What is the Mineplex IP in Minecraft? The Complete Guide to One of the Largest Servers

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For over a decade, Mineplex has reigned as one of the biggest and most popular Minecraft multiplayer servers. With a dedicated staff, vibrant community, and a staggering selection of over 40 unique minigames, it‘s easy to see why millions of players call it home. This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know about Mineplex, from its origins to expert strategies for dominating the leaderboards.

A Quick History of Mineplex

Mineplex first opened its doors in 2013 during the early days of Minecraft as a small server with just a handful of minigame modes. Created by Minecraft enthusiasts for the sake of fun competition with friends, it quickly gained traction within the growing MC community.

As the initial team continued expanding the selection of arcade-style games and improving server performance, word spread and more players flocked in. Within the first year, Mineplex was already one of the top 5 biggest Minecraft servers.

Over the years, this passionate team grew into a full-fledged development studio solely dedicated to creating the best multiplayer Minecraft experience. This enabled huge leaps forward in original minigame design paired with quality of life upgrades.

By 2016, Mineplex had rocketed to over 1 million unique players logging in every month. Today, it averages 15 million monthly users, cementing its status as the most popular Minecraft server behind only Hypixel.

Now partnered with Mojang themselves, Mineplex has come a long way from its humble origins while staying true to its community-first roots. Even as competitors have come and gone, it has stuck to its core values of fair play, fun, and friendship.

By the Numbers: Some Mind-Blowing Mineplex Stats

With over a decade of rich history behind it, Mineplex has racked up some seriously impressive figures over its lifetime:

  • 15 million+ monthly active players, trailing only Hypixel
  • 55 individual game modes available
  • Over 115 billion total games played
  • 14 million Minecraft accounts registered
  • 300,000 concurrent players recorded at peak times
  • Top 5 largest Minecraft server since 2013

Below is a comparison of some key stats between Mineplex and other top Minecraft servers worldwide:

Server Monthly Players Games/Modes Peak Concurrent Players
Hypixel 20 million 100+ 600,000
Mineplex 15 million 55 300,000
Cubecraft 5 million 70 60,000
Lifeboat 3 million 30 20,000

As these numbers show, Mineplex holds its own against even the behemoth Hypixel in terms of popularity and content. While Hypixel edges it out, Mineplex has maintained a strong second place since its early days.

The Secret to Mineplex‘s Success

With so many great servers out there, what exactly led Mineplex to stand the test of time as one of the "old guard" of Minecraft multiplayer?

Original Minigames – Rather than clones of existing games, Mineplex pioneered many new styles like Turf Wars and Micro Battle that sparked entire genres.

Community – From the start, Mineplex prioritized building community between players and staff. The server has approachable chat and anti-toxicity measures.

Support – A large team of developers, builders, and support staff keep the server humming and crank out new content.

Performance – Cutting edge server tech and optimization supports tens of thousands of simultaneous players with minimal lag.

Balance – Whether new or hardcore, all players can find a fun, fair gameplay experience tailored to their skill level.

Longevity – Mineplex has stuck to its core values for over a decade. The team cares about creating a lasting community.

From its humble beginnings as a passion project, Mineplex has never lost the spirit of fun, friendship, and innovation that rocketed it to success.

Step-By-Step Guide to Joining Mineplex

Ready to dive in to one of the biggest and best Minecraft servers? Follow these simple steps to join millions of other players on Mineplex today:

For Java Edition:

  1. Launch the Java version of Minecraft and select Multiplayer
  2. Click "Add Server" and name it "Mineplex"
  3. In Server Address, enter ""
  4. Click Done, then select Mineplex and click Join Server
  5. You may need to download & enable the Minecraft Anti-Cheat mod on first join

For Bedrock Edition:

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Play
  2. Choose Servers, then click "Mineplex" under Featured Servers
  3. Click Join Server

Alternatively, manually connect using "" as the server address.

And that‘s it! With over 10 supported languages, players worldwide can enjoy Mineplex. Now let‘s jump in to what makes it so special – the incredible variety of minigames!

Mineplex Game Modes Breakdown

With so many different games and modes available, it helps to break them down into categories so you can find your favorites:

Arcade Games

Fast-paced and action packed, Arcade games are easy to pick up for all skill levels. Modes like Turf Wars, Survival Games, and Speed Builders are popular here.

Classic Games

The timeless favorites that put Mineplex on the map. Includes mega hits like Cake Wars, Draw It, Evolution, and the ultra intense Micro Battles.


Team up MOBA-style in games like Bridges and Destroy the Core where cooperation is key. Champions has a thriving esports scene.

Survival Games

The survival / battle royale category features old and new favorites like Survival Games, Crazy Walls, and Skywars. Test your mettle against swarms of foes.


Just want to chill with friends and play mini games? The Casual category offers low-pressure fun like Hide and Seek, Farm Hunt, and Monster Maze.

With so many options, there‘s a game type for every mood on Mineplex. Now let‘s dive deeper into some of the all-time greatest hits.

Spotlight: Mineplex‘s Most Iconic Minigames

While classics like Cake Wars will always have a place in players‘ hearts, these modes represent some of the absolute best gaming moments Mineplex has to offer:

Turf Wars

The hugely popular team PvP mode that combines elements of Call of Duty and Fortnite. Capture and hold zones on the map to rack up points for your team!

Survival Games

The battle royale that started it all. Loot chests for gear, then fight to the death until one player remains standing. An intensity rush!

Crazy Walls

Select a kit to protect your base while battling to destroy opponents‘ walls. Frantic fun blended with strategy – a signature Mineplex creation.


Minecraft‘s take on battle arena brawling. Spawn on islands in the sky and use wit and skill to be the last player floating.

Micro Battle

Up to 16 players face off in lightning fast 60 second battles where the only goal is total domination. Intense combat and fast pace.

Draw It

Get creative in this Pictionary style game – guess what your teammate is drawing before the other team to score points!

Playing Like a Pro: Tips from a Mineplex Veteran

With years under my belt playing on Mineplex, here are some pro tips to excel at these legendary games:

  • In team games, communication is key! Use chat and coordinate with your squad.

  • Pick kits and classes to complement your teammates. A good composition is critical.

  • Remain calm under pressure. Survival Games and Micro Battles get intense – stay cool!

  • Study the maps to find secret chests and optimal build sites. Map knowledge is power.

  • Mix up your strategy – being too predictable will let others counter you.

  • Play to have fun! At the end of the day, Mineplex is all about making friends and memories.

Now that you know what makes Mineplex so special and how to join, it‘s time to see it for yourself! With a welcoming community, stellar dev team, and more free content than you could play in a lifetime, there has never been a better time to become a Mineplexer. See you in the lobby!


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