How to Unlock the Neon Loud Green Camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Weapon camouflages, or "camos" for short, are a fun way to customize the look of your guns and show off your accomplishments in Call of Duty games. Unlocking rare and flashy camos takes time and effort, providing dedicated players with a visual badge of honor for their exploits.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), one of the most coveted camos is the Neon Loud green camo. This animated camo blankets your weapon in an electrifying green glow, making your guns stand out on the battlefield. It definitely takes some work to unlock it, but the payoff is worth it.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to unlock the Neon Loud green camo in MW2 step-by-step. Let‘s get started!

An Introduction to Camos in Call of Duty

Before we dive into the specifics of MW2, let‘s quickly cover some background on how camos work across COD games.

In the Call of Duty series, camouflages are colorful patterns and designs that can be applied to your weapons. Equipping a camo gives your gun a unique cosmetic appearance and allows you to show off rare or prestigious camos you‘ve managed to unlock.

Some of the most common ways to unlock camos include:

  • Getting a certain number of kills/headshots with a weapon
  • Completing challenges like crouch kills or longshot kills
  • Prestige progression – unlocking camos by prestiging a certain number of times
  • Purchase with in-game currency (for example, COD Points)

Camo patterns across the COD games range from basic woodland camo to intricate reptilian designs to cool animated camos that move or glow. The rarest and most difficult camos to unlock are often the ones that stand out the most visually.

Now let‘s take a look at some of the unique camo offerings in MW2 specifically.

Camos to Unlock in Modern Warfare 2

The camo selection in MW2 provides players with tons of options to suit different styles and fulfill challenges. Here are some of the camo types available:

  • Standard camos like Desert, Woodland, and Digital unlock through weapon kills
  • Exotic animal-pattern camos like Leopard, Tiger, and Blue Tiger require headshots
  • Fall camos like Autumn and Palm require one-shot kills
  • Precious metal camos like Gold, Platinum, and Chrome are prestige unlocks
  • Special camos like Red TigerStripes and Neon Loud require specific challenges

As you can see, there is quite an impressive variety! Now let‘s focus our attention on unlocking one of the most sought-after special camos in MW2 – the Neon Loud green camo.

Overview of Neon Loud Green Camo in MW2

The Neon Loud green camo stands out as one of the most unique and colorful camos in MW2. As the name suggests, it bathes your weapon in a bright animated green glow, making it eye-catching and intimidating.

This electric green camo pulses and flows up and down the gun, almost making it look like a lightsaber! It‘s perfect for showing off and will make your weapons the envy of any lobby.

Unlocking Neon Loud green camo takes a bit of work, but it provides a very satisfying sense of accomplishment. Let‘s break down exactly how to unlock it step-by-step.

Step 1: Level Up Weapons to Unlock FSS Hurricane

The first step towards Neon Loud green camo is leveling up your weapons to unlock the FSS Hurricane assault rifle.

Here is the unlock progression you need to work through:

  1. Level up the M4 assault rifle to Level 13 to unlock the FTAC Recon
  2. Level up the FTAC Recon to Level 16 to unlock the FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane is the final weapon you can unlock in the M4 platform weapon tree. Getting to it will take some time, but luckily, the M4 and FTAC Recon are both solid, reliable assault rifles to use in MW2 multiplayer.

I recommend playing small-medium sized maps like Rust or Scrapyard and staying on objectives like Domination flags. This will feed you kills and help you level up your weapons more quickly. Equip attachments like the Red Dot Sight and Stopping Power perk to further boost your weapon‘s killing potential.

Once you finally unlock the FSS Hurricane, it‘s time to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Level up the FSS Hurricane to Level 14

This is where the Neon Loud green camo challenge becomes available.

You need to get the FSS Hurricane to Level 14. This will unlock the "Marksman III" challenge which requires 30 prone kills with the FSS Hurricane. Completing this prone kill challenge is the final requirement for the Neon Loud camo!

I recommend playing Ground War or larger maps like Wasteland or Derail and going prone on long sightlines or mounted positions. Picking people off from a distance is easier than trying to get prone kills up close.

Throw on attachments like FMJ and Stopping Power to help down enemies more quickly from range. With some time and practice, you‘ll get the 30 needed prone kills.

Step 3: Get 30 Prone Kills with FSS Hurricane

This is the big final challenge standing between you and the vibrant Neon Loud green camo.

Once you unlock the Marksman III challenge for the FSS Hurricane, it‘s just a matter of getting 30 kills with the weapon while prone. Ground War and 10v10 modes will make this easier with more targets to choose from.

Aim down long lines of sight and control chokepoints from a mounted position. Move between positions after getting a kill or two to keep the element of surprise.

Use a Tactical Insertion to spawn back in advantageous prone spots. With some patience, you‘ll get the 30 proned out kills required to finally unlock the Neon Loud green camo!

Step 4: Equip Neon Loud Green Camo

You‘ve done it – the vibrant, glowing Neon Loud green camo is now available for you to equip on the FSS Hurricane. Go ahead and deck out your rifle with this ultra rare animated camo.

The electric green colors will pulse up and down the gun, making it look straight out of a sci-fi movie. You‘ll stand out in any lobby with this unique weapon camo equipped.

Tips for Using Neon Loud Camo

Here are some quick tips to make the most of your newly earned Neon Loud green camo:

  • Pair with green/neon blue reticles and attachments to complement the camo‘s color scheme

  • Use on night maps like Quarry – the glowing camo will really pop in dark environments

  • Equip with a suppressor to stay stealthy while still showing off your flashy camo

  • Combine with perks like Cold-Blooded so enemies will see the camo before they see your red name indicator

Have fun surprising enemies with your electrified Neon Loud weapons!

Unlocking More Elite Camos

Earning the Neon Loud green camo is a great accomplishment, but why stop there?

Here are some other ultra rare and prestigious camos to work towards unlocking in MW2 after getting Neon Loud:

  • Gold, Platinum, and Chrome Camos – unlock through prestige progression

  • Red TigerStripes – 150 headshots with MG4 machine gun

  • Digital Woodland – 500 kills with M9 pistol

  • Blue Dragon – 250 kills with AT4 launcher

Challenge yourself to unlock all of the most elite camos in MW2. With some dedication, you can stand out from the crowd with your impressive collection of weapon camos!

Recap: Unlocking Neon Loud Green Camo in MW2

Let‘s do a quick recap of the unlocking process:

  1. Level up the M4 to get the FTAC Recon rifle

  2. Level up the FTAC Recon to get the FSS Hurricane

  3. Get the FSS Hurricane to Level 14 to unlock the prone kill challenge

  4. Get 30 prone kills with the FSS Hurricane to unlock Neon Loud camo

It takes some time and effort, but following these steps will earn you the ultra rare Neon Loud green camo for your weapons in MW2. Show off your neon glowing guns and enjoy the rewards of your camo grinding!


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