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20 Best Music Promotion Services for Music Marketing (2023)

Promoting Your Music: A Guide to the Best Music Promotion Services and Strategies

Music Promotion Service

Do you want to get your music promoted online but don’t know the best promotion service to use? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best music promotion service that you can make use of to get your music to a wide range of audience.

How do you tell whether you’re getting a fair price on music promotions, which are a terrific method to obtain more spins and listeners tuned in to your sound?

This is where promotion service comes in. They help you with the engagement needed to make your music go viral and be listened to by a lot of people. In this article, I will be looking at the best music promotion service in 2023.

Top 20 Music Promotion Services Online

1. SidesMedia — Trustworthy and reliable music promotion service

SidesMedia Music Promotion Service

  • 1000 Spotify Listeners cost: 6 USD
  • 100 Spotify Artist Followers cost: 6 USD
  • 500 Spotify Playlist Followers cost: 10 USD
  • 1000 Spotify Plays cost: 10 USD

When it comes to promoting music on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, SidesMedia is another excellent option. Many businesses will accept your music without giving it any kind of promotion, or they will offer you mediocre results and expose it to individuals who aren’t really interested in your genre. SidesMedia works to ensure that you get the opposite amount of attention.

2. UseViral — Best for quality engagement

UseViral Music Promotion Service

  • 1000 Spotify Monthly Listeners cost: 6 USD
  • 100 Spotify Artist Followers cost: 6 USD
  • 500 Spotify Playlist Followers cost: 10 USD
  • 1000 Spotify Plays cost: 10 USD

UseViral is a leading music marketing service because it provides access to a large community of experts in the field and aids in social media engagement. These professionals have extensive networks inside the music business and can help you market your music on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. These men are great representatives of the ideal candidate demographic: those that thrive at building and maintaining professional relationships.

3. Buy Real Media — Solid choice for quality music promotion

Buy Real Media Music Promotion Service

  • 1000 Spotify Monthly Listeners cost: 10 USD
  • 1000 Spotify Plays cost: 5 USD

In terms of music marketing, Buy Real Media is another excellent option; contrary to first impressions, they don’t simply provide a standard menu of services but rather tailor their assistance to each individual customer. This means they’ll have a conversation with you about the kind of music you make, the networks you’d want to market it on, and the length of time you’d like to do so.

Not only do they provide assistance with YouTube and SoundCloud, but also with other industry-leading platforms for music marketing through a built-in chat feature. The fact that they put so much effort into satisfying their current customers is telling, and I am certain that they have the background to give you a leg up in the future.

4. GetAFollower — Uses social media marketing strategies for quality music promotion

GetAfollower Music Promotion Service

  • 1000 Spotify Monthly Listeners cost: 7 USD
  • 100 Spotify Followers cost: 2 USD
  • 1000 Spotify Plays cost: 5 USD

GetAFollower claims to be one of the top music promotion services because of its inexpensive prices and ability to implement a wide range of social media marketing methods. They boast that they can assist you with all of the main social networks and that they provide a leading selection of services and promotional items.

Because of their dedication to excellence, they have built a good name in the field of music promotion, but they can also assist you in other areas of branding and marketing outside the realm of music.

The greatest aspect is that they guarantee their work is risk-free and real, and they provide their customers the chance to reach an audience that is already interested in the kind of music they’ve posted.

5. Media Mister — Best for easy and stress-free music promotion

Media Mister Music Promotion Service

  • 1000 Spotify Monthly Listeners cost: 7 USD
  • 100 Spotify Followers cost: 2 USD
  • 1000 Spotify Plays cost: 5 USD

Making it as a musician in today’s competitive music industry is no easy feat. If you haven’t been actively building your network, you risk falling behind the competition and seeing your success levels drop.

Companies like Media Mister that help promote music are invaluable in these situations. The fact that their clientele includes so many up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs who are looking to make it big by publishing their work online speaks volumes about how in touch they are with their clientele and the needs of their company.

6. Omari MC — Organic music promotion service

Omari MC Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 77 USD (for Bronze Spotify plan with 1 to 7 playlist placements resulting in about 500 to 5000 plays)

When it comes to organic promotion, Omari MC is one of the best music marketing services out there. You can get assistance with promoting your music on sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify from their affiliates any time of day or night. Later on, they can assist you with the management of your press releases as well.

7. YouGrow Promo — Best for growing music visibility

YouGrow Promo Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 67 USD (for Starter plan with 2k to 6k guaranteed Spotify organic streams)

Clients have benefited from YouGrow’s music promotion services, and the company claims it can do the same for you on Spotify, YouTube, and other major music streaming platforms. They’re a solid choice if you want more people to hear your music and for serious consideration. The consequences are undeniable.

8. Indie Music Academy — Best for earning music income

Indie Music Academy Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 297 USD (for 10k guaranteed Spotify real streams)

If you don’t already have the necessary expertise, advertising your own music online might be a difficult task. If making music is your only motivation, and you want to find an appreciative fanbase fast, you probably won’t want to put a lot of effort into promotion and fan interaction. A firm like Indie Music Academy fills this need.

As one of the best music promotion services, they won’t simply provide you engagement and then ignore you after two seconds; rather, they’ll send you modules focused on learning the ins and outs of the business, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to thrive in the long run, both in terms of engagement and promotion. They provide a free, individualized training site where you can learn actual marketing techniques.

9. Daimoon Media — Best for solid music outreach

Daimoon Media Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 99 USD

If you’re looking for a music marketing business that can help you create successful campaigns for both SoundCloud and Spotify, Daimoon Media claims to be among the best of the best. Additionally, they boast an algorithm that will assist you in thinking about new music streaming options.

10. SoundCampaign — Best for quality music engagement

SoundCampaign Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 150 USD (for average campaign)

A large number of people all around the globe use SoundCampaign to promote their musical creations. To get exposure and advance your music career, it is important to have your songs included on famous Spotify playlists. In spite of this, becoming included on a sought-after playlist is not easy, particularly when you’re just getting started. SoundCampaign fills this need.

Spotify’s marketing tool, SoundCampaign, can be the key to advancing your career by getting your music in front of the people that matter. SoundCampaign offers a return policy in addition to low campaign prices (about 150 USD on average). To accommodate all of their customers’ needs, SoundCampaign’s customer service department is open every day of the year. SoundCampaign allows you to concentrate on what you do best, creating amazing music while it handles the rest.

11. Drop Nation — Best for any type of music genre

Drop Nation

If you’re looking for a music marketing service, go no further than Drop Nation, which has over 200,000 followers on YouTube. They are a great alternative for many musicians, and I like that they are flexible enough to assist creators of various stripes.

12. Music Growth — Best for organic music promotion

Music Growth Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 2.86 USD (for Starter plan) for up to 1000 Spotify plays and 4.99 USD (Starter plan) for up to 3000 SoundCloud plays

When it comes to promoting musicians’ works, Music Growth has been around long enough to understand the needs of its clientele. They claim to be organic and helpful for your YouTube channel, relieving any concerns you may have regarding the demographics of your audience.

13. HUDL Music — Best budget-friendly music promotion service

HUDL Music Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 10 USD monthly (Promo plan)

If you want to get your music out there without breaking the bank, HUDL Music provides a solution for you. Because they are a community-based service, they can put you in touch with other artists in your field and genre, allowing you to build connections with other listeners and perhaps increase your own popularity.

14. Behind the Curtains — Best for personalized campaign

Behind the Curtains Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 75 USD per hour

When it comes to promoting musical acts, Behind the Curtains has been a huge success. They’ve supported and promoted several notable musicians, and they’re continuously on the hunt for more talent. Depending on your preferences, they can tailor a campaign to promote your music in a variety of mediums, including Spotify, radio, and blogs.

15. Pressed PR — Effective music promotion service

Pressed PR Music Promotion Service

If you’re looking for a music marketing firm that will reach out to you as an artist and show genuine appreciation for your work, go no further than Pressed PR. Having access to such individualized support makes these guys an excellent option, not to mention quite popular in the music business. It’s not often that a business would go out of its way like this for its customers.

16. Independent Music Promotions — Best for value-added music promotion

Independent Music Promotions Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 995 USD for Starter plan (one-time fee)

Independent Music Promotions is a business that helps up-and-coming artists get their music heard, and the company prioritizes working with artists that create music with deeper significance above those who just write catchy tunes. As such, they seek partners that share their enthusiasm for serving others and delivering tangible benefits.

17. Playlist Promotion — Best for getting your music to a wide range of audience

Playlist Push Music Promotion Service

Another important music marketing service, Playlist Promotion, can help you zero down on spreading your playlists in the hopes of making them viral. Even if they aren’t the best when it comes to assisting with press packages and other general publicity tasks, I believe you’ll have a pleasant time working with them since they are experts at boosting the visibility of your playlists.

18. Planetary Group — Easy-to-use music promotion service

Planetary Group Music Promotion Service

If you’re looking for a music marketing business that has worked with major artists like Kings Of Leon, consider Planetary Group. One of the things I know most about them is that they have separated their packages into various genres, so if you’re interested in indie music, for instance, you can go check out their indie package if you perform independently.

19. Starlight PR — Best for fast and reliable music promotion accomplishment

Starlight PR Music Promotion Service

  • Price: Begins at 799 USD (for Starter plan)

Among the main reasons why working with Starlight PR to promote your music online is so simple is that they are far more well-established than competing firms. Having worked with industry heavyweights like Post Malone causes some of their packages to be on the pricier side, but they also provide more affordable options for newer artists.

20. Playlist Push — Helps connect artists to playlist curators

Playlist Push Music Promotion Service

When it comes to concentrating on things like your Spotify streams, Playlist Push is another well-known and very effective music marketing tool. The company is most recognized for assisting its customers with promoting their music on Spotify, but they also provide YouTube promotion services.


Q. What is the best site for music promotion?

Marketing in specific regions or for certain types of content does very well on YouTube. You won’t make a mistake if you use YouTube. Spotify is a terrific tool for getting feedback on your music and determining which track should be the first single. Those in the electronic music scene and the younger population love SoundCloud.

Q. What is the price to promote music?

It takes up to half of the production expenditure to make it. To put it another way, if you spend 300 USD creating a music video, you should allocate 60 USD to 150 USD to advertising it. Paid social media advertising is appealing to me since they are low-cost to launch and easy to track.

Q. How do music promoters get their pay?

Generally speaking, you will collect funds based on ticket sales, either by agreeing to divide the proceeds with the band at a certain percentage or by paying the band a flat fee and keeping the remaining proceeds.


In conclusion, this 2022 roundup of the top music marketing services is incredible. Keep in mind that for every reputable firm I have spoken about in this article, there are ten more out there looking to scam you. Therefore, always look at those that aren’t trustworthy, and you will be relieved that you did so.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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