Finding Your Froggy Friend Penn at the Dueling Peaks Stable in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Hey adventurer! If you‘re hyped about exploring the vast open world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom when it hits Nintendo Switch next year, you likely want to know all the best spots to uncover secrets, loot, and quests. Well, one location you definitely need to visit is the Dueling Peaks and the stable at its base where you can find a Rito writer named Penn who kicks off a quest to collect a unique froggy armor set. Let‘s dive into the details so you‘re prepared to take on this quest and explore the peaks when Tears of the Kingdom launches!

A Quick Zelda Refresher

For those new to the Zelda series, it revolves around various incarnations of the green-clad hero Link saving the magical kingdom of Hyrule from evil forces, like the pig-like Ganon. Gameplay involves exploring dungeons, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and uncovering new items that grant abilities to progress.

Breath of the Wild revolutionized the franchise in 2017 with a massive open world full of secrets and freedom. Tears of the Kingdom looks to expand on this concept by adding the ability to explore islands in the skies above Hyrule. Gliding through the clouds from floating landmass to landmass promises amazing new traversal and vistas.

Discoveries and upgrades are the lifeblood of these open air Zelda games, encouraging you to examine every nook and cranny. The Dueling Peaks region we‘ll cover here exemplifies this exploratory delight.

Dueling Peaks – A Unique Hyrule Landmark

The Dueling Peaks are a pair of huge cliffs separated by a river gorge in central Hyrule. Their shape resembles two towering structures "dueling" across from each other, giving them their name. At the base lies the Dueling Peaks Stable, a rest stop for travelers in the wilderness.

Beyond the stable are open grasslands, dense forests, and a large lake teeming with wildlife like deer, horses, and wolves. Cliffs and waterfalls also hide shrines and treasure. The stable itself links to major roads and offers lodging, shops, a cooking pot, andguidance from knowledgeable NPCs.

With defensible terrain, abundant resources, and scenic beauty, it‘s easy to see why the Dueling Peaks became a crossroads location. Tears of the Kingdom will likely expand the surrounding area with more to do and discover.

Locating Your Rito Buddy Penn

Now, to find the Rito tribe member Penn, you‘ll want to head specifically to the Dueling Peaks Stable. The Rito are a race of bird people who sometimes work as scouts, couriers, and writers. Penn himself is a writer gathering rumors and news for his publication.

When you arrive at the stable, look for the tower-like structure along the left side. You‘ll see Penn perched on a platform at the very top just below the Rito-style windsock flapping in the breeze.

You can climb up normally or save time by gliding down from one of the Dueling Peak summits if you‘ve already been exploring the mountains. Either way, be sure to speak with Penn to kick off his quest to collect the unique Froggy armor set!

Froggy Fun – Penn‘s Armor Quest

Penn will tell you about the Froggy armor, a set styled after – you guessed it – frogs! Collecting all three pieces will let you dress as a froggy warrior. According to Penn, the armor pieces are located across Hyrule in places tied to frogs and rumors.

Here are the fabulous froggy benefits each piece provides:

  • Froggy Hood – Enhances swimming speed so you can hop quickly through water. Also lets you dive for longer.
  • Froggy Tunic – Boosts the odds of finding monster parts when defeating enemies by 30%.
  • Froggy Leg Wraps – Raises resistances to make you tougher in a fight.

Equipping all three parts doubles the set bonus effects, giving a major boost to swimming mobility, loot rewards, and defense. It may look silly, but the Froggy get-up is seriously effective!

The chart below compares the armor stats to some other outfits to demonstrate the advantages:

Armor Set Defense Swim Speed Loot Drop Resistance
Froggy 1 ↑ 30% ↑ 30% ↑ 20%
Climbing Gear 1 Neutral Neutral Neutral
Zora 1 ↑ 10% Neutral ↑ 10%
Soldier‘s Armor 20 Neutral Neutral Neutral

As you can see, the Froggy ensemble trades raw defense for excellent mobility and finding monster loot, making it a compelling set for exploration. Once you‘ve started Penn‘s quest, be sure to track down all the pieces!

The Next Step in Penn‘s Rumor Quests

The Froggy armor likely won‘t be the end of armor outfits hidden across Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. In fact, some intel suggests Penn‘s questline may continue in future DLC expansions as well.

One set of rumors indicates he could ask you to find pieces of Roc armor inspired by the giant Rito ancestors. This outfit could potentially let you fly for short periods without needing to glide! However, these are just whispers on the wind for now…we‘ll have to wait and see if more of Penn‘s quests come to fruition.

In the meantime, starting with the Froggy attire is an excellent goal. And Penn himself is a great source of tips and lore. After all, as a journalist he has his feathered finger on the pulse of the latest news in Hyrule!

More Stable Stops Across Hyrule

Of course, the Dueling Peaks Stable isn‘t the only resting spot in Hyrule. There are 10 more stables scattered across the diverse regions. Visit them on your journey for lodging, supplies, fast travel points, and special regional side quests.

Here are those additional stable locations for your exploration checklist:

  • Highland Stable – Faron Grasslands
  • Serenne Stable – Hyrule Ridge
  • Riverside Stable – W. Necluda Sea
  • Wetland Stable – Lanayru Wetlands
  • Outskirt Stable – Gerudo Canyon Pass
  • South Lake Miloch Stable – Hebra Mountains
  • Highland Stable – Tabantha Frontier
  • Rito Stable – Tabantha Frontier
  • Goron City – Eldin Canyon
  • Lakeside Stable – Hyrule Field

Each provides regional insights and launch points for discovering mysteries. And who knows, maybe more of Penn‘s Rito pals are waiting with armor quests!

Gameplay Tips For Visiting the Peaks

Now let‘s get into some key tips for exploring the Dueling Peaks region itself and taking on its challenges:

  • The peaks hold gems or ore deposits worth mining for quick rupees and crafting.
  • Expect to encounter keese, chuchus, and Electric Lizalfos in the 5-10 level range.
  • Climb to the tallest precipices for an unrivaled panoramic view.
  • Paraglide from the summits to distant spots like the Great Plateau with ease.
  • Search the riverbanks for tasty and restorative fish like Bass and Salmon.
  • Forage for Endura Shrooms growing in shaded alcoves on the cliffs.
  • Discover the hidden Ree Dahee Shrine behind a waterfall.
  • Solve puzzle platforms on the peaks to find Korok Seeds.
  • Tame and register wild horses in the plains east of the stable.
  • Cook up stamina recovery dishes with the peaks‘ hearty ingredients.

By thoroughly combing the peaks and stable, you‘ll be rewarded with loot, vistas, recipes, and more. Oh, and don‘t forget to chat with Penn!

Time to Explore the Peaks and Beyond

The Dueling Peaks offer the perfect blend of mystery, adventure, and guidance for explorers in Tears of the Kingdom. Finding Penn atop the nearby stable puts you on the path to acquiring the amusing and powerful Froggy armor outfit. From there, the peaks invite you to scale cliffs, paraglide off summits, gather ingredients, discover shrines, tame horses, and take in stunning views.

I hope these tips help you make the most of this iconic Hyrule region when you journey through Tears of the Kingdom next year. The possibilities for exploration and discovery are truly endless. Now grab your paraglider, don your green tunic, and let‘s adventure!


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