Top 8 Little-Known Useful Products to Boost Your Business

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Hey there! As a fellow business leader, I know you‘re always looking for ways to improve operations and gain an edge. While apps like Slack and Dropbox are great, there are some really powerful yet underrated tools that could take your business to the next level.

In this post, I‘ll share my top 8 picks for incredibly useful but little-known products for businesses like yours. These tools solve pressing needs for organizations of all sizes in smart, flexible ways. I‘ll provide my insights as a technology geek on how each one can benefit your business.

1. Passwork – Robust Password Manager

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With remote work exploding over 300% in the last 2 years [1], password management has become mission critical. But consumer tools like LastPass just don‘t cut it for securing business credentials.

That‘s why I recommend Passwork. It‘s an enterprise-level password manager designed for organizations like yours. Passwork stores passwords encrypted on-premise or in the cloud and enables control over access.

As a cybersecurity evangelist, I love how Passwork allows setting granular permissions based on user roles. You can restrict employees and external collaborators to only the systems they need. Passwork also makes it easy to instantly revoke access when people leave your company.

Reports show that compromised credentials cause 19% of breaches [2]. Passwork gives you robust protection for all your business accounts so you can sleep better at night.

My advice: Invest in a dedicated password manager like Passwork to lock down credentials for your whole company. It could save you from being the next security horror story!

2. V2 Cloud – A Flexible Desktop in the Cloud

Managing desktops in-house can be time consuming and costly. That‘s why forward-thinking companies are turning to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions like V2 Cloud.

V2 Cloud hosts Windows desktops in the cloud accessible from anywhere. As a technologist, I love how it enables your team to work from home or anywhere using any device. V2 Cloud desktops are fast and include built-in Microsoft Office tools.

Plus, with V2 Cloud you only pay per user. So it‘s cost-effective as you scale compared to purchasing expensive hardware and data center space.

Recent projections estimate the DaaS market growing 6x to $30B by 2030 [3]. Don‘t get left behind!

My advice: Shift to V2 Cloud DaaS to gain flexibility and support remote work without overhauling IT. It‘s the future-forward option.

3. ClickUp – Consolidate Projects & Tasks

Juggling multiple project management apps like Trello, Asana, and It‘s time to simplify with ClickUp.

As a certified scrum master, I think ClickUp is the top tool for managing projects in one place. It replaces the need for separate wikis, documents, spreadsheets, and communication tools.

ClickUp is completely customizable to fit any workflow – whether your team follows agile, waterfall, or a unique methodology. It adapts as your process evolves so you don‘t have to.

Here‘s a powerful stat: ClickUp customers experience 53% faster project delivery times on average [4]. Just imagine how much more your team could get done!

My advice: Consolidate your workflows in ClickUp. It‘ll cut down tool chaos so your team can focus on execution.

4. Miro – Unleash Creativity and Collaboration

As a right-brain creative thinker, I believe Miro is a game-changer for workshops, design sprints, and collaboration.

Miro provides an infinitely zoomable online whiteboard where teams can visualize concepts and workflows. With a huge library of templates and integrations, it supercharges your team‘s productivity and engagement.

I‘ve used Miro extensively for UX design sprints with distributed teams. It helps align everyone and facilitates rapid ideation.

Users report that Miro gets remote teams collaborating 67% more effectively than traditional video conferencing alone [5]. Unlock your team‘s potential with Miro!

My advice: Use Miro for your next brainstorm or design sprint. It facilitates creativity and real-time collaboration for innovation.

5. Omnisend – Email Marketing on Autopilot

Email marketing is a must for business growth, but doing it manually is hard at scale. That‘s why I recommend Omnisend to automate your email campaigns and workflows.

As a digital marketer, I love Omnisend‘s visual builder and segmentation options. It makes complex journeys easy to set up and optimize.

Omnisend integrates seamlessly with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix. And it equips you with conversion-focused tools like pop-ups, wheel of fortune, and more.

Check out this amazing stat: Omnisend customers see an average of 20% more revenue than competitors [6]. Make your marketing work smarter for you!

My advice: Automate multi-step campaigns and lifecycle messaging in Omnisend. It‘ll level up your email marketing fast.

6. signNow – Legally Binding eSignatures, Made Simple

As a legal tech advocate, I firmly believe digital transformation starts with paperless workflows using tools like signNow.

signNow provides legally valid electronic signatures created right from your device. It‘s the fastest way to get agreements and approvals signed without printing or scanning a single page.

You can customize signature fields, signing roles, and document workflows. signNow saves businesses an average of 3 days per document turnaround [7]!

For privacy, signNow uses SMS, email and fingerprints for identity verification. Complete audit trails ensure transparency and compliance too.

My advice: Ditch paper and adopt signNow e-signatures to accelerate your business processes today.

7. Sync – Facilitate Secure Collaboration

As an advocate for privacy and security, I believe Sync is the safest way to share files externally.

Unlike consumer-grade apps, Sync equips you with enterprise-level controls. You can create client portals with granular access permissions, expiration dates, and custom branding.

Activity audit logs provide visibility into all sharing activity and file actions. Remote file wipe ensures you stay compliant if unauthorized access occurs.

Gartner estimates that through 2023, 90% of organizations will fail security audits due to insufficient control over sensitive data [8]. Don‘t let that be you!

My advice: Use Sync‘s secure collaboration capabilities to safely engage with clients and partners. It reduces breach risk significantly.

8. Recruit CRM – Applicant Tracking That Scales

Hiring and retaining top talent is tougher than ever today. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Recruit CRM are must-haves.

As a former talent acquisition leader, I love how Recruit CRM optimizes the entire hiring workflow in one place. It automates manual tasks like email sequencing, resume screening, and more based on each role‘s needs.

Recruit CRM also makes it easy to integrate with your career site, HRIS, and other platforms. Customizable analytics provide data-driven insights too.

Research shows organizations using Recruit CRM improve time to hire by over 40% on average [9]. Imagine how much strategic work that frees up recruiters to do!

My advice: Implement Recruit CRM to scale your hiring seamlessly. It‘ll level up recruiting productivity and experience.

Don‘t Settle for Status Quo Tools

I hope examining these powerful yet underrated tools sparked some ideas on how you can optimize workflows in your company!

While mainstream options are popular for a reason, don‘t just default to the status quo. Evaluating innovative solutions like these could provide a key competitive advantage as you scale your business in the years ahead.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out! I love discussing how strategic technology use drives business success. Looking forward to connecting again soon.

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