30+ Ragnarok Origin Global Gift Codes – The Ultimate Guide to Free In-Game Rewards

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Ragnarok Origin is the highly anticipated mobile adaptation of the iconic MMORPG Ragnarok Online that took the world by storm in the early 2000s. As a long-time RO fan and avid mobile gamer, I‘ve been eagerly exploring the world of Ragnarok Origin since its launch.

With its fluid combat, anime visuals, and nostalgic soundtrack, Ragnarok Origin authentically captures the PC experience while optimizing for mobile. It‘s a dream come true for fans of the franchise.

One of the best parts of Ragnarok Origin is being able to redeem gift codes for free in-game items, currency, and other rewards. As an experienced and dedicated mobile gamer, I‘ve compiled the most up-to-date list of working Ragnarok Origin gift codes currently available globally.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide:

  • An overview of Ragnarok Origin and why gift codes are useful
  • A step-by-step guide to redeeming gift codes
  • The complete list of all active gift codes (30+ codes)
  • Recommendations for earning free Diamonds to spend on bonuses
  • Tips for experienced MMORPG players new to Ragnarok Origin

So whether you‘re a hardcore Ragnarok veteran or new to the franchise, read on to unlock tons of free rewards and boost your adventure!

Why Play Ragnarok Origin? A Nostalgic, Feature-Rich Mobile MMORPG

For the uninitiated, Ragnarok Online first launched in South Korea in 2002 before expanding across the globe. It pioneered many staple mechanics of modern MMORPGs, like guild housing systems and skill trees, while popularizing expressive 2.5D anime graphics.

At its peak popularity in the mid-2000s, Ragnarok Online had over 15 million registered players and legions of dedicated fans (including myself). The game stood out for its addictive, party-based grinding, PvP battles, extensive character building, and social features like marriage and mentoring.

Ragnarok Origin adapts this rich heritage into an immersive mobile experience made for both nostalgic fans and newcomers. Let‘s quickly cover some standout features:

Fluid, Fast-Paced Combat – The mobile controls feel intuitive, with skills easily activated via touch tabs. Dodging and combo-chaining skills together feels silky smooth. Boss raids require tight teamwork.

Stunning Visuals – The bright, colorful anime graphics run beautifully on mobile. Environments are diverse, spanning lush forests, arid deserts, vibrant cities, and sinister dungeons.

In-Depth Character Building – With complete class branches from the classic Ragnarok Jobs, you have endless options for building your hero including Swordsmen, Mages, Merchants, Thieves, Priests and more. The customization offers incredible depth for optimizing your playstyle.

Engaging PvE and PvP – The questing provides an immersive RPG narrative, while partying up with buddies or your guild for raids pushes your skills to the limit. You can also battle against other players once you hit certain levels.

Nostalgic Soundtrack – Hearing the orchestral BGM will transport any Ragnarok veterans back to precious memories grinding with friends. The music enriches the adventure.

Ragnarok Origin condenses the most iconic elements of RO into mobile form brilliantly. It‘s both a nostalgia trip and an amazing MMORPG for new users.

Now let‘s get to unlocking all those free rewards!

Step-By-Step Guide to Redeeming Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes

Redeeming gift codes in Ragnarok Origin only takes a few seconds. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Ragnarok Origin on your mobile device. You can download it for free from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

  2. From the main menu, tap the "Rewards" icon (it looks like a present box).

  3. Select the "Redeem" tab.

  4. Copy and paste or manually enter your gift code into the text field labeled "Enter gift code".

  5. Finally, tap the "Confirm" button and your rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox!

Watch out for typos when entering codes. They are case-sensitive so type them exactly as shown.

It‘s that easy! Now let‘s look at all the active codes worth redeeming…

Complete List of Working Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes (30+ Codes)

Here is an up-to-date list of all active and valid Ragnarok Origin global gift codes:













I‘ve ordered the list from newest active codes to oldest. Try entering them from top to bottom, as newer codes are more likely to still work.

If you come across an expired code, don‘t sweat it! Just keep moving down the list until you find a valid one.

As of writing this, all 30+ codes above are confirmed working. But Ragnarok Origin codes do eventually expire after a certain period of time.

I‘ll keep this list updated with any new gift codes that get released so be sure to bookmark this guide!

Now let‘s look at what sweet rewards these codes unlock…

Loot from Ragnarok Origin Gift Codes

Gift code rewards tend to include:

  • Diamonds – Premium currency for purchasing upgrades, items, and more.

  • Eden Coins – Currency for exchanging exclusive items at the Eden Shop.

  • Lucky Candies – Grants a random buff effect when consumed.

  • Teleport Tickets – Returns you to Prontera immediately.

  • Buff Potions – Temporarily boosts stats like STR, AGI, etc.

  • EXP Potions – Grants increased EXP gain for 30 minutes.

As you can see, these rewards provide very useful bonuses. The free Diamonds in particular are quite valuable for unlocking premium content and items.

Make sure to bookmark and regularly check this list to catch new codes right when they drop!

Recommendations for Earning More Free Diamonds

While gift codes provide a nice influx of Diamonds, you‘ll likely want even more to spend on upgrades, unlocking job classes, costumes, and other shiny bonuses.

Here are a few legitimate ways to earn extra free Diamonds:

Complete Surveys on Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a top survey site where you can earn money sharing your opinions on brands, products, ads, and more.

  • Earn up to $40 per month taking surveys in your spare time. Cash out securely via PayPal.

  • Use earnings to purchase Diamonds for Ragnarok Origin and other mobile games.

  • Survey Junkie is 100% free to join with over 4.5 stars from 30,000+ reviews. Legitimate way to earn rewards for gaming.

Rack Up SB with Swagbucks

Swagbucks rewards you with points (SB) for everyday online activities like surveys, shopping, playing games, watching videos and more.

  • Earn 5 SB just for signing up (~$0.05)

  • Cash out SB for free gift cards to spend on your favorite mobile games.

  • Members have earned over $500 million in rewards so far!

Take Surveys on LifePoints

LifePoints is another stellar survey community.

  • Get paid for giving your opinions on products and services. The more surveys you take, the more LifePoints you earn.

  • Redeem LifePoints for free gift cards including PayPal cash.

  • Simple sign-up process and intuitive interface. Easy way to earn a little extra gaming cash on the side.

All of these survey sites provide secure cash out via PayPal or gift cards. Take a few surveys in your downtime and redeem your earnings for Diamonds to take your Ragnarok Origin experience to the next level.

Just don‘t forget to take breaks and enjoy all the other features of the game too!

Tips for Ragnarok Veterans and Newbies Alike

Whether you‘re a returning Ragnarok fanatic or brand new, Ragnarok Origin offers an incredible mobile MMORPG experience. Here are my top tips:

For Ragnarok Veterans:

  • Make a Priest – Priests were invaluable party members in classic Ragnarok for their healing and buffs. This remains true in Origin.

  • Join a Guild ASAP – Guilds facilitate easier partying for leveling/raiding. Check recruitment chat.

  • Visit Old Haunts – Revisit classic Ragnarok areas like Prontera, Payon Cave, Orc Village for nostalgia.

  • Unlock Extra Hotkeys – In Options, enable extra skill hotkeys for easier access to all your abilities.

For New Players:

  • Follow the Main Quests – Completing quest storylines provides the smoothest leveling experience.

  • Test All Classes – Don‘t feel locked in based on your starting class. Experiment to find one you truly enjoy!

  • Use Auto-Matchmaking – Quickly find parties for quests/dungeons via auto-matchmaking.

  • Check the Community – The Ragnarok Origin community is friendly and helpful. Ask questions if you‘re stuck!

Take the time to appreciate all the small details and references to classic Ragnarok. Enjoy the journey!

Conclusion – Redeem Codes, Earn Free Diamonds, and Enjoy Your Adventure!

That sums up my ultimate guide to unlocking free rewards with Ragnarok Origin gift codes! With this resource:

  • You have an up-to-date list of all active gift codes for tons of free loot.

  • You know exactly how to redeem codes for quick rewards.

  • You understand safe methods for earning extra Diamonds through survey sites.

  • You have tips that both newbies and veterans can utilize for more fun.

Be sure to bookmark this guide and check back often as I‘ll keep it updated with any new gift codes that are released. Feel free to reach out if you have any other Ragnarok Origin-related questions!

For more of my guides covering the hottest new mobile RPGs, be sure to follow me here on [Blog Name]. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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