Top 13 NFT Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

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The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) moves fast. As an expert in social technology, I‘m continuously researching the latest developments in this dynamic arena.

So what exactly are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital assets with verified ownership rights on the blockchain. The built-in scarcity turns them into coveted holdings. NFTs mark the intersection of culture and code.

What‘s fueling mass NFT adoption?

  • Investor appetite – over $40 billion traded in NFTs thus far
  • Mainstream brand entry – Adidas, Gucci, YouTube, etc.
  • Digital ownership appeal – verifies bragging rights
  • Tech development – improved scalability, accessibility
  • Global connectivity – cross-border community bonding

Skim headlines and you‘ll witness musicians releasing track NFTs, memes selling as fine art, and virtual real estate trading in the metaverse…for millions!

Clearly, NFTs are turning industries upside down while enabling new business models and crowdfunded creativity.

But making sense of it all is no easy feat.

That‘s where NFT influencers come in!

Why Follow NFT Influencers?

By bridging emergent tech with engaged networks, NFT influencers decrypt complex crypto advancements into accessible insights.

They enjoy early-adopter enthusiasm while wielding extensive knowledge around blockchain dynamics.

As icons with their fingers on the pulse of Web3 innovation, NFT influencers provide a window into astonishing digital ownership use cases.

Plus with their insider access, following top voices grants exposure opportunities before the next history-making NFT drops!

But in an expanding sea of pseudo-experts, who can actually be trusted? Which brings us to…

13 Must-Follow NFT Influencers on Social Media

I‘ve compiled this definitive list of leading NFT influencers by evaluating metrics like:

  • Industry reputation – contributors with demonstrated NFT achievements
  • Subject mastery – technically proficient about blockchain technology
  • Thought leadership – moving conversations forward vs echo chamber dialogue
  • Network centrality – the ability to activate and engage communities
  • Strategic analysis – identifying paradigm shifts and market gaps

For each profile, we‘ll analyze their distinct perspective and influence…starting with the one who made auction history:

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