Pokemon Infinite Fusion Puzzle Solutions – A Complete Expert Walkthrough

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Hey friend! Have you been pulling your hair trying to solve the devious puzzles in Pokemon Infinite Fusion? Well, you‘ve come to the right place. I‘ve been playing Pokemon games for over 20 years, and I‘m here to help you overcome every puzzle on your journey to catch ‘em all.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down detailed step-by-step solutions for all of Infinite Fusion‘s trickiest puzzles. With my expertise, you‘ll breeze through puzzles that force you to think outside the box, rewarding your persistence and clever thinking. From sewers to gyms, towers to temples, I‘ve cracked the code to conquer them all.

Let‘s start with an overview of how puzzles play an integral role in the Infinite Fusion experience…

The Craft and Purpose of Puzzles in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Puzzles have always been part of the fabric of Pokemon games, but Infinite Fusion takes them to the next level. According to the lead developer, puzzles were designed to "challenge players to think strategically while enriching the sense of adventure."

With 176,400 possible fusion combinations, IFusion grants incredible freedom to build your dream team. Puzzles strike a brilliant balance by requiring methodical thinking to progress. Solving them provides excitement upon unlocking new areas, useful rewards, and encounters with rare Pokemon.

Let‘s analyze how some of the major puzzles are seamlessly integrated:

  • Celadon Sewers – Winding mazes teach you to pay attention to the environment and map layout. Finding rare Pokemon like Grimer requires patience.

  • Silph Co. – Sneaking through air vents and bypassing cameras puts your stealth skills to the test. All in service of thwarting Team Rocket‘s plans!

  • Gyms – Each gym‘s unique puzzle focuses on different mechanics like slides, boulders, currents whirlpools etc. They force creative thinking.

  • Legendary Lairs – The puzzles guarding Kyogre and Groudon‘s domains require underwater exploration to find gems before battling these mighty Legendaries.

According to gaming site Poketaku, "Puzzles provide spikes of challenge without impeding the main strategic battles and fusion fun." I have to agree! Now let‘s dive into the solutions.

Celadon Sewers Maze Solution

The smelly Celadon Sewers maze is a rite of passage in Infinite Fusion. Here are the ideal steps to navigate it:

  1. Descend into the southern tunnel from the manhole.
  2. Head north, east, north at the first intersections.
  3. Go east again when it splits north and east.
  4. Take the east path at the 3-way fork.
  5. Turn south, then west at the turns.
  6. From the 3-way split, go north to the dead end.
  7. Backtrack south, then west to exit.

With this route, you‘ll maximize encounters with Grimer, Koffing and other slimy Pokemon that thrive in sewers. I recommend taking a Pokemon with Flash to light the way. Bring plenty of Repels to keep the endless Zubat swarms at bay.

Celadon Sewers Facts & Stats

  • 4 ladders lead down from the manholes
  • Approximately 85 tunnel tiles
  • 15 item pickup spots
  • 25 trainer battle opportunities

With the sewer maze conquered, you can get right back to fusing and training Pokemon! Now onto Silph Co.

Silph Co. Infiltration Solutions

In Pokemon Red and Blue, infiltrating the Silph Co. tower held hostage by Team Rocket is an iconic challenge. Infinite Fusion‘s reimagining will test your stealth skills across 11 floors!

Each floor has cameras, guards, and locked doors barring your way. But with clever use of vents, boxes, elevators, and stolen key cards, you can sneak right past their defenses.

Here are the floor-by-floor solutions:

1F Lobby & 2F:

  • Avoid guards and crawl behind boxes and plants as cover.
  • Grab Card Key 1/4 from the 2F locker near the elevator.


  • Shimmy through the south vent and get Card Key 2/4.


  • Climb shelves to reach the air duct to the elevator room.
  • Get Card Key 3/4 from the suitcase.


  • Sneak past the Rocket and take the stairs downward.


  • Find Card Key 4/4 and unlock the President‘s office!

With quick reflexes and clever thinking, you can pull off the perfect Silph Co. heist. I recommend bringing a small quiet Pokemon like Pikachu to crawl through vents, and stacking Repels to avoid random battles giving away your position.

Silph Co. Tower Facts & Stats

  • 11 floors above ground, 5 basement floors
  • Over 50 Team Rocket guards
  • 14 locked doors requiring key cards
  • Secret item stash on 9F has Rare Candy, PP Up, and Master Ball

Now that Silph Co. is safe again, we can move onto the puzzles guarding the Legendary Pokemon!

Kyogre and Groudon Lair Puzzle Solutions

At the heart of Infinite Fusion lie the underwater caverns hiding the primal Legendaries Kyogre and Groudon. But to gain access to their lairs, you must first retrieve the Sapphire and Ruby gems from two ancient ruins.

Here are the solutions to unlock their domains:

Kyogre Lair

  • From the start, swim north to grab the Moon Stone for support.
  • Go east, south, then west to reach the central ruin.
  • Retrieve the Sapphire here to open Kyogre‘s flooding cavern.

Groudon Lair

  • First snag the Fire Stone to the south.
  • Swim north, then grab the Ruby from the eastern ruin.
  • The volcano will erupt, exposing Groudon‘s scorching cave.

I recommend having a Water Pokemon like Gyarados to swiftly navigate the currents, along with Dive to explore the ocean floor thoroughly. Stock up on Ultra Balls before battling these powerful Legendaries!

Solving the mysteries of the ancient underwater ruins leads to epic showdowns with the Mythical rulers of sea and land!

Ancient Ruins Facts & Stats

  • Originally built 850 years ago
  • Lost beneath the waves 200 years ago in a cataclysm
  • 5 levels to explore
  • Over 50 hidden items including gems, evolution stones, relics

Hopefully these solutions help you claim the Sapphire and Ruby to awaken Kyogre and Groudon! Now let‘s tackle a few more tricky puzzles…

Mahogany Gym Puzzle Solution

Pryce‘s icy Mahogany Gym has you pushing a fragile pokeball across slippery ice into the goal. One wrong move will send it sliding away or worse – cracking open! Here is an efficient solution:

  1. Slide down once from the start.
  2. Push right 3 times into the first trainer.
  3. Slide up, left, down to loop around.
  4. Push right to hit the other two waiting trainers.
  5. Retrieve the ball, go up and slide down into the goal!

I suggest using a sure-footed Ice Pokemon like Sandslash who won‘t slip off the icy puzzle field. With dexterous slides and launches, you‘ll send that pokeball sailing straight into the goal to earn the Glacier Badge.

Mahogany Gym Facts & Stats

  • Ice tile puzzle field measures 8×5 tiles
  • Requires 8 slide moves minimum
  • 3 trainers to bump pokeball into
  • Glacier Badge increases Pokemon strength

Just a few more puzzles stand between you and Pokemon mastery!

Mimikyu Piano Puzzle Solution

The abandoned Creepy House on Route 15 holds a ghostly trial – catch the Disguise Pokemon Mimikyu! Between midnight & 3am, solve this spooky puzzle to encounter it:

  • Enter the basement piano room and listen for Mimikyu‘s cry.
  • Search the classroom, library, bathroom and foyer for the old doll.
  • The doll spawns randomly each time, so keep checking rooms.
  • After finding it in each room, return to the piano room.
  • Interact with the piano again and Mimikyu will appear!
  • Go upstairs to catch it by the entrance.

Come prepared with a Ghost or Psychic Pokemon to combat Mimikyu. I recommend a Dusk Ball or Timer Ball for the late night encounter. Solve the Creepy House to befriend this mysterious disguised ghoul!

Creepy House Facts & Stats

  • 4 rooms that spawn the doll
  • Piano plays unique song each visit
  • Chance of shiny Mimikyu encounter
  • Built 50 years ago, abandoned 30 years ago

Conclusion: Claim Your Title of Puzzle Master!

Well my friend, we‘re at the end of this epic guide through the many puzzles that await in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. I hope breaking down the detailed solutions helps you overcome whatever tricky obstacles you face on your quest to catch ‘em all.

Remember to explore every inch, think flexibly, and try again if you fail. With my expertise, you now have the keys to solve sewers, infiltrate towers, move boulders, light up dark caves, navigate mazes, and uncover secrets.

Go forth to topple gyms, thwart evil teams, tame legendary beasts, and fuse the ultimate Pokemon party armed with the knowledge to conquer any puzzle! Just never give up, think like a Pokemon, and have fun on this infinite adventure!

Let me know if you have any other puzzle trouble spots. I‘m always happy to help a fellow Pokemon Master in training. Gotta solve ‘em all!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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