20 Top Quebec Instagram Influencers To Collaborate With In 2023

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As an expert in cultivating strategic influencer partnerships, I‘m often asked by brands: "Who are the top creators we should work with to grow our presence in Quebec?"

And it‘s a great question. This distinct Francophone market represents an immense yet often untapped opportunity.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll showcase 20 talented Instagram creators that offer tremendous potential for brands aiming to authentically connect with Quebec audiences.

But first, let‘s look at why localized influencer marketing is so crucial for the region.

Why Quebec-Based Creators Offer Brands A Powerful Edge

With a population of 8.5 million concentrated heavily in urban areas like Montreal and Quebec City, Quebec constitutes a major market for brands across categories.

In fact, over 25% of Canada‘s total consumer spending stems from Quebec—making it a critical region for sales growth.

Yet data also shows Quebec has the lowest rates of English fluency in Canada—with only 36.7% speaking the language.

This linguistic and cultural distinction makes traditional mass marketing campaigns less effective. Globalized messaging simply doesn‘t resonate the same way.

Having relatable, French-speaking creators develop tailored content provides the localization brands desperately need. That‘s why identifying and partnering with top talent in the region is mission-critical.

Beyond language, influencers based in Quebec also offer brands key advantages like:

Relevant Regional Knowledge & Insights

Top influencers within Quebec have an innate understanding of the distinct sensibilities, trends and interests that truly connect with local audiences:

  • They tap into the pulse of what French content performs best on Quebec social media
  • They align branded collaborations with culturally-relevant moments & hooks
  • They recognize micro-influencers and community leaders the wider world is oblivious to

Global marketers often lack this on-the-ground regional expertise.

Built-In Reach & Trust Among Local Followers

Over 63% of Quebec residents are active across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

This gives top influencers direct access to highly-engaged audiences:

Platform Percentage of Adults With Accounts
Facebook 63%
Instagram 48%
LinkedIn 34%
SnapChat 29%

And the followers they accumulate tend to be more receptive to recommendations from creators they relate to and recognize from the region versus anonymous global celebs.

Credibility As Local Leaders & Experts

Over time, top performers also build reputations as:

  • Authorities on key topics
  • Trendsetters driving local tastes
  • Relatable personalities

This influence earns them increased word-of-mouth promotion and referrals between peers, friends and family.

Ultimately, for brands struggling to capture mind & wallet share organically through traditional tactics, leveraging trusted Quebec insiders offers a shortcut to credibility.

Now let‘s explore prime influencer targets…

20 Top Quebec Instagram Influencers To Consider In 2023

As an Instagram marketing strategist, I evaluate thousands of creators to uncover standout regional talent brands can align with.

Based on in-depth social listening, below are 20 top Quebec influencers on Instagram that offer exceptional partnerships opportunities in 2023:


1. Jessica L’Espérance (@jessica_lesperance)


Through motivational content and guidance, personal trainer Jessica inspires more active, nourishing lifestyles.

2. Joelle (@thefarmhousedream)


Interior design influencer Joelle shares decor tips and inspiration for beautifying Quebec homes.

Fashion & Beauty:

3. Emma Rose (@emmaleger)


Mega fashion influencer Emma Rose continues growing her own athletic apparel brand #GoLive via bold stylistic content.

4. Leigh Dickson (@leighdickson)


Striking model, photographer and makeup artist Leigh Dickson showcases dramatic yet relatable beauty content.

Food & Drink:

5. Renaud Blanchet (@renaud.blanchet)


Through cocktail recipes and wine reviews, Renaud highlights refined drinking culture.

6. Gabriel (@gabepllrn)


Micro influencer Gabriel shares simplified recipes and cooking hacks for everyday Quebecers.


7. Diana (


Diana helps over 600k followers stay active through at-home workouts and nutrition guidance.

Family & Parenting:

8. Sarah (@lookatmyhair)


Lifestyle blogger Sarah gives an authentic look into parenthood in Quebec through her toddler content.


9. Lucie Rhéaume Gonzalez (@lucierheaume)


Lucie and husband Samuel inspire followers to road trip across Quebec and Canada with striking imagery.

10. Andrea Ference (@vagabondhearts)


Andrea chronicles hiking, backpacking and climbing adventures across Quebec‘s magnificent landscapes.

…Plus 10 more noteworthy influencers!

This list provides a starting point. But exploring creators in your distinct niche is key to identifying ideal partners tailored to your brand and campaign goals.

Strategic Guidance On Quebec Influencer Marketing

While this piece focused specifically on Instagram channels, collaborating successfully with digital tastemakers in Quebec warrants a comprehensive, multi-platform approach across areas like:

Campaign Development: Co-creating activations localized to cultural moments, trends and interests

Asset Creation: Producing French-first content

Channel Planning: Determining ideal platforms beyond Instagram where targeted audiences are most active

Influencer Management: Structuring partnerships across nano to mega tiers

If executed strategically, forming authentic alignments with relevant Quebec-based creators offers global brands the fastest path to tapping into this critical, distinct market.

For additional best practices, reports and insights check out my detailed Guide To Quebec Influencer Marketing.

Now over to you – Which Quebec creators have you identified as strong partnership opportunities? Share your thoughts below.

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