known internationally, 25-year-old Gisselle Kuri is an absolute sensation in her native Mexico with 63 million TikTok fans glued to her account.

Her videos highlight viral dance trends while displaying her talents as both a professional choreographer and recording artist. Gisselle often features special guests in her videos, from global pop sensations like RBD to fellow Mexican creators which exposes them to her enormous audience.

4. Ricky Limón – @rickylemon99

With 18.5 million avid followers, Ricky Limón has carved his niche as one of Mexico’s OG TikTok comedians with his outlandish facial expressions and wacky sense of humor.

He churns out parody sketches and on-trend lip-sync routines that leave his Spanish-speaking audience in stitches. Ricky frequently collaborates with other top Mexican TikTokers like his sister Andrea, extending his reach even further.

Brands value influencers like Ricky not just for their sheer audience size but for their noticeable impact on culture itself – the very dance trends, memes, and jokes that permeate TikTok often originate from creators like him!

5. Fede Vigevani – @fedevigevani

Yet another young Mexican comedy sensation slaying TikTok is Fede Vigevani, the resident class clown among his squad of creator friends like Paco de Miguel and Ricky Limón. His buffoonish antics and exaggerated reactions to viral TikTok prompts has won over 17 million followers and counting.

Short-form video apps like TikTok cater perfectly to Fede’s high-energy spontaneous comedic style. And he strategically maximizes his impact by constantly collaborating with other rising Mexican creators too.

6. Daniela Rodrice – @danielardce

While many Mexican comedy creators bank on slapstick outrageousness, Daniela Rodrice stands apart with her subtle, sarcastic wit. The young actress has accrued 15 million loyal supporters on TikTok who can’t get enough of her funny skits satirizing Mexican culture and womanhood.

Daniela first splashed onto the internet scene starring in the hit YouTube series Enamorándonos before focusing full-time on conquering TikTok. And with comedic timing as sharp as hers, she’s bound to keep her followers rolling with laughter for years to come!

7. Luisito Comunica – @luisitocomunica

While most top TikTokers are native to the platform, some migrating stars have managed to translate their popularity impressively onto short-form video – like famed Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica.

Luisito boasts 31 million YouTube subscribers who tune in religiously for his comedic travel vlogs and cultural insights. While relatively new to TikTok, he has quickly assembled 14 million followers there too who can’t get enough of his quirky, fast-paced humor.

For brands interested in tapping into his ultra-loyal Latino fanbase, Luisito charges around $84K per sponsored YouTube video. One of Mexico’s most bankable internet stars!

8. Kunno – @papikunno

When it comes to capturing TikTok trends, 20-year-old influencer Kunno remains steps ahead of the game with his flashy fashion sense and effortlessly viral dance routines. The Mexican Gen Z-er initially attracted attention on Instagram showing off his style before hauling in 13 million TikTok followers.

In addition to dominating viral dances, Kunno frequently posts transition videos highlighting his #OOTDs paired with sassy audio clips that fans eagerly recreate. Global brands like Coach Mexico and Guess Jeans have taken notice, sponsoring campaigns to tap into his zoomer coolness.

9. Donna Oli – @donnaoli

As one of Mexico’s premier beauty gurus, Donna Oli has attracted 10.3 million TikTok followers with her transformative makeup looks and beauty hacks. What launched her path to internet fame? An early viral contouring tutorial years ago highlighting her skills as an MUA.

Now on TikTok, Donna unveils her most gorgeous, glamourous beats for captivated fans. She offers both quick 60 second tutorials for achieving popular makeup trends along with in-depth routines demonstrating products from her own cosmetic lines. Brand collaborations with Donna provide tremendous exposure.

10. Gala Montes – @galamontes_

Another chart-topping beauty creator from Mexico slaying TikTok is the fashion and makeup entertainer Gala Montes. The cosmetology school graduate originally hailing from Baja California has raked in 10 million awestruck followers on TikTok who praise her skills.

In addition to flaunting her own makeup looks, Gala creates media-inspired character transformations, special FX illusions, and SFX wounds that showcase her advanced training. For beauty or costume brands seeking a showstopping TikTok partnership, connect with Gala!

11. Ely Blancarte – @elyblancarte

Mexican fashion and beauty influencers continue dominating TikTok rankings, with 30-year-old style star Ely Blancarte boasting 9 million loyal supporters.

A trained MUA and licensed aesthetician, Ely began posting makeup tutorials and reviews years back before focusing her content around hauls, trends, and her enviably glamorous personal style. She often features her favorite boutiques and brands while unboxing her luxe purchases.

For companies targeting Mexican women consumers with higher household incomes, Ely provides tremendously valuable exposure worth investing in.

12. Mont Pantoja – @montpantojastar

Yet another member of Mexico’s popular Pantoja influencer dynasty claiming TikTok fame is Juan de Dios Pantoja’s younger brother, Monty. Still a teenager in school, he has accrued an astonishing 8.8 million TikTok followers in just a couple years.

Monty charms fans by giving them a peek into the everyday lives of Gen Z kids in Mexico through vlogs, comedy clips, and by participating in the latest TikTok challenges.

As his online popularity continues rising exponentially, this youngest Pantoja sibling shows serious marketing potential with his distinct brand of youthful relatability.

13. Xime Ponch – @ximeponch

Mexican influencers have mastered the recipe for TikTok comedy fame: outrageous clownish antics + loud Latino attitude = views and virality! Case in point? Outlandish TikToker Xime Ponch.

This Mexican funnywoman stops at nothing to get laughs out of her nearly 9 million avid followers, even if it means publicly embarrassing herself over and over. Fans feel rewarded watching her videos too, as Xime generously features fan art on her account.

Brands seeking a truly unhinged and loud TikTok spokesperson should look no further than Xime! She‘ll promote products with her trademark wackiness and directness that grabs attention.

14. Brianda Deyanara – @briandadeyanara

In the world of Latina beauty influencers, Brianda Deyanara ranks among the most glamorous with 8.6 million awestruck fans. After getting her start on YouTube and Instagram, the Mexican style star migrated her accounts onto TikTok over the past year where her popularity continues mounting.

Brianda sets trends with her envy-inducing fashion hauls, which often feature the hottest boutiques in Mexico. For any brands targeting female consumers and selling apparel, cosmetics, or accessories, Brianda makes an ideal partner for paid promotions.

15. Ralf – @ralfdisneyworld

As one of Mexico‘s most-viewed family vloggers documenting his visits to Disney theme parks, Ralf has won over 8.5 million devoted subscribers between YouTube and TikTok.

While the majority of his content appears on YouTube, Ralf boasts an impressive TikTok viewership too who tune in to see condensed highlights and teasers for upcoming Disney-themed videos.

For brands targeting family demographics with their messaging and promotions, especially entertainment brands related to traveling, Ralf offers direct access to millions of sets of eyeballs.

16. Fer Reyes – @fiereyess

When it comes to setting beauty, style, and wellness trends across Mexico, influencer Fer Reyes emerges as an industry leader with over 8 million collective social media followers.

On TikTok specifically though, her account @fiereyess has blown up in the past year, providing fans with a steady stream of makeup tutorials, skincare recommendations, morning routine videos, and gym looks.

But what audiences love most are her short comedy clips satirizing her glamorous influencer lifestyle through a down-to-earth, relatable lens.

17. Joss Grupera – @jossgruperaofficiall

Mexican TikTok isn‘t just limited to pretty faces doling out dance trends…the platform boasts seriously skilled performance artists too, like magician Joss Grupera.

This illusionist, stunt performer, and cirque entertainer regularly stuns his 7.9 million followers by attempting outrageous feats like breaking out of a straight jacket underwater or dodging a bed of nails.

For sports brands involved in BMX, skating, or other daring subcultures popular among thrill-seeking youth, Joss makes a captivating TikTok ambassador boasting major counterculture appeal.

18. Chuleytito Mexcio – @chuleytitomexico

This outrageously flamboyant beauty influencer has carved his own unique niche on TikTok amusing 6 million loyal subscribers with his kooky cosplay transformations, over-the-top comedy, and unapologetic authenticity.

Underneath the bright wigs and layers of makeup though, Chuleytito promotes body positivity and self-love…especially for males hesitant expressing themselves creatively through beauty and fashion.

For progressive brands embracing inclusion, Chule aims to dismantle gender stereotypes while showcasing products through his trusting, supportive community.

19. Xavi Jaso – @xavijaso

In addition to standup comedians, TikTok has also catapulted traditional actors and TV stars like Xavi Jaso into digital influencer fame. This Mexican performer appeared across Televisa sitcoms throughout the 1990s before his nostalgic brand of physical comedy enchanted TikTok‘s Gen Z audience.

Now boasting 5 million young followers, his trademark goofy facial expressions combined with throwback audio clips make for easily sharable and engaging video formulas on the FYP feed.

Despite starting his career decades ago, brands view Xavi‘s crossover appeal connecting with both older Millennial and young Gen Z demographics as seriously valuable.

20. Itzel Cuevas – @itzelcuevas

Rounding out our top 20 countdown is comedy actress Itzel Cuevas, yet another Televisa TV star harnessing TikTok to evolve into a digital influencer. Her nearly 5 million fans know her best for parodying telenovela scenes.

However, Itzel expertly adapts her acting talents to nail the latest memes, dueting with fans, and showcasing relatable content about dating, womanhood, and adulting mishaps. She breathes new life into classic Latina female archetypes.

For any modern brands hoping to resonate with progressive young Hispanic women breaking barriers, Itzel makes an empowering partner providing reach.

As we‘ve seen, Mexico‘s top-performing digital stars on TikTok span beyond the platform itself, commanding serious multi-channel influence across YouTube, Instagram, etc. where billions of impressions get served daily to their loyal Latino followers.

For brands hoping to tap into these highly-engaged, scalable audiences, partnering with proven Mexican influencers allows instant access while their meteoric popularity continues rising.

When vetting potential Mexican TikTok partners, make sure to analyze not just vanilla follower counts but also gauge authentic engagement through likes, comments, etc. Also ensure content aligns seamlessly with your brand values for maximum successful cultural translation.

2022 has already seen multiple mega-brands in sectors like beauty, fashion, auto, and consumer goods securing Mexican TikTokers for big-budget campaigns set to roll out globally.

The marketing potential remains enormous, especially for companies willing to embrace Latino culture authentically. Don‘t let language or geography barriers stop you from connecting with these powerful voices.

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