Who is Sara Saffari? Get to Know the Rapidly Rising YouTube Fitness Queen

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Fit fam, have you heard of Sara Saffari? If not, listen up. This inspiring, relatable, and crazy-fit Kentuckian has taken over YouTube with her insanely engaging workout videos and vlogs. In barely a year, her self-titled channel has skyrocketed to over 1.1 million subscribers and counting. Yeah, her growth is THAT wild!

So, who exactly is the blonde bombshell behind those entertaining splits and glute guides? Why can’t millions get enough of her high-energy videos? In this juice-filled deep dive, I’ll reveal everything there is to know about Sara – from her small-town roots to her monumental influencer success.

By the end, you’ll be just as obsessed with the Saffari channel as the rest of us gym rats are. Let’s get pumped!

Her Humble Origins in Kentucky

Sara was born on August 13, 1994 and raised in the countryside of Kentucky before eventually moving to sunny Los Angeles. Not much is known about her family and upbringing. But Sara has mentioned she was always active as a kid – playing rec league basketball, running track and field, and powering through gym class workouts.

It’s safe to assume she developed her competitive spirit and athletic genes from those early years. Sports also build grit and work ethic, which clearly set the stage for Sara’s future success in fitness.

Beyond the gym, young Sara was a total bookworm. She recently revealed she was a bonafide “teacher‘s pet” and loved academics. This passion culminated in earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in business from Lutheran University – both with a flawless 3.9+ GPA.

Yeah, your girl was a straight-up genius before becoming America’s favorite fitness guru!

Her Life Pre-YouTube Stardom

Prior to blowing up online in 2022, Sara worked as a waitress at an Italian restaurant in her hometown. She evidently loved carb-loading on pasta and bread sticks when not studying or playing sports growing up. Hey, no judgement – she needed all that fuel for the insane gym journey ahead!

Sara has also mentioned past struggles with body image and comparing herself to others. During her college years, she often felt inadequate for not having a super fit, curvy physique. Little did she know, destiny had big plans for her in the world of fitness and influencer motivation.

The days of hiding under oversized sweatshirts and lacking confidence at the gym were numbered. Sara’s inner beast was waiting to be unleashed!

Embracing Strength Training and Sharing Her Fitness Journey

Now, here’s where things get good. Sara only started seriously strength training in April 2021 after being inspired by the gains other women were making on Instagram. But she quickly fell head over heels for lifting heavy and sculpting her glutes. I mean, talk about a perfect match!

Within a year, Sara gained nearly 15 pounds of solid muscle through intense workouts 6 days a week. We’re talking big compound lifts like barbell hip thrusts and weighted walking lunges. Oh, and tons of band exercises to really activate the booty and legs.

Sara prioritized training her lower half for that coveted hourglass figure. But she also focused on building strong, defined shoulders and back muscles to balance things out.

Just take a glance at her IG page now filled with fitspiration posing and gym mirror selfies. Our girl put in the WORK to build that striking athletic physique of hers!

But it wasn’t just about looks and gains for Sara. She found a genuine passion and joy in strength training. All that consistency and progressive overload in the gym translated to a massive confidence boost too.

Soon, she knew it was her calling to motivate other women to find the same fulfillment in fitness that she did. And that mindset shift would quickly alter the trajectory of Sara’s life forever…

Now, here comes the pivotal moment that sparked Sara’s sensational influencer career.

In February 2022, she took a total moonshot and directly messaged Bradley Martyn – founder of Raw Gear supplements and easily one of the most famous names in fitness – asking about an opportunity to collaborate.

This was when Sara had under 2k followers on Instagram. But Bradley clearly saw her insane potential and wasted no time getting her onboard.

Their first gym video together absolutely exploded, getting over 500k views in days. And the rest is history!

With Bradley’s high-profile co-sign, Sara’s confidence was at an all-time high. She finally took the leap and launched her own YouTube channel, consistently documenting her workouts, recipes, transformations and daily vlogs.

And hot damn, did the algorithm Gods bless her page. Within weeks, she was gaining tens of thousands of new subscribers – and now sits at a staggering 1.1 million and counting!

Yeah, Sara’s come-up has been nuclear. Having Bradley Martyn in her corner from day one was an ace card, no doubt. Their collab videos and TikTok clips still rack up millions of eyeballs and fire engagement. But make no mistake – Sara’s meteoric rise is thanks to her own captivating charm and dedication to bringing value to her audience.

This girl hustles round the clock filming, editing and engaging with fans. She 100% deserves all the flowers for building her empire nearly from scratch!

Let’s geek out on some of the key stats behind Sara’s channel and social dominance:

  • 1.12 million YouTube subscribers as of February 2023
  • Over 400 total videos uploaded
  • 60+ million channel views
  • Averages 500k+ views per video
  • Uploads new content nearly daily
  • 15.1 million views on her Glute Workout with Resistance Bands video
  • 12.2 million views on her Quarantine Home Workout video

I mean….just WOW. In less than a year, Sara has accumulated view counts that take most channels years to build. She clearly knows how to create searchable, clickable content that spreads like wildfire across the algorithm.

Her most popular upload themes include:

  • At-home workouts and challenges
  • Glute and ab focused exercises
  • Full day of eating vlogs
  • Targeting specific muscle groups like arms and shoulders
  • Diet tips and healthy recipes
  • Q&A and advice videos

Sara also documents her own transformation journey – showing how to grow a lifted, toned booty and maintain abs through training splits and meal plans.

But it’s not just about killer workout insight. Sara opens up about her own struggles and shares vulnerable stories in refreshingly real vlogs. This authenticity makes viewers feel like they truly know the woman behind the channel.

Simply put, her content offers the total fitness package. And fans just can’t get enough!

Surprised by her astronomical growth and viewership? Don’t be. Sara has every ingredient needed for YouTube greatness – knowledge, charisma, consistency and commitment to her community. She speaks directly to what millions of women are searching for in the fitness space.

The algorithm gods clearly have big plans for this rising superstar. I fully expect Sara’s subscriber count to keep rocketing upwards through 2023 and beyond!

Her Massive TikTok following and Viral Clips

It’s not just YouTube. Sara has become a bonafide titan on TikTok as well. Her account @sarrrrrr68 has accumulated over 1 million followers and around 40 million likes at the time of writing.

She posts several times a week, highlighting short workout clips, motivational speeches, recipes and vlog outtakes. This gives her YouTube audience another fix of Sara’s magnetic energy during the day.

But arguably even more valuable are the constant reposts and collaborations from massively popular fitness personalities. Videos of Sara working out with Bradley Martyn routinely generate hundreds of thousands of views and spark major engagement.

These collaborations have been crucial for expanding Sara’s visibility beyond just her core subscriber base. TikTok’s algorithm heavily favors cross-promotions between creators to help facilitate growth.

Sara has lean into this trend perfectly by collaborating with aligned influencers in the space. Smart move! Why try to grow alone when you can tap into someone else’s audience as well?

Her Income and Brand Partnerships

Alright, let’s address the money moves. Sara’s empire is certainly not built on YouTube ad revenue alone. She’s forged key partnerships with supplement and apparel brands that provide her primary income stream.

Most notably, Sara is sponsored by Raw Gear – Bradley Martyn’s super popular supplement company focused on clean, high quality formulas. She promotes their products regularly across her social platforms.

Industry experts estimate Raw Gear pays top influencers like Sara an average of $5,000+ per sponsored post. And she easily does dozens of dedicated videos and posts for them per month.

Cha-ching! Safe to say that Raw Gear collaboration alone brings in $100k+ per year for Sara.

On top of that, she’s partnered with Gymshark, Ryse Supplements and some smaller brands. Gymshark is notorious for shelling out big bucks – around $10k per post – to align with top fitness influencers.

Add it all up and Sara’s annual income likely totals $250k at minimum. And that’s a conservative estimate. As her fame and reach continue growing, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her earning 7 figures annually within a few years.

Yeah, crushing gym workouts pays the bills! Sara is living every fitness fanatic’s dream.

Her Camera Presence and Content Style

A huge part of Sara’s appeal is her innate on-camera charisma. She has a bubbly, positive energy that instantly engages viewers. You can’t help but smile watching her upbeat workout walkthroughs and candid life vlogs.

Sara also strategically structures her workout videos to be as helpful as possible for at-home fitness. She provides detailed form tips, calories burned estimates and options for modifying exercises. It’s clear she spends ample time planning and crafting content optimized for her audience’s needs.

And the production value is top-notch. Sara films primarily on a Canon G7X point-and-shoot camera which retails for $700. This compact camera films crisp, highly detailed footage excellent for YouTube. She also utilizes both natural and artificial lighting to ensure she’s perfectly visible during workouts.

Her editing is kept relatively minimal without too many bells and whistles. Sara mainly uses basic jump cuts between exercises and text overlays to reinforce the moves and training tips. This polished yet simple editing style keeps the focus on her world-class workout instruction.

She’s equally adept at sitting down in front of the camera for off-the-cuff vlogs and Q&As. Sara has a laidback, conversational tone sharing stories and advice – making it feel like you’re catching up with a friend.

The bottom line is Sara was born to be a YouTube star. She has the brains, beauty and creative business savvy to inspire fitness fans worldwide. The future is crazy bright for this rising queen!

Her Relatable Tips for Aspiring Influencers

As someone who seemingly came out of nowhere to achieve massive success, Sara has become a role model for up-and-coming fitness influencers. She frequently shares tips and insight into building a channel in hopes of motivating others.

Here are a few pieces of wisdom straight from Sara on growing on social media:

On Consistency:

“Post as consistently as possible. It keeps you top of mind for the algorithm and your viewers will come to expect and look forward to your videos.”

On Finding Your Niche:

“Focus on a specific niche that you’re truly passionate about, rather than jumping on trends. Viewers will engage most with content that feels authentic to you.”

On Handling Criticism:

“Not everyone will support your journey. But don’t let the negativity stop you from putting yourself out there. Stay confident and keep elevating.”

On Collaborations:

“Work with creators who align with your brand and content style. Collab videos generate huge exposure and help each other grow WAY faster.”

Sara makes it clear that consistency and persistence are mandatory. But she also emphasizes the importance of forging real connections with your supporters. Share your genuine self on camera – vulnerability is valued over perfection.

If you ask me, Sara herself is the ultimate case study for influencer success. Her meteoric rise demonstrates that social media stardom really is attainable for anyone willing to put in the hard work.

We should all be taking notes from this fitness queen!

Why Sara Represents the Future of Fitness

It’s clear that Sara arrived at the perfect moment to capitalize on the massive demand for at-home workout content. Her YouTube ascent has coincided with home fitness exploding in popularity over the past couple years.

But I believe Sara represents far more than just a flash-in-the-pan pandemic trend. She has all the makings of an icon in the fitness influencer space for years to come.

What sets her apart?

For starters, Sara’s commitment to clean eating and all-natural training gives her mass mainstream appeal. She proudly champions strength training and building curves through simple, nutritious foods – no fad diets, restrictive eating or supplements required. This accessible approach is hugely refreshing.

And she prioritizes both physical AND mental health – being candid about her own struggles and embracing vulnerability. Sara embodies that fitness is so much more than just abs and aesthetics. It’s about confidence, happiness and loving your unique body.

Simply put: she makes getting in your best shape feel FUN! And sustainable for the long haul.

Sara is also still improving her own skills as a trainer and content creator every single day. The dedication she shows to mastering her craft reveals huge upside still untapped.

In five years, imagine how polished and professional her videos could be! Sara truly feels like she’s only getting started.

The numbers agree. Her meteoric growth trajectory shows zero signs of slowing down. I foresee Sara hitting the coveted diamond play button of 10 million subscribers within the next three years.

She has already established herself as one of the top voices in women’s fitness. Soon she could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the giants of the industry. The potential here is truly limitless.

Bottom line: remember the name Sara Saffari. This inspirational firecracker has already changed the game for at-home workout creators. And her rise to the absolute top is all but inevitable. I can’t wait to see it happen!


There you have it, fitness friends! I told you this deep dive would reveal everything about the incredible Sara Saffari. Her journey from small town student to dominating YouTube is nothing short of amazing.

Sara represents the total package when it comes to fitness influencers – knowledge, charisma, drive and most importantly, the passion for helping others. She makes achieving your dream physique feel exciting and most importantly, attainable.

So if you’re not yet subscribed to her must-see channel, correct that immediately! Sara’s every video offers value that will inspire you to stick with your own healthy lifestyle.

Trust me, you’ll walk away feeling motivated and empowered every single time. Sara’s just that good.

Alright gang, that wraps up this monster guide on our favorite fitness queen Sara Saffari! Let me know in the comments who else you’d want me to cover in these longform profiles. And as always, remember to smash that like button!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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