7 Popular Roblox YouTubers You Might be Interested in 2023

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Roblox has exploded in popularity over the last decade, especially among kids and teens. The immersive gaming platform lets users create their own virtual worlds and games—over 40 million of which have been published. With over half of all American children playing Roblox as of 2021, it’s safe to say the platform dominates gaming culture.

Fueling Roblox‘s meteoric rise are YouTube stars who record their hilarious adventures across the many weird and wonderful Roblox worlds. Let‘s dive deep on some of the biggest Roblox YouTubers slaying the internet game.

Why Follow Roblox YouTubers?

But first, why exactly do gaming channels focused on Roblox draw in astronomical views?

Power of Personality – Top creators spotlight their loud, zany personalities. This personal connection makes fans feel like they’re on an adventure with friends vs staring at a screen.

Community – Shared love for gaming celebs bonds fans together. Inside jokes and fan art spread across social media, enhancing the feeling of community.

Entertainment – At their best, top personalities put on a riveting performance, reacting with over-the-top excitement as they explore worlds full of surprise. Even fail comps can be fun!

Discoverability – With over 20 million worlds to explore on Roblox, tuning into popular YouTubers allows fans to easily uncover the next viral game or experience.

Clearly these gaming celebs fill a crucial role for Roblox fans. Next let’s spotlight the top channels killing it on YouTube.

1. Dan TDM – 27.6 Million Subscribers

Dan TDM, run by British gamer Daniel Robert Middleton, stands tall as one of the most popular channels on all of YouTube. He boasts an astronomical 27.6 million subscribers as of writing.

Dan took the internet by storm over a decade ago with his goofy Minecraft videos. While he has since branched out to play a diverse mix of games, Dan’s roots remain firmly planted in the blocky world of Minecraft.

His channel features vlogs, sketches, animated shorts, challenges and plenty of his iconic high-energy gameplay commentary. Most videos clock 10+ minutes in length.

Controversy: While lots of kids enjoy Dan’s brand of zany entertainment, keep in mind 2020 allegations around messaging minors (which Dan addressed with an apology video). As always, parental guidance advised.

Uploads per month: 6
Monthly views: ~30 million

Beyond YouTube, Dan has spawned books, tours, and even a diamond Play Button from YouTube. His empire keeps expanding!

2. LankyBox – 27.1 Million Subscribers

Composed of the charming duo Adam McArthur and Justine Ezarik, LankyBox has amassed an incredible 27.1 million subscribers across their viral gaming content.

While not exclusively focused on Roblox, LankyBox pumps out copious Roblox gameplay. Especially popular are their takes on Roblox music videos, where they recreate hit songs on the platform. They also cover challenges, new updates, react to fan-made content and more.

Videos range from 5 to 20+ minutes in length, mixing live commentary with lots of sharp editing. While LankyBox’s audience skews young, their content stays clean and family-friendly throughout.

Brand Partners: LankyBox has collaborated with big brands like Netflix, Marvel, and Gucci on Roblox activations and merch.

Their business savvy is a huge driver behind their popularity and success!

3. Flamingo – 12.1 Million Subscribers

American YouTuber Albert Aretz, better known by his alias Flamingo, dominates the Roblox scene with over 12 million subscribers. He outpaces most other strictly Roblox-focused channels by a wide margin.

Flamingo built his massive audience through his absurd, chaotic sense of humor across various formats:

  • Trolling innocent players
  • Wild reaction commentary
  • Music video parodies
  • Strange Roblox myths

No game genre is off limits! You might catch a horror game one week, wacky obby courses the next.

Upload frequency is breakneck, with 5+ videos hitting the channel each week. Each one serves up Albert’s signature high-energy personality and slightly chaotic sense of humor.

While Flamingo’s commentary gets an occasional PG-13 rating for language, he keeps things clean enough for older kids and teens.

Controversy: Flamingo has gotten heat for past edgy/offensive jokes. However, he has apologized and adjusted his style to be more brand-friendly.

Monthly views: 25+ million
Revenue: Estimated up to $300k/month

4. Denis – 9.36 Million Subscribers

Run by Canada-based YouTuber John Michael Denis, the simply titled Denis channel rules as a top destination for kid-friendly Roblox content with over 9 million subscribers.

Denis built his audience through roleplaying series, tycoon games, battles and more. Unlike many gaming channels, he always maintains a cheerful, non-cynical attitude—even when failing disastrously!

Video runtimes hover between 10 to 20 minutes on average. While older viewers may find the commentary slightly repetitive, Denis expertly caters to kids around elementary school age.

Additional Projects: Beyond YouTube, Denis has spawned a mini media empire including mobile games, toys, books, and even in-person events.

5. Poke – 5.26 Million Subscribers

Poke, run by Zachary “Zach” Tarnopol, rounds out our list with over 5 million fans. Since kicking off the channel in 2015 at just 12 years old, Zach has become one of Roblox’s most popular stars.

Featuring fast-paced cuts, wacky sound effects and deadpan reactions to bizarre Roblox oddities, Poke caters right to Generation Z’s viral sensibilities. Videos range from off-the-wall commentary to meme-flavored sketches and challenges.

uploads land on the channel nearly every day, showing Zach’s seriousness and work ethic as an influencer. His videos remain free of objectionable content, establishing Poke as reliable, family-friendly entertainment.

Views per month: ~7.5 million
Other Projects: Poke posts vlogs to a popular second channel and engages massively on Instagram.

6. Sketch – 4.7 Million Subscribers

While many gaming channels focus exclusively on Roblox or Minecraft, Sketch refuses to limit himself—to comedic effect.

His 4.7 million subscribers tune in to see Roblox, Hello Neighbor, Poppy Playtime and various indie horrors skewered with Sketch’s signature satire.

Short sketches, vlogs and rapid-fire challenge videos round out the uploads, which hit the channel nearly daily. While kids might not catch every reference, Sketch keeps his videos clean enough for most ages.

Views per month: ~15 million
Style: Fast-paced videos packed with deadpan humor

7. Tofuu – 4 Million Subscribers

Connor “Tofuu” Pruett helms this eponymous channel, which has scared up just over 4 million subscribers with its entertaining mix of Minecraft and Roblox gameplay.

Tofuu’s videos have taken a more sporadic cadence as of late, with his last upload landing almost 2 years ago. During his peak however, Tofuu pumped out off-the-wall adventures, mini-games and challenges around Roblox at a breakneck pace.

Assuming he returns to regular uploads, Tofuu promises hilarious, family-friendly Roblox content perfect for all ages. Check him out for a shot of nostalgia!

Peak Uploads: 5+ videos per week
Content Style: Zany reactions and challenge commentary

This platform continues evolving at light speed…we can expect fresh channels and formats like livestreams to capture audiences in the years ahead!

Taking everything into account—especially subscribers, uploading consistency and relevance to Roblox—Flamingo stands tall as the current king.

Yes, many listed channels feature more subscribers. However, Flamingo’s perfect storm of edgy yet charming comedy, relentless upload pace and shameless weirdness cement his influence.

He shows no signs of slowing down. And with Roblox continuing its meteoric rise in gaming, Flamingo‘s reign looks stable for now!

Key Takeaways

  • Top Roblox celebs like DanTDM and Flamingo rule YouTube with tens of millions of loyal fans.
  • Massive view counts and synergistic projects give top gaming stars major influence (and income!).
  • While some channels court young viewers, parents should verify age ratings individually.
  • As of 2023, Flamingo wears the crown as most popular YouTuber focused strictly on Roblox.

Ready to lose hours down the YouTube Roblox rabbit hole? Check out the celebs we spotlighted today—and don’t be surprised if you discover even more rising stars along the way in this explosive arena!

FAQs About Roblox YouTubers

Who is the current most subscribed Roblox YouTuber?

Based on subscribers and consistent Roblox content, Flamingo stands as the #1 YouTube channel focused squarely on Roblox. While channels like DanTDM and LankyBox have more total subscribers, Flamingo is the leading personality strictly centered on Roblox gameplay.

What age is appropriate to start playing Roblox?

While Roblox doesn’t specify an official age rating, experts generally suggest introducing children around age 13+, depending on maturity level. As with any site, parents should review individually to determine age-appropriateness.

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