How to Get the Pistol in Sons of the Forest – An In-Depth Survival Guide

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As a hardcore survival gaming enthusiast, I know first-hand how daunting it can feel to be dropped onto the hostile shores of Sons of the Forest‘s remote island, armed with nothing but an axe and your wits.

Locating a firearm like the pistol as early as possible is absolutely essential to surviving the horrors that await you. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to successfully acquire the pistol and use it to its full deadly potential against the island‘s many threats.

Why Getting the Pistol Early is Crucial

Sons of the Forest wastes no time assaulting you with fast-moving cannibal mutants, some armed with weapons of their own. Without a ranged option, you‘ll be forced into risky melee encounters where just a few mistakes can quickly turn fatal.

Having the hard-hitting stopping power of the pistol at your side will give you a major advantage in numerous situations:

  • Taking out mutants before they can close in and surround you
  • Silently eliminating lone threats without alerting their companions
  • Hunting for food by accurately killing deer and other animals
  • Defending your base from attacking hordes trying to break in
  • Venturing deep into enemy-held territories to gather precious resources

No other early game weapon offers the pistol‘s versatility and life-saving potential. Now let‘s get right into how to acquire it for yourself.

Locating the Exact Pistol Position

Shortly after waking up on the beach following the plane crash, you‘ll gain control of your character. Turn directly to your right and follow the sandy shoreline.

Keep a brisk pace, but don‘t drain your stamina – it could mean death if enemies ambush you. Use jogging and walking to manage your fatigue.

After passing 3 large boulders and a crashed boat, you‘ll spot a small inflatable raft lodged against some rocks. This is your pistol location.

Pistol location marked on map

Safely Reaching the Boat

To reach the raft containing the pistol, you‘ll need to swim offshore a fair distance. Take care to watch for sharks and other predators that can quickly maul you to death.

Equipping your axe before entering the water gives you a fighting chance against sharks. However, combat while swimming drags your stamina down rapidly. Avoid fighting if possible and focus on reaching the raft.

Here are some tips to safely traverse the waters:

  • Scan left and right continuously – sharks approach fast!
  • Swim in short bursts, then stop to tread water and catch your breath.
  • Bandage wounds immediately if attacked to stop bleeding loss.
  • Have meds ready in case your health gets critically low.
  • Consider building a raft for safer ocean travel in the future.

Retrieving Your Reward

Once you‘ve made it to the boat, hop aboard and pick up the pistol inside. Also grab any ammo in the boat – you‘ll need it soon!

Equip the pistol and familiarize yourself with the aiming sights and firing. Be sure to reload it fully so it‘s ready for combat.

The pistol ready for the taking

With the power of the pistol in your hands, you‘ll be ready to start exploring further while better defending yourself.

Now let‘s go over how to maximize your new firearm‘s capabilities.

Stockpiling Those Vital Bullets

The pistol requires 9mm ammo which can be found all over the hostile island:

  • Inside loot crates of various sizes
  • Scattered around enemy campsites
  • On fallen humanoid enemies that you kill

Make stockpiling ammo a priority whenever looting. Grab every bullet you see. Conserve ammo by using your axe on isolated threats, relying on the pistol for groups or dangerous mutants.

The pistol can hold up to 17 rounds when fully loaded. I recommend keeping at least 60 spare rounds minimum in your inventory when possible. Having ample ammo means you‘ll never be defenseless in critical moments.

Maintaining Your New Friend

Firearms need proper maintenance to remain in peak fighting condition. As you use the pistol, its condition will deteriorate from wear and tear.

Be sure to regularly repair the pistol at workbenches using scrap metal and other materials. Weapon damage can cause jamming or misfiring exactly when you need it most.

Keep the pistol clean by applying gun oil after each use. Built up grime and dirt leads to corrosion which also impairs function.

By performing repairs and cleaning, you‘ll ensure the pistol operates smoothly for the lengthiest time possible.

Fighting Strategies to Employ

While the pistol excels at close to medium range, it can still prove deadly at longer ranges with aimed shots. Here are some of my proven combat tactics:

  • Strafe side to side while firing on approaching targets to avoid return fire.
  • Score headshots on stationary or slow mutants for ammo-efficient kills.
  • Target an enemy‘s legs to cripple their movement – then finish them off.
  • Lure solitary foes out from groups to quietly dispose of them.
  • Use the pistol‘s range to thin enemy numbers before they surround you.
  • Mix with shotgun blasts on adjacent foes to exploit their weaknesses.
  • Never stand still – keep repositioning during battles.

With practice, you‘ll get a feel for when pistols, axes, or sneak attacks are optimal for each situation. Experience builds skill!

Parting Words of Wisdom

Acquiring the pistol early is one of the most important moves you can make in Sons of the Forest. It‘s capabilities as both a stealth and stand-up weapon cannot be overstated.

Some parting tips:

  • Spend time mastering the pistol‘s accuracy and handling.
  • Keep a minimum of 60 spare rounds in reserve when possible.
  • Repair and clean it after every fight to prevent malfunctions.
  • Learn to balance pistol and axe usage depending on the situation.
  • Combine with other weapons like shotguns for maximum flexibility.

The pistol‘s stopping power will serve you well in even the most dangerous encounters across the island. With this guide‘s help, it can be your trusty companion throughout the harrowing journey ahead. Stay alert out there and happy hunting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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