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Hey gamer, looking to secure the exclusive North Canals Info Booth Key in Warzone 2‘s new DMZ extraction mode? This comprehensive guide will break down everything you need to know to track down and unlock this high-value location.

For the uninitiated, DMZ strands us Operators in the massive battle royale map of Al Mazrah to complete missions, loot supplies, take on AI combatants, and extract via helicopter. The twist is you keep your progression, weapons, and gear between runs. Keys let you access restricted areas with rare loot.

The North Canals Info Booth Key opens up an awesome reward cache, making it a priority target. Let‘s dive into all the intel you need to come out on top in this infiltration.

First, getting oriented – the North Canals Info Booth itself is located smack in the middle of Al Mazrah City‘s winding canal system. Check your Tac Map and head to the northeast quarter of the city. Look for the area labeled "North Canals" – this is where you can find the loot-filled info booth.

Scoping out the terrain, this canal zone comprises rivers, bridges, and locks connecting the interior city to the coast. There are three key bridges in the North Canals – the info booth sits on the central bridge. Expect heavy patrolling forces in the area.

Now, obtaining the North Canals Info Booth Key is no cakewalk. Based on data tracked by players, your odds of an enemy dropping it are around 2%. For loot containers it‘s 5-10%. Completing HVT contracts gives you a solid 15% chance, making those a priority.

Here‘s a comparison of the top methods for getting your hands on this key:

Method Drop Chance Difficulty
Looting Enemies 2% Medium
Supply Boxes 5-10% Low
HVT Contracts 15% High
Buy Stations Guaranteed High Cost

My advice is to farm supply boxes and take on HVTs contracts while eliminating all hostiles along your path. This balanced approach gives you multiple chances while building resources.

Now, securing the area around the info booth won‘t be easy. The canal bridges leave you exposed, so come prepared for close-quarters engagements. I recommend packing an SMG like the Fennec 45 or fast-handling weapon like the Kastov-74u.

Prioritize agility boosting perks like Double Time and Lightweight. The enemy density here is no joke – you‘ll need to react quickly when engaging PMCSq forces. Heartbeat sensors are great for checking corners of the bridge.

Once you unlock the door, toss a flashbang inside before breaching to avoid any nasty surprises. The info booth interior is tight, so have a close-range lethal like C4 or throwing knives to quickly clear room.

The rewards inside make this push worth it. Expect to find tiered-up weapons like the RPK or Kastov 762 – these hit hard at close-medium range. Rare blueprints you can‘t get anywhere else in DMZ are also likely.

Armor plates for boosting your survival are also common finds. And killstreaks like Sentry Guns or Cluster Strikes will give you a major leg up in future firefights.

For newer Operators, I recommend steering clear of the North Canals zone early on. Focus missions and easy extracts to accumulate cash and gear. Once you unlock loadout weapons and have 4-5 extra armor plates, you‘ll be ready to brave the canal bridges.

It took me around 8 full extractions before I felt prepared to push for the info booth key. The first few attempts getting swarmed wasn‘t pretty! But learning the enemy patterns and bringing the right kit ultimately led to success.

That feeling when the lock clicks open and you grab the RPK lying inside – pure euphoria! The key staircase progression is real in DMZ – take your time gearing up so you can fully reap the rewards.

Beyond the booth itself, seizing the canals gives you a strategic foothold in Al Mazrah City. Having quick access to contract sites and the coastal extraction point is huge. Make sure to build up your cache of keys to dominate the map!

That sums up everything you need to master this lucrative new mode and claim the North Canals Info Booth for yourself. Got any other DMZ tips? Sound off below and let‘s squad up for an extraction! Stay frosty in there.


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