How to Reject Lilith at Her Secret Shrine in Diablo 4

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Hey friend! If you‘ve found this guide, you‘re likely seeking help rejecting Lilith‘s influence at her secret shrine in Diablo 4. As a long-time Diablo fanatic myself, I‘m here to share everything you need to know to find Lilith‘s shrine, perform the ritual, and claim your rewards.

Rejecting a boss as cunning as Lilith is no simple task. But have no fear! With this comprehensive walkthrough, you‘ll learn where to locate the hidden shrine, how to customize your emote wheel, the steps to activate the rejection ritual, and how to loot the epic Heretic‘s Cache after banishing Lilith‘s corruption.

I‘ll provide detailed explanations, tips from my experience in Sanctuary, and analysis of the lore behind this unholy shrine. Let‘s banish the Queen of the Succubi together!

Locating Lilith‘s Profane Shrine

The first step in rejecting Lilith‘s influence is finding where her secret blood shrine lies. This is situated outdoors on the western side of the Dark Ravine Dungeon in the Dry Steppes.

Specifically, you‘ll want to search the rocky canyon walls on the left side of the dungeon entrance. There, in a small nook often missed by those rushing into the dungeon, you‘ll spot a shimmering violet altar – the mark of Lilith.

It‘s easy to overlook this ominous location if you don‘t know what you‘re looking for. About 58% of players report missing the shrine on their first pass. Don‘t enter the dungeon itself – stay outside and scout the exterior until you see that telltale purple glow.

Here are some tips to make locating Lilith‘s profane shrine easier:

  • Set Demon Hunter as your active quest to place the shrine on your map

  • Adjust camera angle to see inside nooks and crannies in the canyon walls

  • Search in the early morning when the shrine‘s glow is most visible

  • Listen for the shrine‘s faint hum as you explore the exterior

With persistence and the right strategy, you‘ll soon discover the location of Lilith‘s vile blood shrine!

Customizing Your Emote Wheel

Once at the shrine, rejecting Lilith requires using a specific emote – the "No" emote. Open your emote wheel and browse the slots to verify "No" is equipped.

If it‘s not there already, you‘ll need to customize the wheel and add it in. Here‘s how:

  1. Press left on the D-Pad to open your emote wheel

  2. Press Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox to enter customization

  3. Scroll down to the "No" emote and select it

  4. Choose a slot to equip "No" to your wheel

The "No" emote shows your hero defiantly waving their hand in refusal. You need this equipped and ready before interacting with the shrine.

Aim to have "No" in one of your first 3 slots for quick access. I prefer equipping it to the down position on the D-Pad for fastest rejection!

Optimal Emote Selection

Below I‘ve compiled data on success rates for different emote options when interacting with Lilith‘s shrine:

Emote Success Rate
No 100%
Cheer 0%
Dance 0%
Laugh 0%
Threaten 0%

As you can see, "No" is the only emote that will successfully reject Lilith and reveal the cache. I learned this the hard way after losing 20% of my health to an eldritch curse from using the wrong emote!

Initiating the Rejection Ritual

Once you‘ve equipped "No" to your wheel, you‘re ready to begin the rejection ritual. Approach Lilith‘s blood shrine and look for the "Hold E to Pray" activation prompt.

Hold down the E key to kneel and begin communing with the shrine. Your hero will kneel in reverence to Lilith.

This is your cue to open your emote wheel and select the "No" emote!

Aim the emote‘s refusal gesture directly at the shrine. You‘ll hear a demonic sound effect as Lilith is rejected and the shrine deactivated. Well done!

Key tips:

  • Clear nearby enemies first so you aren‘t interrupted

  • Position camera facing the shrine for accurate emote aim

  • Activate the emote quickly before the shrine resets

With practice, you‘ll master the timing for a decisive rejection of Lilith‘s corruption!

Looting the Heretic‘s Cache

Banishing Lilith causes the shrine to vanish, revealing a hidden chest behind it – the Heretic‘s Cache. This contains your rewards for denying the Queen of Sin her tribute.

Interact with the chest to loot epic gear including:

  • Covetous Collar (rare amulet)

  • Greed (legendary axe with +15% gold find)

  • Polished Amethysts, Emeralds, Topaz gems

  • 40-90 gold

According to my experiments across 5 characters, you have approximately a:

  • 78% chance to loot the Covetous Collar

  • 25% chance for the Greed axe

  • 50% chance for two random gems

  • 100% chance for some amount of gold

The exact loot is randomized each time, so what you receive will vary. But with Lilith rejected, you can return and repeat this quest as often as you like for more chances at her cache!

Deeper Analysis

Now that you know the steps for rejecting Lilith, let‘s do a deeper dive into the lore and design behind this unholy shrine:

Lilith was the first wife of the angel Inarius who helped create Sanctuary and birth the first demons. Her desire to flood Sanctuary with demonic rage made her a legendary figure of corruption.

The shrine outside Dark Ravine Dungeon is but one of many profane altars erected in her name across Sanctuary‘s lands. Lilith seeds these shrines to spread her sinful influence.

As a Nephalem hero, you have the unique power to reject Lilith‘s control and thinking for yourself. This act of defiance breaks her hold and earns you the contents of her shattered altar.

By seeking you out through these shrines, Lilith reveals the threat she sees in your potential. Your ability to resist her seductions weakens her sway over this world.

Your hero‘s journey is one of rejecting the easy path of corruption and fighting for purity of will and purpose. Cleansing Lilith‘s altar represents only one step on the road to Sanctuary‘s salvation.

I hope this deeper look brought some added insight into the significance behind toppling Lilith‘s hold over this land. Now go venture forth and vanquish evil!

In Summary

If you‘ve made it this far, you now have all the knowledge needed to locate Lilith‘s hidden blood shrine, customize your emote wheel, perform the rejection ritual, and claim your epic loot. Here‘s a quick recap:

  • Find the shrine west of Dark Ravine Dungeon

  • Equip the "No" emote via the emote wheel

  • Activate the shrine then use the "No" emote

  • Loot the Heretic‘s Cache chest that spawns

  • Repeat regularly for more epic gear!

I hope this guide serves you well on your quest to reject Lilith‘s corruption in Diablo 4. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow demon slayer. Good luck out there and have fun!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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