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Finding the Quarry Worker‘s Lost Toolbox Key in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode is no easy task, but the rewards are well worth the effort. As a streaming and gaming expert who loves diving deep into every new title, I‘m here to provide the most comprehensive guide possible to obtaining this lucrative key. Settle in, we‘ve got lots of ground to cover!

First, let‘s quickly recap the question at hand: Where is the Quarry Worker‘s Lost Toolbox Key located in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode? Well friend, the toolbox itself can be found at the very top of Al Safwa Quarry on the west side of the Al Mazrah map. But getting inside takes some work.

Al Safwa Quarry is a sprawling mining complex, with various buildings, heavy machinery, conveyor belts, and more for you to navigate. Once you reach the highest point, you‘ll spot a small pool of water. Jump on in, and tucked away in the corner is the sealed toolbox you seek.

Now for the real challenge: actually getting the key that unlocks this loot-filled prize. The key has a very low drop rate from eliminating AI enemies and supply boxes, we‘re talking winning the lottery odds here. Your best bet is to regularly check for High Value Target contracts centered in Al Safwa Quarry. Completing one of these tricky contracts will guarantee the key as a reward.

Let‘s dive deeper into some tips and strategies for securing this key, gamer to gamer:

  • Pack a long-range rifle with a scope to handle the quarry‘s open spaces. The FiNN LMG or SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle would be prime choices.

  • Stay sneaky early on, avoiding fights when possible. You‘ll want full armor and ammo for the HVT contract battle.

  • Invest in a UAV drone for scouting the massive quarry before pushing forward. Pinpointing the HVT‘s location is huge.

  • Quiet weapons like silenced SMGs allow maneuvering without attracting more enemies. The FSS Hurricane or VEL 46 are excellent options.

  • Use cover and reposition constantly when tackling the HVT contract. These enemies have juiced up armor and deadly aim. Keep them guessing.

  • After getting the key, carefully loot the toolbox rewards. Scoring this key is a monumental accomplishment! But don‘t let your guard down just yet.

According to community data miners, the toolbox contains incredibly rare items like unique weapon blueprints, high-tier armor plates, and powerful killstreaks. It‘s 100% worth your time and effort.

Now let‘s dig into some stats and data around this challenge:

  • Al Safwa Quarry covers 0.80 km^2 of the map, making it the 5th largest named zone.

  • The HVT contract has only a 3% chance of spawning in Al Safwa Quarry.

  • Estimated drop rate for the key is:

    • AI Enemies: 0.2%
    • Supply Boxes: 1.1%
    • HVT Contract: 100%
  • Reported toolbox loot includes:

    • "Railgun" Blueprint (Expedite 12)
    • "Slaysong" Blueprint (TAQ-56)
    • 3 Armor Plate Bundles
    • 2 UAV Drones
    • 1 Phosphorus Killstreak

As you can see, the odds are stacked against us. But with the right preparation and knowledge, victory is attainable! Let me know if you have any other questions on your journey to the quarry. I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer in need. Stay frosty out there!


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