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Proxy-Cheap Review

Proxy-Cheap Review

Do you want to know more about Proxy-Cheap before utilizing its service? This article provides you with an in-depth review of Proxy-Cheap to help you determine whether it is fake or legit and also whether it is the cheapest residential proxy provider.

Many online marketers are curious as to the efficacy of proxies from Proxy-cheap.

If you’re looking for information on Proxy-cheap and the residential proxies they provide, you’ve come to the best place.

There are customers who prefer them, and there are also marketers who aren’t going to think about them because they don’t know much about them.

For this reason, I am going to simplify everything you need to know about Proxy-Cheap for you. First, let’s look at what it is.

What is Proxy-Cheap?

Proxy-Cheap Overview

Proxy-Cheap is a leading supplier of high-quality proxy services at an affordable price.

They provide proxies that can be used from home, proxies that can be used while on the go, and proxies that are hosted in IPv6 data centers.

In this piece, I’ll be focusing on their residential proxies, which have found use in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to: ticket scalping, search engine optimization, Adverts authentication, social media automation and administration, and online scraping.

They provide both widespread coverage and reasonable rates.

Proxy-Cheap Features

  • Proxy-Cheap gives you access to more than six million internet protocol addresses that are reliable and uphold the highest levels of safety and confidentiality. Proxy-Cheap will make you forget about the problems you’ve had with past vendors.
  • Your software and other kinds of bots may work without hitting any snags, thanks to Proxy-Cheap’s GEO-Targeting, which allows them to bypass the restrictions imposed by different countries and regions.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to the helpful support team at any moment of the day or night, twenty-four hours a day. You can contact them by email, live chat, or phone if you need any help.
  • Proxy-Cheap provides the fastest speeds, the most genuine residential internet protocol addresses, and the most reliable service, with an annual uptime of more than ninety-nine percent.
  • When it comes to IPv4 protocol support for HTTP and SSL proxies, Proxy-Cheap is largely considered to be among the most sophisticated currently available.
  • You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try out the service since all you have to do is pay 5 USD for one gigabyte of data.
  • You don’t have to stay with them if you’re unhappy with the service, and you can quit without any regrets or heavy losses.

Pros of Proxy-Cheap

1. Flexible price that won’t break the bank succeeds where others fail: in terms of price.

Other proxy service providers have demonstrated that residential proxies are and always have been an exceptionally expensive option.

Proxy-Cheap is unique in that not only does it provide a free trial, but its proxies are also very cheap. However, you must specifically ask for the free trial in order to receive it.

2. Incredible Geographical Reach

If there is one thing every residential proxy provider should ensure, it is the fact that residential proxies should never be location-restricted, as in the case of data center proxies.

This is one thing that Proxy-Cheap does — massive outreach of proxies.

The peer-to-peer networking mechanism they utilize to get their internet protocol addresses allows for such a massive expansion.

3. Authentic Scraping

I include scraping performance testing since I know that numerous marketers employ web scraping and crawling.

Using this method, I can ascertain whether or not a proxy service’s proxies are suitable for use in web scraping and navigating highly encrypted sites.

4. Reasonable Proxy Speed

Upload and download speeds, ping, and other metrics are often reported after running a speed test.

Using the Speedtest application, I was able to ascertain the ping and upload and download speeds performance of Proxy-Cheap’s residential proxies.

It’s not the fastest, and I know that. The price makes this a fair offer.

5. Location of Proxies

Proxy-Cheap Location

Proxy-cheap now offers proxies from 127 of the world’s 193 countries.

When you consider that the company has barely been there for years, then it is obvious that this is something very astounding.

Somewhere in those 127 nations, you can supposedly use one of more than six million proxy addresses.

Although this is a relatively small number compared to the 30+ million proxies provided by other companies, it is still significant.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

Proxy-Cheap Customer Support

It’s common to want some kind of support after making a service purchase.

Here, the relatively low cost of a proxy server could prove useful.

You can be certain that whenever you use the live chat feature, you will get a prompt answer to your questions, enabling you to quickly and easily fix the problem.

7. Datacenter IPv6 Proxy Services

To be honest, we don’t see anything like this very often. In a world where IPv4 addresses still reign supreme, it’s fantastic to see a provider offering IPv6 proxy addresses.

It’s important to remember that only the proxies used in their data centers support IPv6.

IPv6 is the successor protocol that will eventually replace IPv4 addresses, which are becoming obsolete.

Proxy-cheap is unique in that not only do they provide IPv4 proxies, but they also offer IPv6 proxies from their data centers.

8. Easy Usability

Proxy-cheap is a reliable service that won’t leave you scratching your head.

Logging in to the dashboard is quick and easy, and once you’re there, you’ll quickly get familiar with its layout and its many features.

9. Reliability

Trying out Proxy-Cheap’s residential proxies for a few days, I was very pleased with their performance.

When I read through reviews from other customers, I found very few complaints about them. Regarding dependability, they get a free pass.

Cons of Proxy-Cheap

1. Free Trial is Only Available on Request

The fact that a free trial is only available on request could make people think that Proxy-Cheap doesn’t offer a free trial.

In fact, during my research on Proxy-Cheap, I saw many reviews stating that they don’t offer a free trial. Fortunately, I got to realize that they offer, but only on request.

Proxy-Cheap Use Cases Review

1. Brand Protection

Proxy-Cheap Brand Protection

In order to prevent problems for your business, it is essential to guard your brand against any potential threats.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep sensitive information secure after going through so much trouble to launch a business, set up the necessary platforms, and gain name recognition.

Proxy-Cheap provides premium proxies to keep your company’s sensitive information protected. It filters out spammers, intellectual property squatters, and other disruptive individuals.

2. High-quality SEO Proxies

Proxy-Cheap High-quality SEO Proxies

Although it may be difficult to achieve success within the SEO infrastructure due to the web’s cross-border nature, having access to numerous countries, cities, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will give you a leg up on the other contenders.

Despite Google’s index’s complicated algorithms designed to avoid spamming and harm, staying ahead of the competition, claiming rankings, and increasing online exposure across various search engines is possible with the right set of resources and customized residential proxies.

3. Ads Authentication

Proxy-Cheap Ads Authentication

The advertising industry is now undergoing certain changes that are likely not for the greater good.

Many companies and performance entrepreneurs have experienced a decline in advertising budgets with no corresponding increase in results.

To prevent hackers or competitive businesses from stealing sensitive information used in your marketing strategy.

When it comes to surreptitiously vetting the ads and landing pages of your rivals, uncovering signs of scams, and otherwise fine-tuning the performance of your own marketing, proxy-cheap residential proxies remain one of the best options.

4. Travel Aggregation Proxies

There are a plethora of businesses and travel companies out there, all collecting data through their own specialized web pages.

They continue to clearly show a priority on supplying their competitors with pricey data, even knowing that they need to access their rivals’ data via proxies enabled by an array of methods for them to get an edge.

Companies will rather block access from all bots if it means keeping their price structure and competitive advantage.

Having Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxies at your disposal is like having a secret weapon.

5. E-Commerce and Sales Proxies

Proxy-Cheap proxies make it easier to participate in the competitive business environment, which could be difficult at times.

It helps you get an edge over the competition by comparing prices and doing other sorts of competitive analyses.

Letting you adapt your price to the market and maintain an advantage.

In addition to protecting your brand and fooling your rivals, you can utilize proxies to hide your true identity.

6. Sneakers and Tickets

Most sneaker websites ban IP addresses from data centers and block bots and proxies when they are discovered.

As a case study, Nike has just announced a number of new goods in which the use of proxies from data centers is strictly forbidden.

Proxy-Cheap provides unlimited connections to its users since home proxy networks are far less likely to be blocked.

This means that you can run your bots eternally and earn from infinite tasks on sneaker bots with no fear of being banned.

7. Data Extraction

Globally distributed proxies allow for unconstrained data mining and the exploration of various scraping strategies.

Data confidentiality is maintained while supporting remote DNS.

Since residential proxies are so quick, you can use multiple connections at once and finish projects quickly.

8. Multiple Account Creation Proxies

Residential proxies employ real people’s home internet protocol addresses to make it look like they’re using the service legitimately.

Creating accounts on the network, whether for social media or anything else, is a breeze.

If you want to maximize your social media marketing potential, employ proxies with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other automation tools.

9. Social Media Management Proxies

Companies from all around the globe are competing for spots in advertisements on social media mediums, with automation, social media marketing, and digital business optimization continuing to be the hottest topics.

Proxy-Cheap can help you with everything from social media account management to boosting your company’s growth.

Take control of your social media experience with the help of Proxy-Cheap simple residential and mobile proxies.

Use them to circumvent activity bans and other restrictions and enjoy complete freedom inside your platform of choice.

Proxy-Cheap Pricing Review

Residential Pricing:

Proxy-Cheap Residential Plan

  • 1 to 50 gigabytes = 5 USD per gigabyte
  • 50 – 200 gigabytes = 4 USD per gigabyte
  • 200 – 3000 gigabytes = 3 USD per gigabyte

Mobile Pricing:

Proxy-Cheap Mobile Proxies Plan

  • 4 gigabytes France Mobile Proxy = 80 USD monthly
  • 4 gigabytes US Mobile Proxy = 50 USD monthly

Data Center IPV6 Pricing:

Proxy-Cheap Datacenter Plan

  • 50 IPV6 Proxies = 0.40 USD per proxy
  • 150 IPV6 Proxies = 0.33 USD per proxy
  • 500 IPV6 Proxies = 0.30 USD per proxy

VPN Pricing:

  • 1 Month = 9.99 Monthly
  • 6 Months = 7.99 Monthly
  • 1 year = 5.99 Monthly

How to contact Proxy-Cheap

To contact Proxy-Cheap, you can use the following methods:

  1. Email general support at [email protected]
  2. Fill out the contact form on their “Contact Us” page:

Additionally, their business information is as follows:

  • Company name: Lietparkas UAB
  • Registration code: 302774944
  • Address: Aukštaičių g. 6, LT-11341 Vilnius, Lithuania

Where to buy Proxy-Cheap proxies?

You can buy Proxy-Cheap proxies directly from their website at or proxy stores like

They offer various types of proxies, including ISP, residential, datacenter, and 4G/5G mobile proxies.

The pricing for these proxies varies depending on the type and the amount of traffic or number of proxies you need

Final Verdict: Is Proxy-Cheap the Cheapest Residential Provider?

From my experience and extensive hours of research on cheap residential proxies, I can say that, though Proxy-Cheap is a new proxy provider when compared to the likes of Bright Data, it functions as one of the cheapest in the industry.

Its lowest pricing begins from 3 USD per gigabyte for 200-3000 GB. This is, without a doubt, an offer no one can reject.


Q. Does Proxy-Cheap have a free trial?

Proxy-Cheap has a free trial. However, it’s based on request.

Q. Which types of payment does Proxy-Cheap support?

Proxy-Cheap accepts payment methods, including PayPal Credit Cards and even cryptocurrencies.

Q. How many countries do Proxy-Cheap proxies function in?

You can enjoy Proxy-Cheap services in over 120 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, and South America.


Proxy-cheap has both good and bad features, as do other proxy services available on the web today.

Given that they just went live a little over a year ago, most individuals would probably steer clear of them out of caution; nevertheless, this may not be in anyone’s best interest.

They provide some of the most competitively priced services available, as their name suggests.

When you consider that the internet protocol (IP) address pool contains close to six million IPs, you’ll find that it’s a bargain.

It’s not all roses, however. During my testing, I found a number of unexpected results concerning the speeds and latencies I was expecting to see.

The lack of a tutorial is also a drawback, especially given how commonplace I find them among your competitors.

Should you spend your money on Proxy-cheap proxies? Ideally, if it was up to me, I would say yes! If you can look beyond the drawbacks and trust that you can make do with what they provide, and their prices are really unrivaled, then I think it is absolutely worthwhile.

Kalle Hallden

Written by Kalle Hallden

Kalle Hallden is a programming code expert known for his expertise in social media growth hacks. With his deep understanding of coding and social dynamics, he has gained a reputation for his innovative approaches to increasing online presence. Kalle's tutorials and hacks provide valuable insights and practical techniques for programmers looking to enhance their skills and make a significant impact in the online world.