How to Pick the Perfect Partner in Genshin Impact‘s Genius Invokation TCG

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As a fellow tech and gaming geek, I was super hyped for Genshin Impact‘s new Genius Invokation TCG minigame in version 3.3. This turn-based card game blends strategic deckbuilding with tactical card battles. Early on in the questline, you‘re tasked with picking a partner out of 3 unique characters. It‘s an important choice that will set the tone for your competitive TCG journey. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to pick the ideal partner and dominate Genius Invokation!

Overview of Genshin‘s Innovative New TCG Mode

Before we dive into partners, let me give you a quick 101 on this exciting new game mode. Genius Invokation TCG is unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 32 and finishing the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom."

Once available, you can:

  • Collect cards through quests, vendors, rewards, and duplicate recycling.

  • Build Decks by adding cards to Caskets of Tomes. Customize to your playstyle!

  • Battle Opponents using the decks you‘ve built. Matches take place all over the overworld.

  • Complete Quests to earn more cards, currency, and unlock new features.

  • Upgrade Your Cards by spending currencies to increase their stats and abilities.

So in summary, Genius Invokation allows you to strategize, build competitive decks, and put them to the test in tactical card battles. It‘s a wildly fresh experience that gives existing endgame content a shot in the arm.

Now let‘s get into picking the perfect partner for glory!

How to Choose From the 3 Partner Options

Early on, you‘ll meet Kazuha in Mondstadt. He explains that his friend Kama is hosting a major Genius Invokation tournament in Inazuma. To enter, you need to select a partner to team up with.

Your options are:

Kamisato Ayaka – Located near the shrine maiden in Chinju Forest. Nobility and grace.

Kaedehara Kazuha – Sitting atop a mini-mountain in Chinju Forest. Wanderer and strategist.

Gorou – Behind the shrine maiden statue in Chinju Forest. Steadfast general.

I‘ll analyze the pros and cons of each candidate shortly. First, speak to whoever you wish to partner with. Let them know you choose them as your teammate. Then, return to Kazuha on the Mondstadt bridge to advance the story.

But how to decide between the three? Let‘s dive deep into what each partner brings to the table…

Evaluating Noble Kamisato Ayaka as a Partner

The poised and elegant Ayaka has plenty to offer as a competitive TCG partner:

Ayaka‘s Strengths

  • Grace under pressure from noble training
  • Quick mastery from top-tier tutors
  • Strategic mindset as an expert swordswoman
  • Vast resources via the Kamisato Clan‘s influence

Ayaka‘s Weaknesses

  • No prior TCG experience
  • Preference to avoid confrontation
  • Busy schedule with many responsibilities
  • Expertise in blades over cards

Playstyle Fit:

Ayaka‘s grace and access to top training make her an ideal partner for highly technical or control oriented play. She can master complex strategies. But her distaste for confrontation means she won‘t excel at aggressive styles.

Reviewing Wandering Samurai Kazuha as a Pick

If you prefer a more free-flowing approach, the wandering samurai Kazuha may be the perfect fit:

Kazuha‘s Strengths:

  • Extensive experience with strategy games
  • Calm and focused disposition
  • Highly observant of patterns and openings
  • Broad tactical knowledge from travels

Kazuha‘s Weaknesses:

  • Lack of dedication due to wandering ways
  • Discomfort with high competition
  • Carefree attitude regarding tactics
  • No direct TCG experience

Playstyle Fit:

Kazuha‘s strategic experience combined with a carefree perspective make him a great match for flexible, reactive styles. But his distaste for competition limits aggressive high-level play.

Analyzing Steadfast Soldier Gorou as a Partner

Finally, we have the stalwart general Gorou. His attributes include:

Gorou‘s Strengths:

  • Extensive military strategy training
  • Dedicated and hard-working attitude
  • Thrives under competitive pressure
  • Embraces direct, aggressive tactics

Gorou‘s Weaknesses:

  • Complete lack of TCG experience
  • Rigid strategic tendencies
  • Significant time limitations
  • Frustration with drawn out play

Playstyle Fit:

Gorou‘s military expertise make him ideal for straightforward, aggressive approaches. But his impatience for indirect play and lack of flexibility hinder reactive or control decks.

Picking Your Ideal Partner

Based on their unique strengths, here are my recommendations on selecting the perfect Genius Invokation partner:

  • For beginners, choose Gorou to learn fundamentals together through direct play.

  • For aggression, pick Gorou to enable relentless offensive pressure.

  • For control, select Ayaka to allow highly technical, reactive strategies.

  • For flexibility, partner with Kazuha to adapt fluidly during battle.

And those are just general suggestions – make sure to consider your own personal playstyle and current deck builds when choosing a partner. An ideal teammate should offset your weaknesses and enhance your natural strengths.

My Personal Pick

For my playstyle, I‘m going to choose Kazuha as my partner. His calm demeanor and observational skills perfectly balance my tendency to overthink and micromanage tactics. I plan to build reactive control and combo decks, so Kazuha‘s patience and flexibility will complement this approach extremely well.

But that‘s just what works for me! Think carefully about your own preferences, play patterns, and deck synergies when picking your partner. It‘s a decision that will set the tone for your entire Genius Invokation journey – so choose wisely!

Securing Your Partner

Once you‘ve weighed the options and decided on your perfect TCG partner, head to Chinju Forest in Inazuma. Speak to Ayaka, Kazuha, or Gorou and let them know you wish to team up together.

After securing their agreement to partner with you, teleport back to Kazuha waiting on the Mondstadt bridge. This will progress the Genius Invokation questline further and unlock the next steps on your path to TCG glory!

Gearing Up For Tournament Domination

With your ideal partner chosen, you‘ll be able to take on exhibition matches, grow your collection, and hone your skills. Stay on the lookout for some key milestones as you advance:

  • Unlocking Deck Slots – You start with only 1 Casket of Tomes, but can unlock 2 more for deckbuilding flexibility.

  • Upgrading Your Registry – This allows you to recycle duplicate cards into currencies for progression.

  • Building Your Card Collection – Take on quests and battles to expand your card catalog.

  • Gaining Crafting Recipes – Important for generating currencies to upgrade your cards.

  • Tuning Your Decks – Tweak your Caskets of Tomes based on battle experience.

  • Competing in Major Tournaments – The pinnacle Genius Invokation activity – test your skills!

So pick your favorite partner, gather top-tier cards, craft optimized decks, and dominate the tournament scene! I can‘t wait to see you reign over the competition.

Now go and achieve Genius Invokation greatness with your ideal companion at your side! This groundbreaking new mode has so much strategic depth to offer. I‘ll see you at the championship tables – may the best tactician win!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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