Who is SCP-096? The Terrifying and Unstoppable "Shy Guy" of the SCP Foundation

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The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the collaborative writing website known as the SCP Wiki. This secretive group contains and studies paranormal creatures and objects called "SCPs." One of their most infamous humanoid specimens is SCP-096, nicknamed "The Shy Guy" – a gaunt, pale monster that will stop at nothing to kill anyone who sees its face.

Discovery and Containment

SCP-096 was first discovered in its natural habitat near a mountain by MTF Zulu-9 of the SCP Foundation. After the creature massacred the retrieval team except for one survivor, it was successfully contained and transported to a Foundation facility. However, containment breach incidents have resulted in SCP-096 escaping and killing personnel before being re-contained.

Researchers keep SCP-096 docile by ensuring no one views its face. It typically sits motionless, crying to itself when left alone. But if anyone or anything sees SCP-096‘s face, it will enter a rage state and relentlessly pursue its victim until they are dead. This reaction occurs regardless of how SCP-096‘s face is viewed, whether directly, via image or video recording, or even a artistic depiction.

Physical Description

SCP-096 appears as a pale humanoid standing over 2 meters tall, with disproportionately long arms and an emaciated frame. It lacks any hair and has pure white skin and eyes with no pigmentation, suggesting it is blind. However, SCP-096 shows no difficulty locating victims once its face is viewed.

Its jaw can open four times wider than an average human, revealing jagged teeth. Despite its vicious nature, SCP-096 generally lacks any facial expressions or higher brain functions beyond locating targets. It typically sits hunched over crying until provoked.

Personality and Intelligence

SCP-096 initially seems only capable of crying and pursuing victims in a blind rage. However, experiments have suggested there may be more to its psychology.

When near a device that spoke nearby creatures‘ thoughts, SCP-096 was heard repeating "so sad" and "ugly, ugly" in its docile state. This matches its withdrawn crying behavior. However, when enraged, the device voiced complex equations, hinting at a genius intellect behind the beastly exterior.

Cameras that reveal subjects‘ desires showed SCP-096‘s containment chamber empty. This implies the creature may not actually wish to exist in its present form or be visible at all. Its rage could stem from being forced to be seen against its will.

Powers and Abilities

SCP-096 possesses a vast array of paranormal powers, including:

  • Tracking – Can sense anyone who views its face from any distance or location, then breach containment to reach them.

  • Speed – Can cover over 100 meters in seconds while hunting victims. Capable of moving onto ceilings and vertical surfaces.

  • Strength – Rips victims apart with ease using its clawed hands and huge jaws. Can tear through metal doors and walls.

  • Durability – Its bones and tissue are near indestructible. Can regenerate rapidly from wounds. Immune to pain.

  • Stamina – Doesn‘t tire or require sustenance while hunting prey. Can pursue victims for months or longer.

  • Adaptability – Its abilities evolve the more it is exposed to new obstacles, threats, and containment procedures.

  • Perception – Can sense dangers before they fully manifest using extrasensory abilities.

SCP-096‘s combination of relentless tenacity, super-strength, unmatched speed, and sensory powers make it nearly impossible to evade or harm once it enters its rage state. It will continue relentlessly tracking its victim no matter where they hide or how much distance is placed between them. The only way to survive is to never look at SCP-096‘s face, which is easier said than done given its containment breaches.

Impact and Analysis

As one of the most well-documented creatures in the SCP Universe, SCP-096 stands out as an exceptionally dangerous and frightening entity. Its mere existence poses a serious containment threat, should its face ever be exposed to the public.

The seemingly unstoppable nature of SCP-096 once enraged makes it a compelling and terrifying antagonist. Its persistence and brutality are matched only by its determination to punish any who gaze upon its form. Containing this bizarre and murderous entity continues to test the Foundation‘s capabilities.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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