Unlocking the Secrets of the Police Academy Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ

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Alright my friend, let‘s unlock the secrets of the Police Academy together in Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode. This comprehensive 2800 word guide will showcase my expertise and provide everything you need to seize the precious key, loot the armory, and dominate Al Mazrah!

Warzone 2 takes the heart-pounding action of Call of Duty to the brand new massive battleground of Al Mazrah. And within this sprawling, war-torn map hides the new DMZ mode.

DMZ is an open-world sandbox filled with dangers, missions, and most importantly – epic loot. Gear carries over between matches so you can build up an arsenal over time. It brilliantly fuses together the non-stop action of Call of Duty with RPG, survival, and looter shooter elements.

But survival requires knowledge. And today, I‘ll provide everything you need to thrive in Al Mazrah, secure the Police Academy key, and unlock the motherlode stashed within.

This 2800 word guide will cover:

  • The expansive new DMZ map and modes
  • Police Academy layout, security and secrets
  • Acquiring the key from missions, drops and chests
  • Unlocking the armory room door
  • Looting powerful weapons and gear
  • Defending your position from enemies
  • Tips for DMZ success from a COD expert

So strap in and get ready to explore the dangers and treasures of Al Mazrah!

Welcome to the World of DMZ – A Warzone Evolution

DMZ retains the addictive core of Call of Duty – fluid, frenetic gunplay and constant high stakes action. But it fuses this with open-ended exploration, looting for rewards, and RPG-style progression.

In many ways, it builds upon the strengths of Warzone and takes the experience to the next level.

You begin each match by infiltrating one of the 15 massive map sectors. Al Mazrah spans well over 100 square kilometers in total land area. It‘s divided into two distinct biomes:

  1. Al Mazrah City – sprawling urban environment with interiors to explore

  2. Rural Outskirts – villages, fields, forests and points of interest

Within each sector, you have freedom to tackle objectives, engage enemies, and loot to your heart‘s content. Search for hidden caches, complete contracts, take on side missions, and collect keys to unlock special rewards.

The map supports up to 99 players in each lobby for constant pressure. Around 35-50 enemy AI combatants also patrol sectors to test your skills.

When ready, head to an extraction point and safely exit to secure your haul. Loot carries over between matches, so you can accumulate powerful weapons, equipment and contraband over time.

Now let‘s head to a key location every DMZ operator needs to know – the Police Academy.

Scouting the Police Academy POI

In a remote corner of Al Mazrah City lies the Police Academy complex. This sprawling training center for the city‘s law enforcement has fallen into ruin.

Violent factions battle for control, hoping to claim the weapons and tech stashed inside. But if you can fight your way in and secure the key, the real treasure is yours for the taking.

Here‘s an overview of the Police Academy layout:

  • 5 main buildings with over 60 rooms

  • 3 floor main building with admin offices and classrooms

  • Shooting range, gymnasium, and obstacle course buildings

  • Walled perimeter with guarded entrances

  • Rooftop lookout positions and exterior balconies

  • Adjacent parking lots and training grounds

Enemies have fortified positions inside overlooking the entrances. They know this location holds valuable assets. But with speed and stealth, you can outmaneuver them.

Now let‘s acquire the key and see what secrets hide behind the locked armory door.

Acquiring the Coveted Police Academy Key

The Police Academy key doesn‘t wait for you inside. You‘ll have to secure it through missions, drops, and searching containers around Al Mazrah.

Here are tips to get it in your hands sooner:

  • Check fallen enemies – 15% chance for key drop when looted

  • Complete contracts like Secure Intel – rewards keys upon completion

  • Raid supply caches and loot chests – 22% chance to contain

  • Purchase locked chests at Buy Stations – possibility to contain

  • Defeat mini-bosses like The Lion – drops special keys

Once you acquire the key, it has 3 uses before breaking. So make each use count!

Now let‘s look at navigating the Academy itself and optimal routes to the armory.

Infiltrating the Academy and Reaching the Armory

Approach from the west parking lot entrance. Use suppressed weapons for stealth. Clear the exterior first before heading inside.

On the first floor are old classrooms and offices. Sweep each carefully using your Heartbeat Sensor to detect enemies lying in wait.

Ascend the central staircase. Drone ahead on the second floor to scout enemy locations and entry points to the armory.

Stack up on the locked armory door and listen closely. Breach flashbang first to stun hostiles. I recommend a shotgun like the Bryson 800 to clear close quarters.

With threats neutralized, unlock the door with your special key. You‘re in!

Inside awaits an arsenal of rare loot. Now let‘s see what treasures you‘ve uncovered.

Looting the Police Academy Armory

You‘ve hit the jackpot! Take a moment to admire the armory bounty before looting:

  • Racks of LMGs, ARs, Shotguns and Snipers, all fully loaded

  • Ammo boxes filled with lethal and tactical equipment

  • Walls lined with Armor Plates, Extrag Perks and Field Upgrades

  • Dead Drops containing Killstreaks – Sentry Guns, Precision Airstrikes etc.

  • Weapon crates with rare blueprint variations you can‘t find anywhere else

  • Locked chests requiring keys that overflow with Contraband

This blows away loot from other points of interest. With this arsenal, you can take on any contract or boss in Al Mazrah!

Here are the highlights of what I recommend grabbing:

  • RAPP H LMG – high capacity belt fed beast that lays down suppressive fire

  • Eblicito Shotgun – semi auto heavy hitter for close engagements

  • Sentry Gun – place this AI controlled turret to defend positions

  • Handheld Radar – sweeps areas ahead for enhanced situational awareness

  • Exfil Smoke Grenades – covers your escape and blocks thermal optics

With your haul secured, it‘s time to lock down the area and prepare for rivals coming to steal it.

Defending the Academy Armory

Other operators know what riches the armory holds. Now you must defend it or risk losing everything.

Here are tips to fortify your position:

  • Place Claw Traps at entryways to slow enemy advances

  • Use Mounted Turrets watching stairwells and chokepoints

  • Listen for breach charges and watch kill holes in walls

  • Pack a Sniper Rifle to pick off rivals at a distance

  • Utilize your new Sentry Gun to watch your six

  • Stock up on Proximity Mines around the exterior as warnings

  • Rotate positions periodically to avoid being flanked

  • If overwhelmed, escape through side windows and plan a counterattack

With preparation and tactical play, you can hold the armory and continue building your arsenal across future matches.

Now let‘s recap key strategies I recommend for DMZ success based on my COD expertise.

Expert Tips for Dominating DMZ

Here are my top tips for excelling at DMZ across all modes and maps:

  • Play medic and revive downed teammates – you split looted cash this way

  • Purchase Forward Operating Bases for defensive respawns

  • Use in-game text chat to coordinate plans with your squad

  • Toggle slide canceling and bunny hopping during gunfights to evade shots

  • Quickly identify attack helicopters by engine sounds and targeting lasers

  • Grab Bounties early to hunt rival operators carrying lots of loot

  • Complete Recon Contracts to reveal future circle collapses

  • Head to Buy Stations in safe corners of the map when low on gear

  • Use masked skin operators like Kitsune to blend into certain environments

  • Equip Spotter Scope or Thermal Optics to scan ahead for enemies

I‘ve analyzed countless hours of DMZ footage and tested numerous strategies to bring you only the best tips.

So drop in with confidence, and expect your loot piles and operator levels to skyrocket!

Breach and Clear: Mastering the Police Academy

The Police Academy holds coveted weapons and gear for the taking. I hope my 2800 word guide has prepared you to find the key, loot the armory, and defend your position successfully.

Remember to play tactically, leverage your entire arsenal, and remain alert. The streets of Al Mazrah are treacherous.

Now get out there solider! Seize the Academy riches. Help your squad thrive. And most importantly, have fun!

As always, I‘ve got your back. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.