Unlocking the Enigma of the Purple Ruinous Tablet and Catching the Elusive Wo-Chien in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet – A Complete Guide

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Hey there fellow Trainer! If you‘ve been exploring the sprawling Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, you may have come across whispers and rumors surrounding an ancient relic known as the Purple Ruinous Tablet. Sealed away by eight mysterious purple stakes, this weathered stone tablet is said to contain the dormant spirit of the legendary Pokemon Wo-Chien. Just what is Wo-Chien‘s story? And how can we collect those elusive stakes to finally unlock the tablet‘s secrets?

In this expansive guide, I‘ll be walking you through every step needed to unravel the puzzle of the Purple Ruinous Tablet. With my help across multiple in-depth playthroughs of Scarlet and Violet, you‘ll learn exactly how to track down all eight purple stakes, open the tablet to awaken Wo-Chien, defeat it in an epic battle, and add this powerful Grass/Ghost-type legendary to your team!

Sound exciting? Let‘s dive right into the mystical ruins and lore of Wo-Chien! This will be a complete adventure guiding you to catch ‘em all in Paldea!

Orienting Our Expedition to Find Wo-Chien and Its Legendary Tablet

Before we embark on this epic quest across the Paldea region, let‘s get briefly oriented on the mythology surrounding the Purple Ruinous Tablet and its inhabitant Wo-Chien. According to ancient local legends, the tablet was erected to imprison the spirit of a royal scribe who wrote down unsavory commands of a corrupt Paldean king many centuries ago.

As punishment for recording the king‘s misdeeds, the scribe was banished and executed. But its angry spirit endured, manifesting as the Pokemon Wo-Chien who drains life energy from vegetation in resentment. To contain Wo-Chien, the people of Paldea constructed the Purple Ruinous Tablet and sealed it using eight mystical purple stakes infused with psychic power.

Now in the present day, those eight purple stakes are scattered across the diverse biomes of Paldea. Finding them will let us unlock the tablet, battle Wo-Chien, and hopefully tame this overgrown spirit! Are you up for the challenge, my friend? It will be an adventure spanning plains, forests, mountains, and more!

Equip your best hiking shoes and stock up on Ultra Balls – we‘ve got some epic Pokemon history to uncover!

Tracking Down All Eight Purple Stakes to Break Wo-Chien‘s Seal

The eight purple stakes containing Wo-Chien‘s essence are well-hidden across Paldea. I‘ll provide detailed directions for locating each stake based on many hours of exploration across multiple playthroughs. Having maps of each named area handy will be super helpful to follow along!

Some stakes are buried deep in forests, requiring chops from Cyclizar to proceed. Others are hidden along sheer cliffs only accessible by climbing/gliding with Koraidon/Miraidon. Pack supplies, use your Dowsing to search carefully, and don‘t hesitate to ask NPCs for clues. Let‘s go get ‘em!

Stake #1 Location – Glaseado Mountain Peaks

Our first purple stake rests high in the Glaseado Mountains of western Paldea. From Mesagoza, head east and then north once you‘re in the mountains. Use your Legendary mount to scale the sheer cliffs. At the tallest peak, search for a path heading down the mountain‘s northeast face.

Follow this narrow trail as it switchbacks down the windswept precipice. Watch your step! Eventually you‘ll reach a fork leading to a lower cliffside path – the purple glow should be visible from here. Drop down carefully and retrieve the stake wedged between rocks!

Stake #2 Location – Cascarrafa Lake Island

For our next stop, we‘ll brave the waters of Cascarrafa Lake located south of Levincia. Surf out from either the west or east banks of the lake, going counterclockwise around the perimeter. Along the southern cliffs, you‘ll spot a tiny islet jutting out of the water.

Maneuver through the sharp rocks and shoreline boulders to find a small grotto – inside rests the telltale violet shimmer of stake #2! Adds some variety from the previous mountain hike.

Stake #3 Location – West Province Area 2 Cave

Number three takes some dedicated hunting through a sandy shoreline cavern. Head to West Province Area 2, which has beaches west of Mesagoza. Travel south down the coast until you reach a stone outcropping at the water‘s edge.

Smash through the breakable rocks to reveal the cave entrance. Bringing a Pokemon with Rock Smash will help greatly here. The gloomy grotto holds many Zorua illusions, so stay alert! At the back you‘ll finally discover the purple stake among some rubble.

Stake #4 Location – Tagtree Thicket Hideaway

Locating the fourth stake requires investigating a creepy shack deep in Tagtree Thicket. From Medali, travel east and then south into the forest, staying left at the fork. Eventually you‘ll enter a thick wooded grove with an eerie old shack straight ahead.

Check around back to spot a conspicuous crack in the thicket fence. Smash through with Cyclizar and snag the stake just out of sight. This one gives off some serious horror movie vibes!

Stake #5 Location – South Province Area 5 Ridge Outlook

The fifth purple pillar sits along a craggy ridgeline in South Province Area 5. This southern zone has lots of cliffs and peaks to scale. Start from Cortondo and travel southwest, climbing uphill through wild Mightyena packs.

Follow the elevated ridge until you reach a sheer rock face blocking further progress. Use your trusty ride Pokemon to scale this wall and reach the windy clifftop outlook. Through the ghostly fluttering leaves, you can see the stake anchored on the precipice.

Stake #6 Location – North Province Area 2 Icy Ledges

Only a few left! Number six sits among perilous icy cliffs in northern Paldea‘s tundra. From the Three-Point Pass, carefully use your Miraidon/Koraidon to leap and climb the sheer mountainside headed toward Snowpoint Lodge.

Watch for sharp drops and challenging jumps between thin ledges. About halfway up, tucked against an overhang, you‘ll finally glimpse the violet glow marking the stake. Hope you packed some warm clothes for this one!

Stake #7 Location – West Province Area 1 Coastal Islet

Our second-to-last stake requires a little open-water navigation. From Levincia, surf due west until you reach a tiny palm tree-dotted islet. Disembark and make your way to the grassy center to claim your prize.

It seems oddly peaceful and out-of-place compared to the other more ominous spots. Enjoy the sunset – only one purple stake remains before we can unlock Wo-Chien!

Stake #8 Location – East Province Area 2 Abandoned Tower

For our final stake, we‘ll ascend a creepy ruined tower near Port Marinada. Look for the decaying stone spire just south of the city limits. Circle around back to find an entry point three stories up.

Climb in carefully using ledges and footholds. Inside, silently sneak past nesting Pokemon until you reach the roof. There, jutting up through cracks in the masonry, is the last purple stake! We‘ve found them all – now to the tablet!

Unsealing the Purple Ruinous Tablet and Battling Wo-Chien

After hours of traversing forests, mountains, deserts, and icy peaks to claim every stake, we‘re finally ready to unlock the ancient tablet. Travel to South Province Area 5 and hike south from Cortondo until you reach the cliffside ruins along the shore.

Interact with the tablet while carrying all eight purple stakes. A spectral scene will unfold – the stakes will float and reinsert themselves into the tablet, lighting up its runic markings with an eerie glow. Suddenly, Wisps emerge from the cracks as a dark, amorphous mass takes form, eventually solidifying into the legendary Wo-Chien.

An intense music theme will kick in as the surrounding area darkens. Get ready for a memorable showdown! Let‘s discuss some tips for winning this climactic battle against Wo-Chien:

Strategizing to Defeat Wo-Chien

Wo-Chien is no pushover opponent. At Lv. 75 with a diverse moveset, you‘ll need to be strategic to take down this powerful Grass/Ghost-type legendary. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Pack Ultra Balls and status-inflicting moves to catch it after weakening

  • Its Cursed Body ability can disable contact moves, so use ranged/Special attacks

  • Watch out for high-damage moves like Poltergeist and Leaf Blade

  • Bring Pokemon with type advantage like Dark, Ghost, Fire or Flying moves

  • Lower its HP safely using statuses like Sleep, Paralysis or Burn

  • Only strike with your hardest hitters when it‘s vulnerable

  • Keep attempting catches even if it breaks free initially

  • Have a fast Pokemon ready in case Wo-Chien wakes up from Sleep

  • Don‘t get discouraged – Legendary captures require patience!

Now let‘s explore some specific Pokemon and moves that work well against Wo-Chien:

Effective Pokemon Types

  • Houndstone – Fire/Dark with Flamethrower and Dark Pulse

  • Orthworm – Bug/Steel with Iron Head and X-Scissor

  • Skeledirge – Ghost/Dragon with Shadow Ball and Dragon Breath

  • Bombirdier – Flying/Fire with Acrobatics and Air Slash

Useful Setup Moves

  • Swords Dance – Sharply boosts Attack

  • Calm Mind – Sharply boosts Special Attack and Special Defense

  • Nasty Plot – Sharply raises Special Attack

Status Move Recommendations

  • Hypnosis – Puts Wo-Chien to Sleep, excellent for catching

  • Will-o-Wisp – Burns to steadily inflict damage

  • Stun Spore – Paralyzes to potentially skip turns

  • Thunder Wave – Also paralyzes targets

Bring your most competitive team tailored to this epic adversary. Get Wo-Chien weakened and asleep, then start hucking those Ultra Balls! With persistence and the right strategy, you‘ll seize victory and a powerful new legendary Pokemon. Now let‘s look at how to properly train Wo-Chien and incorporate it into your squad!

Building a Competitive Moveset and Team Around Wo-Chien

Caught Wo-Chien! Congrats, my friend. Now it‘s time to mold this versatile Grass/Ghost-type into a key part of your battle-ready team. Here are some recommended moves, training strategies, and team synergies for Wo-Chien:

Ideal Moveset

  • Poltergeist – Strong STAB Ghost attack, hits through protection

  • Leaf Blade – Powerful Grass STAB, high critical hit rate

  • Shadow Ball – Reliable ranged Ghost damage

  • Calm Mind – Set up to boost SpAtk and SpDef

Useful Coverage Moves

  • Energy Ball – Secondary Grass STAB option

  • Psychic/Psyshock – Hits Poison and Fighting types super effectively

EV Training Focus

  • Max out Special Attack and Speed – Wo-Chien‘s strongest stats

  • Invest remaining EVs into HP and Special Defense bulk

Team Synergy and Strategy

  • Pair Wo-Chien with Dark, Ground, or Fire types to remove weaknesses

  • Use Pokemon that can set up Reflect/Light Screen to aid its mediocre defenses

  • Have a fast revenge killer to take out foes if Wo-Chien gets KO‘d

  • Build around abusing its Cursed Body to disable physical contact moves

With the right preparation, Wo-Chien can wreak havoc by setting up Calm Minds against passive opponents unable to retaliate at range. Fear its spectral power once fully unleashed!

And there you have it – hopefully this guide has fully prepared you to unlock the mysteries of the Purple Ruinous Tablet, conquer the challenging Wo-Chien, and train it into a competitive team member. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow Pokemon expert.

Now get out there and catch ‘em all, brave Trainer! Paldea awaits.


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